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Kavanaugh Accuser testimony possibly Thursday, as another witness denies her story (Updated)

Kavanaugh Accuser testimony possibly Thursday, as another witness denies her story (Updated)

More negotiations over terms of appearance, but her credibility took another blow

The extended then delayed deadline for Christine Blasey Ford to agree to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee expired at 2:30 p.m. Eastern today.

Ford’s attorney says that Ford will testify, but does not agree to the terms offered so far by the Judiciary Committee:

Here is the email from Ford’s attorney:

Notice the “bullying” language. That is now the Democrat verbiage of choice.

To recap, as set forth in yesterday’s post, here are the terms in dispute, as Steven Dennis of Bloomberg tweeted:

Grassley has agreed to some Ford team requests:
* Postponing hearing from original GOP plan of Monday
* No Kavanaugh in room while she testifies
* A single TV camera & limited press access
* Security accommodations
* Equal time for questioning by each senator
* Breaks

Grassley so far has rejected several of Ford team’s requests, including:
* Asking WH/FBI to reopen background check to investigate
* Testimony from other witnesses
* No staff attorney questions
* Kavanaugh to go first
* Delaying the hearing to Thursday instead of Wednesday

There is no actual agreement as of now to testify. It’s all contingent. Alan Gura, the famous 2nd Amendment attorney, calls it what it is, a farce:

No, she hasn’t [agreed to testify]. She wants to keep negotiating. What a total farce. What a complete and utter farce, the process and the media.

Neo, at her own website, pegged what’s been going on, It’s like having an argument with your crazy girlfriend:

Most of us have had the experience of arguing with a person like this. Give an inch? They take a mile. Make concessions? They want more. They are the poor suffering victims. They don’t like your tone of voice. They don’t like the expression on your face. If you try to be calm, you’re cold. If you try to be sympathetic, you’re condescending. Nothing you do is okay, and everything they do is okay.

That’s part of it. It’s also a gambit to buy as many days as possible. They tried to drag this out over weeks by demanding an FBI investigation before any testimony. That didn’t work, so the Democrat operatives assisting Ford want every precious extra day they can get to haul out new accusations.

And by still insisting on Thursday testimony, they ensure that the Committee vote and floor vote get pushed into next week, buying them an extra week to continue the attacks and to pressure the weak Republican Senators.

This is all a ploy. Grassley and Senate Republicans shouldn’t fall for it. But they will capitulate in all likelihood.

And if they blow this, they should plan to be in the minority in the next Congress because Republican, Conservative and Trump voters will be furious and will abandon them. Chris Buskirk of American Greatness sums it up:

Note to Senate Republicans: if you allow Kavanaugh to be Borked you will lose the majority in November. And you will deserve to lose. Confirm this excellent judge. Now.

* **

It’s a good time to remind Senate Republicans who have ceded control to the bad actors in the Dem Party that if they fail to they will get destroyed in November & the country will pay the price. I’ll say this for Dems, they at least know what’s at stake.


It looks like the testimony will be Thursday, but still no agreement on format as of Saturday night.

More important, Ford’s story continues to fall apart, as a woman allegedly at the party denies being there.



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She said that LAST WEEK!!!

End this FARCE, Republicans. Stop letting the Democrats lead you around and treat you like ugly step children.


    RITaxpayer in reply to DINORightMarie. | September 22, 2018 at 3:37 pm


    Sometimes, it’s hard to make tough decisions. That’s why they’re called that!! That’s why Grassley was elected. To make the TOUGH DECISIONS!! Some of HIS constituents might even be angry with HIM. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE CALLED “TOUGH DECISIONS”!!


    Tell her to be there Monday at 10:00 AM to testify or not.. It’s her call. TAKE A STAND!!

    Who among us, can’t see through this charade besides the ever so cautious Grassley?

    GOP is taking a dive in the election. It will get worse. they appear to be trying their best to lose in order to stop MAGA.

    Set the vote for Thursday (both committee and Senate vote) (they already agreed essentially to do that). She has till Wednesday to testify. If not, Kavanaugh confirmed Thursday and immediately sworn in.

