The extended then delayed deadline for Christine Blasey Ford to agree to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee expired at 2:30 p.m. Eastern today.

Ford’s attorney says that Ford will testify, but does not agree to the terms offered so far by the Judiciary Committee:

Here is the email from Ford’s attorney:

Notice the “bullying” language. That is now the Democrat verbiage of choice.

To recap, as set forth in yesterday’s post, here are the terms in dispute, as Steven Dennis of Bloomberg tweeted:

Grassley has agreed to some Ford team requests:
* Postponing hearing from original GOP plan of Monday
* No Kavanaugh in room while she testifies
* A single TV camera & limited press access
* Security accommodations
* Equal time for questioning by each senator
* Breaks

Grassley so far has rejected several of Ford team’s requests, including:
* Asking WH/FBI to reopen background check to investigate
* Testimony from other witnesses
* No staff attorney questions
* Kavanaugh to go first
* Delaying the hearing to Thursday instead of Wednesday

There is no actual agreement as of now to testify. It’s all contingent. Alan Gura, the famous 2nd Amendment attorney, calls it what it is, a farce:

No, she hasn’t [agreed to testify]. She wants to keep negotiating. What a total farce. What a complete and utter farce, the process and the media.

Neo, at her own website, pegged what’s been going on, It’s like having an argument with your crazy girlfriend:

Most of us have had the experience of arguing with a person like this. Give an inch? They take a mile. Make concessions? They want more. They are the poor suffering victims. They don’t like your tone of voice. They don’t like the expression on your face. If you try to be calm, you’re cold. If you try to be sympathetic, you’re condescending. Nothing you do is okay, and everything they do is okay.

That’s part of it. It’s also a gambit to buy as many days as possible. They tried to drag this out over weeks by demanding an FBI investigation before any testimony. That didn’t work, so the Democrat operatives assisting Ford want every precious extra day they can get to haul out new accusations.

And by still insisting on Thursday testimony, they ensure that the Committee vote and floor vote get pushed into next week, buying them an extra week to continue the attacks and to pressure the weak Republican Senators.

This is all a ploy. Grassley and Senate Republicans shouldn’t fall for it. But they will capitulate in all likelihood.

And if they blow this, they should plan to be in the minority in the next Congress because Republican, Conservative and Trump voters will be furious and will abandon them. Chris Buskirk of American Greatness sums it up:

Note to Senate Republicans: if you allow Kavanaugh to be Borked you will lose the majority in November. And you will deserve to lose. Confirm this excellent judge. Now.

* **

It’s a good time to remind Senate Republicans who have ceded control to the bad actors in the Dem Party that if they fail to they will get destroyed in November & the country will pay the price. I’ll say this for Dems, they at least know what’s at stake.


It looks like the testimony will be Thursday, but still no agreement on format as of Saturday night.

More important, Ford’s story continues to fall apart, as a woman allegedly at the party denies being there.