Embedded below is an interview (pdf.), under oath, with Brett Kavanaugh conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee majority (Republican) staff, regarding the allegations by Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez, and the new allegations by Michael Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick.

The denials are categorical and unequivocal, as they were as to the Christine Blasey Ford accusations. (Prior interview pdf.) Kavanaugh left no gray zone.

The staff even asked Kavanaugh the questions Avenatti demanded be asked of Kavanaugh:

15 Mr. Avenatti’s questions. The first one,
16 did you ever target one or more women for sex or rape at a
17 house party?
18 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
19 Did you ever assist Mark Judge or others in
20 doing so?
21 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
22 Did you ever attend any house party during
23 which a woman was gang raped or used for sex by multiple
24 men?
25 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
1 Did you ever witness a line of men outside a
2 bedroom at any house party where you understood a woman was
3 in the bedroom being raped or taken advantage of?
4 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
5 Did you ever participate in any sexual
6 conduct with a woman at a house party with whom you
7 understood to be intoxicated or under the influence of
8 drugs?
9 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
10 Did you ever communicate with Mark Judge or
11 anyone else about your participation in a “train” involving
12 an intoxicated woman?
13 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
14 Did you ever object or attempt to prevent
15 one or more men from participating in the rape or taking
16 advantage of a woman at any house party?
17 Judge Kavanaugh. I never saw such a thing. So the
18 premise, the question is off.

He also explained some of the yearbook entries that Avenatti claimed were code for sexual assault:

“FFFFFFFourth of July”

11 Okay. Mr. Avenatti says he has reason — he
12 has reason to believe that the “FFFFFFFourth of July entry”
13 stands for “find them, French them, feel them, finger them,
14 fuck them, and forget them.”
15 Have you ever used such a reference?
16 Judge Kavanaugh. That’s wrong. It refers to this one
17 guy and his — and a joke that everyone had about him and
18 how he said “fuck you.”
19 Have you ever heard of such a reference as
20 Mr. Avenatti described it being used?
21 Judge Kavanaugh. I have never heard that as a
22 reference, and I know for a fact that that was not the
23 reference with respect to the yearbook.

* * *

19 Mr. Avenatti says he has reason to believe that the
20 “FFFFFFFourth of July entry” stands for “find them, French
21 them, feel them, finger them, fuck them, and forget them.”
22 And here’s the question. Have you ever used such a
23 reference?
24 Judge Kavanaugh. No, never. Nor has anyone else, to
25 my understanding. And I know for a fact that that is not
1 the reference in the yearbook or the reference related to
2 the person in question talking about his use of it and how
3 that became a joke among some of the classmates.

“Devil’s Triangle”

3 On the yearbook entry, yes, there is a reference to
4 devil’s triangle.
5 What does the devil’s triangle entry refer
6 to?
7 Judge Kavanaugh. It refers to a drinking game where
8 there were three glasses in a triangle. Beer drinking.
9 Mr. Avenatti says he has — he has reason to
10 believe the devil’s triangle entry refers to a situation
11 where two men engage in sex with one woman at the same
12 time.
13 Have you ever used the term “devil’s triangle” to
14 refer to sexual behavior?
15 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
16 Have you ever heard “devil’s triangle” being
17 used to refer to sexual behavior?
18 Judge Kavanaugh. No.
19 Why did you include the devil’s triangle
20 entry in your yearbook?
21 Judge Kavanaugh. I don’t know. We were 17.

The questioning also include questions about as an anonymous Colorado complaint mailed to Senator Cory Gardner, and a Rhode Island complaint called in to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office by someone who called for a military coup against Trump. Kavanaugh denied both. The Rhode Island complaint has now been recanted.

Reading through the topics of the questions, it’s hard to believe this is reality. But it’s what Democrats wanted. They wanted and sought out accusers. These complaints are promoted in the media as “Accusation No. 4” and so on.

Kavanaugh summed it up well: This is crazy town.

15 Judge Kavanaugh. I think this is — this is crazy
16 town. It’s a smear campaign. I’ve been in the public eye
17 for 24 years, really public at various points. Certainly
18 1998, when I was in the Starr investigation, that was a
19 very public year. In the Bush White House, very public,
20 especially in 2003 to 2006. Two notable confirmation
21 hearings in ’04 and ’06. As a judge for 12 years. Named,
22 whether correctly or not, a few times as a possible Supreme
23 Court nominee, very public around those times.
24 You know, go through this whole process, and the FBI
25 background, six FBI backgrounds, intense scrutiny, and then
1 for something like this and the Avenatti thing are just
2 absurd and outrageous, coordinated perhaps. I don’t know.
3 Twilight zone. And I don’t — you know, it’s just
4 outrageous. It’s trying to take me down, trying to take
5 down my family.
6 It’s bad — it’s doing damage to the Supreme Court.
7 It’s doing damage to the country. It’s doing damage to
8 this process. It’s become a total feeding frenzy, you
9 know? Every — just unbelievable.


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