    The problem, as always, is how the vote will go. If he thought he could win a vote last week he’d have called it then. This whole rigmarole is only happening because he believes (with good cause) that if he calls the vote without it he will lose, and what would be the point of that?

Nope. Vote Monday.

He’s no longer called Neo.

Its already announced that she will testify on Thursday. Look for the other dominoes to drop:
1. Only Senators will ask questions
2. Mark Judge and others will be supoenoed
3. Kavanaugh will go first

This is a done deal, everybody. The Republicans are going to throw Kavanaugh under the bus.

    Ulysses in reply to Wing. | September 22, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Mark Judge and other witnesses will credibly and vehemently contradict her tale. The woman’s attorney’s are just engaging in stalling tactics. The “I’ll testify but .. ” is just another stalling tactic.

    Grassley is showing himself to be a feeble negotiator He should let President Trump handle the “negotiations”.

The spineless RINOs think they are walking a fine line between offending liberal female voters who will never vote for them anyway and pissing off enough of the base that the base will say screw it and not donate time, money or votes to support gutless politicians.

Note… the base counts more than democrat voters. Stop playing us for fools.

    Ragspierre in reply to Anchovy. | September 22, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    There’s a really substantial middle population of both men and women who want answers.

    It’s just sound politics to show them the senate has done what it can do to reasonably provide those answers.

    I think that’s been done now. Vote Monday.

      fishstick in reply to Ragspierre. | September 22, 2018 at 3:56 pm

      cmon man…

      I’ll bet you find that THAT vast majority of the so called “middle” ground only exists on the Left side of politics

      the Right sees Dr. Ford for what she really is – a leftist hack with a 35 year allegation she can hardly remember anything about, except it was Brett Kavanaugh

      the rest of THAT number is a small minority of independents who probably look at these allegations with a scoff of skepticism anyways

      While if it were my choice, Monday would be the vote, I know Grassley and McConnell are monitoring their votes. They can’t af-FORD to lose anyone (sorry the pun) on the GOP side. This is why they are feeding Professor Ford rope and accommodating her.

      Gremlin1974 in reply to Ragspierre. | September 22, 2018 at 8:19 pm

      Unfortunatly it probably hangs more on what unreasonable senators like Murcowski and Colon’s (did I say those wrong), not to mention Flakey think what has been done is reasonable. I would bet a Quarter that they are the ones forcing the concessions, telling Grassley that they will vote no unless he gives her every chance.

    alaskabob in reply to Anchovy. | September 22, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    For the Conservatives and Constitutionalists in this country, this is a sad and dangerous time. The Left votes in reps who will do anything and everything for the cause, while the Right gets suckered. Just who really are the abused in this country.

Talk about collusive obstruction …

No. Decades after regrets and recovered memories. #TimesUp #MeToo

Suckers!!!!! BT Barnum knew!

Deep State Watch • 5 hours ago
Hearings have Jumped the shark and become a national JOKE

I will not testify in a car…..
I will not testify near or far….
I will not FLY in a plane…
I will not testify on a train…
I will not testify here or there…
I will not testify anywhere…
I will not testify slow or fast…
I will not do it first or last…
Theres nothing more for me to say…
I cant remember anyway.

—— Hat Tip to the meddling kids.

This is beyond redemption at this point. Who the hell is she to think she gets to dictate terms for a flimsy and faulty accusation like she made?

This needs to end. Grassley needs to say we gave you every opportunity but you kept adding conditions which are unreasonable, and frankly down right nuts. This calls her credibility into question.

I hope the Republicans see it for what this really is. A usual hit piece done by leftist activists because they know they can get away with it. I think a hamster has more credibility at this point than this loony tunes professor… God help any of her students. She is a flake.

I’ve dated some women who were always with the demands, and after playing the game for a little, there comes a point where you just walk away. It is playing mind games, and it is about making sure she milks this to have it delayed till after court is in session again.

    DieJustAsHappy in reply to oldgoat36. | September 22, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    As a child, about half the age of Ford’s alleged incident, I experienced a profound trauma, one that will be with me to my dying days. Thirty years afterwards, I could recall, vividly, so many details. Now, many of them are gone from me. Nevertheless, I know who, what, where, when, and how it unfolded.

    While I recognize that we all don’t have the same capacity of memory, either Ford has more to present about this matter or she doesn’t. Recognizing the many implications of how this matter is dealt with by Grassley, it is now time, in a crude way of making a point, for Ford to take care of business or get off the pot!

      Joe-dallas in reply to DieJustAsHappy. | September 22, 2018 at 3:34 pm

      Without trying to diminish the seriousness of your encounter, The level emotional trauma seems grossly disproportionate to level of trauma that would be expected based on the event as described in the letter.

      To be honest – assuming arguemento that the event actually took place (irrespective of who did it), The event comes across to me as a 60-90 second (max) event whereby the guy was trying to get to second base.

      Significantly less trauma than you likely encountered.

        DieJustAsHappy in reply to Joe-dallas. | September 22, 2018 at 4:14 pm

        “The level emotional trauma seems grossly disproportionate to level of trauma that would be expected based on the event as described in the letter.”

        If the incident did take place, her description of the trauma seems to be weighted with 35 or so years of living. At the time of mine, as traumatized and anguished as was, there was no thought of “this is going to shape the rest of my life.” So, it is only in retrospect that I can say what I have.

        There is the question of whether she had been drinking and, if so, how much.

          Joe-dallas in reply to DieJustAsHappy. | September 22, 2018 at 4:44 pm

          My comment dealing with the pain / trauma greatly disproportionate to the actual trauma stems from my exposure to other situations.

          1) first I have niece pain meds due to “chronic pain”. The general medical consensus is there is almost always an underlying mental issue, (absent an acute trauma)

          2) I have suffered a few physical assaults and threatened physical assaults vastly more severe than described in the letter. Granted I am a guy, but comparing and contrasting my experiences with what she described, I ma having a hard time comprehending how there is any emotional trauma – unless there is an underlying mental issue.

          DieJustAsHappy in reply to DieJustAsHappy. | September 22, 2018 at 5:27 pm

          Yes, to have been traumatized at the time and for some period following is one thing. To continue to be so all these years, if this is the case which I don’t think it is, is quite another and suggestive of other, more deep-seated problems.

        MajorWood in reply to Joe-dallas. | September 22, 2018 at 6:49 pm

        It will come out that the real trauma was that he didn’t call her the next day. As a confirmed hetero I am finally starting to understand the appeal of the gay thing. 😉

      This is exactly what someone told me the other day about a traumatic event they went through over 40 years ago. That person remembers EVERY detail of what was going on around them. By contrast, “Dr.” Ford’s selective repressed memories are a total load of crap.

      Slap this lying psycho b*tch down and take the damned vote. Dems can scream bloody murder all they want. The more they do that, the bigger the RED wave will become in November. I think the 70% of the country that ISN’T liberal has had way more than enough of this.

        DieJustAsHappy in reply to UJ. | September 22, 2018 at 4:21 pm

        I always knew the broad outline of who, what, where, when, and how it unfolded. However, because of how painful it was to me and that I had very little help with the matter, I suppressed quite a bit of the details. Roughly, 12 or so years later, they began to emerge in the telling of what took place that fateful day.

        Over time, it seemed the more I spoke of it the more I recalled. Now, as I have said, this is fading. Yet, I still recall enough that I could provide sufficient information for an investigation, although in my case it wouldn’t have been warranted.

        DieJustAsHappy in reply to UJ. | September 22, 2018 at 4:21 pm

        I always knew the broad outline of who, what, where, when, and how it unfolded. However, because of how painful it was to me and that I had very little help with the matter, I suppressed quite a bit of the details. Roughly, 12 or so years later, they began to emerge in the telling of what took place that fateful day.

        Over time, it seemed the more I spoke of it the more I recalled. Now, as I have said, this is fading. Yet, I still recall enough that I could provide sufficient information for an investigation, although in my case it wouldn’t have been warranted.

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to DieJustAsHappy. | September 22, 2018 at 4:45 pm

      AFAIK, none of the ‘pubs have been shown the letter DiFi has.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to oldgoat36. | September 22, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    “Who does she think she is?”

    Well obviously she thinks she is one of the special kids! Remember you are talking about someone who believes that Obama era Title IX investigations were men are given no chance to defend themselves are perfectly fair. Apparently she thought the Senate operated in the same way.

How much longer will Senate Republicans participate in this charade? More stalling tactics. Of course the details will never be worked out.

I guess each and every woman in the United States now has veto power over a Republican Supreme Court nomination

“Who the hell is she to think she gets to dictate terms”.
Whoever she is, she is dictating terms.
And she will continue to do so.

Lucy and the football, scene 342.

I’ve never been a “I’m done with the (R)s and sitting out the election” kinda guy.

But if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, I will be that kinda guy. Everyone has their own breaking point. I will have reached mine. The (R) party will be worse that useless. Someone who is truly useless doesn’t necessarily impact anyone else. But the uselessness of the (R)s means the (D)s roam free, even when they aren’t in power.

My contempt for (R)s has never been this high.

    You won’t be alone, in your frustration. That much I can guarantee.

    What the hell is the point of winning hard-fought elections, if we succumb without any resistance to the Dumb-o-crats’ predictably underhanded guerrilla tactics and ambushes?

    The Dumbs have very successfully followed Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” to substantial political effect. It would seem that the GOP needs to find its own street-fighting manifesto, and, soon.

      Colonel Travis in reply to guyjones. | September 22, 2018 at 3:46 pm

      The evidence going back decades should prove that the (R) party is not interested in governing like voters have demanded they govern.

      I became a conservative in the previous century and ever since I had wondered why the (R)s do not fight like the (D)s. I don’t mean lie or BS like the (D)s, I just mean – how come there is no fire in their belly? I think there are many reasons why (R)s don’t fight, but ultimately they don’t matter as much as the end result, which is that they are content as they are.

        I understand where you’re coming from. I too, do not want to descend into the gutter and use unethical techniques to advance the conservative cause. But, I agree that there is a difference between losing one’s moral compass, and, fighting within the rules, with passion and fervor.

        The GOP needs a wholesale tactical re-appraisal and a top-to-bottom review of strategy and tactics. What in the business world would basically entail a merciless and uncompromising audit, conducted by three major consulting firms.

          Well acting all noble and aboveboard for playing by the Marquess d’ Queensbury rules might preserve the ego, it is of little practical benefit when your opponent is pummeling you below the belt with brass knuckles

          MajorWood in reply to guyjones. | September 22, 2018 at 6:53 pm

          >> The GOP needs a wholesale tactical re-appraisal and a top-to-bottom review of strategy and tactics. <<

          They got that with Trump. What they need to do is wake up to the fact that there is a new boss in town, and the people like him (and not their kind so much anymore).

    Bucky Barkingham in reply to Colonel Travis. | September 22, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Do you not think that perhaps this is the Leftist plan? No matter how disappointed in them their base may be they still turn out to vote and fight another day.

    Yes our side is feckless but the alternate is so much worse.

      Colonel Travis in reply to Bucky Barkingham. | September 22, 2018 at 4:05 pm

      It’s always been part of their plan. I don’t care what the (D) strategy is. I care what the (R) strategy is. Just because the (D)s want me demoralized, it is impossible for them to do that to me. Only the people I vote for can disappoint me. My hatred of the tyrannical left remains unchanged.

      The alternative to not having Kavanaugh on the bench with (R)s in charge is what? Not having him on the bench with (D)s in charge?

      Yeah, I’m glad for other Trump administration wins, and I would like to see the entire judiciary filled with his appointments, not just SCOTUS. But SCOTUS is a big deal. The left understands how close it is to losing judicial influence for the first time in the history of every living leftist. This is a fight to the death for them.

      Forgive my language, but the (R)s simply do not give a shit.

    Colonel Travis:

    The GOP has a VERY narrow margin in the Senate. In order to confirm Kavanaugh (assuming they can’t count on any Democrats voting “yea”) they cannot afford to lose any more than 2 GOP members, and that’s assuming that Pence breaks the tie if 2 defect. My suspicion is that Grassley’s continued willingness to negotiate with Ford and her lawyers is based on the fact that at least 2 GOP senators are metaphorically holding him hostage by saying they will not confirm Kavanaugh unless Ford is allowed to speak. If that is the case, he cannot hold the vote now because he would almost certainly lose.

    In my opinion, that is part of the calculus the Democrats have entered into in deciding on their tactics re Ford and Kavanaugh. And part of that calculus is that they count on reactions such as yours: anger at the GOP from the base, and the base deciding that’s enough and that they will not vote for the GOP in the midterms. That in turn has the effect of giving the Democrats an even bigger victory. For the Democrats, what’s not to like?

    Now, you might respond by saying you’re mad at the GOP anyway. That the leadership should be able to twist the arms of those 2 holdouts. But when the GOP has such a tiny margin for its slim majority, then a couple of members can exert a lot of power because they hold the cards. But the only reason they exert such disproportionate power is because of the slimness of that majority.

    The solution is to increase the margin in the Senate by voting for more Republicans, and in particular for more conservative Republicans. The solution is not to hand the Democrats a greater victory and give them control of the Senate, and the ability to block Trump’s judicial appointments at will.

      Colonel Travis in reply to Neo. | September 22, 2018 at 9:01 pm

      The (R) party should be rock solid on this.
      They’re not.
      As I said, everyone has their breaking point.

        You’re treating the R Party as a single entity, but it’s not. Each senator is independent and does what s/he likes. There is nothing the other R senators can do to force Flake or Collins to vote the way they want them to. So what you’re really saying is “I will vote against my local R candidates because I’m angry at Jeff Flake”. How does that make sense? If they have a bigger majority they wouldn’t need Flake, and they would have held the vote already.

        Only Democrats are rock solid; Republicans have to prove their independence, or maverick status, or contempt for their voters.

      Milhouse in reply to Neo. | September 22, 2018 at 10:48 pm

      In order to confirm Kavanaugh (assuming they can’t count on any Democrats voting “yea”) they cannot afford to lose any more than 2 GOP members, and that’s assuming that Pence breaks the tie if 2 defect.

      Neo, the margin’s even slimmer than that. You forget that we lost a seat in Alabama, so now there are only 51 Rs, which means they can only afford to lose 1.

    On the contrary, if Kavanaugh is not confirmed it will only be because there are only 51 Rs in the senate. If there were 54 or more, or probably even just 53, the vote would already have been held. So the response to a failed confirmation must be to give them a bigger majority to work with, so they don’t have to worry about every single vote.

Christine Ford has a Phd in psychiatry. Someone in that profession, especially someone with a Phd, knows the term/phrase “medical treatment” and counseling have two very distinctly different and precise meanings.

In her letter she used the terms “medical treatment” to describe her marriage counseling. Given her level of professional knowledge, there is zero chance she would have intentionally used the incorrect term to describe her counseling – unless she was trying to be dishonest.

A second point – The level emotional trauma seems grossly disproportionate to level of trauma that would be expected based on the event as described in the letter.

    She has a PhD in psychology, not psychiatry. Th latter requires a medical degree.

      Joe-dallas in reply to MAB. | September 22, 2018 at 5:06 pm

      I read where the degree was in psychiatry (though that would require a medical degree).

      Either way, my primary point is the she used a term that has a specifically different meaning to describe marriage counseling. Someone with a Phd in psychiatry or in psychology, knows that marriage counseling is not “medical treatment” and would only mischaracterize the counseling if it was intentional. That factor doesnt bolster the accuracy of the description of the event.

      DieJustAsHappy in reply to MAB. | September 22, 2018 at 5:30 pm

      Either way, it’s still a PhD. Piled higher and deeper, which, in her case, seems quite suitable.

    tom_swift in reply to Joe-dallas. | September 22, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    PhDs are psychology. MDs are psychiatry. The really YUGE distinction is that the MDs can prescribe drugs. The PhD’s just talk, and so can do relatively little damage.

      Joe-dallas in reply to tom_swift. | September 22, 2018 at 5:56 pm

      Again – my point was she used the term medical treatment, not counseling. Use of the wrong term was intentionally misleading. Someone with a Phd in either Psychology or psychiatry knows their statement is a lie.

This is exhausting and maddening. I don’t have the energy to comment on this lunacy, any more.

We are being played like an old fiddle by consummate and practiced Dumb-o-crat hustlers lacking morals, scruples and ethics, for whom achieving political power by any means necessary is the ultimate goal; which goal implies, tangentially, denying rightfully-earned political power to the opposition, by any means necessary.

Listen — I despise the Dumb-o-crat ethos and their agenda, but, I’ll readily concede this fact — when it comes to practicing the D.C. hustle and engaging in political street fighting, they have the GOP handily beat. It isn’t even close. We are like the 95-pound weakling perpetually getting sand kicked in his face by the muscle-head beach bully.

The GOP needs to collectively hit the gym and up its game, ASAP. Otherwise, winning elections will be utterly meaningless, and, we might as well consign ourselves to the inevitability of one-party rule by the Dumb-o-crats, in perpetuity.

Continue talks till Monday. If they have a settlement fine. If not then subpoena her for Wednesday 10am. Make it clear that if she does show, they will not enforce it. She has her slot to give her story if she wants it. Otherwise we know she doesn’t want to testify.

what reallt grabs my attn is hat regression therapy (in all its forms) is wrought with issues up to and including transference. the issue can be compounded when the therapist is treating another psychologist.
and a researcher like her should know this.

so I think its possible she as assaulted?
yes its possible.
do I think she has a clear memory of the assailant?
this is where I have issues.

People cite Alinsky tactics, but much of this drama resembles Maoist “struggle meetings” and “character postering.”

Read – Life and Death in Shanghai.

    guyjones in reply to Tiki. | September 22, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you for the tip — I’ll have to read this book. I’m always interested in the personal accounts of people who have lived under totalitarian systems. It serves to make us appreciate our own freedoms, as well as to remind us of the evils and the oppression endured by others, still.

I am looking forward to a future where Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh wins a multi-millionaire dollar slander judgement.

This is starting to remind me of Geraldo River and Al Capone’s vault.

Vote Monday.

It’s over. By allowing Katz to claim that Ford has “agreed” to testify and therby running over all his “ultimatums”, Grassley has surrendered by not recognizing the revolution at the gates and negotiating away all his leverage and surrendering the narrative to the Democrats acting in bad faith.

Ford hasn’t “agreed” any more than she did a week ago – she still wants to “negotiate” the terms. No matter what knots Grassley ties himself into, it will never be enough until Kavanaugh’s crucifixion is guaranteed – or his nomination is put into unending limbo.

The only question is whether Kavanaugh will withdraw his name or whether he will allow himself to be the willing victim of a public lynching. Surely he can’t believe that Grassley will offer any protection against the mob.

In any case, this failure by the Republicans will presage a probable November defeat, which would then result in full-scale revolt by the Jacobins of the new Democratic party in Congress and the “deep state” against Trump and Republicans and conservatives.

I hope I am wrong, but I don’t see any evidence to the contrary. Collins and Murkowski evidently seem to have decided to throw Kavanaugh to the wolves out of fear, cowardice, or being hustled into the belief that by casting aside centuries of legal protections, they thereby are showing “solidarity” with abused women. Otherwise, Grassley would have been able to blow the whistle days ago, before he lost any control over the narrative, and we’d have had a committee vote by next Monday at the latest.

But they don’t want their behavior to become public knowledge; hence their unyielding insistence that Ford be “heard” even though by her behavior, they know that Ford wants only to speak in a rigged, show-trial forum that will provide them a fig leaf to cover their voting down Kavanaugh along with covering all the Democrats, including those in Red States facing election in November.

Our nation has not been in such straits since the fall of 1860.

    Mercyneal in reply to civil truth. | September 22, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Or they can hold the vote. Someone has got to take the reins from Grassley and give him a shove.

    I agree with this 100%.

    guyjones in reply to civil truth. | September 22, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    Having watched the hearings, my conclusion is that Grassley is too damn nice and congenial in manner to be able to effectively confront the Dumb-o-crats’ sleight-of-hand and backstabbing tactics. This is not a comment on his intelligence, at all; he’s simply too inherently good-natured to confront underhanded guerrilla tactics, and, is out of his element. I think that Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn or Mike Lee would have been better-suited to the task. Someone who is able to play “bad cop,” and, not make any apologies for it, at all.

    Heck, at one point, on Day One of the hearings, Grassley himself even seemed to acknowledge that the Dumbs on the Committee were taking advantage of his accommodating nature, in reference to his letting Senators go past their allotted time limit, saying something to the effect of, “Well, I let people take control of the Committee from me, and, since I didn’t enforce the time limit, before, I’m not going to start, now!”

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to guyjones. | September 22, 2018 at 5:00 pm

      …..or does he just want to appears totally gracious and accommodating, then lower the boom since Katz and Ford want to get up and down off the pot forever.

        I don’t know…it just doesn’t feel like Chuck is in control, at all. Ford’s attorneys have succeeded in leading the Committee around by the short-and-curlies.

        Andrew McCarthy at NR is totally on-point — there is absolutely nothing of value that can come from Ford’s testimony. Mind you, McCarthy doesn’t mean political value. He means, credible evidentiary value. The minute Ford testifies, we have lost. Because, nothing that she says is going to bolster the dubious provenance, suspect motives and absence of evidentiary supports for her accusation. She will testify, “Brett Kavanaugh did such-and-such to me.” There will be zero witness corroboration or other supporting evidence. And, Kavanaugh will testify and deny that he did such-and-such. But, by that point, the damage will have been done.

        That’s why it was so important to stop this transparent charade before it could take root, by taking a vote on Monday and moving past this transparent obstructionist stunt.

That’s exactly what her team said Monday. Back to square one. End this

    MajorWood in reply to Mercyneal. | September 22, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    Is it just me, or is Ford (ironically) trying to get to second base with Grassley with endless promises if only he would just “give in?” I remember those same tactics from 45 odd years ago.

“But they will capitulate in all likelihood.”
I agree with Prof. Jacobson 100% on this. It is an amazing thing to watch Ford’s attorney completely outmaneuver the Republican Senators. The Republicans have already caved on the Thursday testimony; Fox says they are “flexible” on having Kavanaugh testify first. This is a done deal. There will be complete capitulation and it will be announced by bedtime tonight.


There is absolutely zero chance she’s going to show up on Wednesday.

It’s pathetically obvious what’s going to happen. Tuesday night is going to come and they’re going to demand more time.

And more time.

And more time.

And FINALLY when Grassley has had enough they’re going to whine and scream that he refused to ever hold a ‘fair’ hearing and is only forcing a vote because of POLITICS.

He should have held the line with a vote Monday and an open offer for her to testify before the vote.

This is just fucking pathetic.

When people say “tell her story”, why do they limit that to her verbal testimony? She has ALREADY potentially TOLD her story. Senate GOP / Judiciary Committee should start leaking plans to do the following:

Subpoena her lie detector tests, a list of the questions asked, the person who conducted the test.

Subpoena FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, for a complete copy of her social media BEFORE she scrubbed it.

Subpoena her unredacted letter to her representative / Feinstein.

Subpoena her email.

Subpoena her therapists complete, unredacted records.

I don’t mind that Republicans/GOP walk softly, but dammit, it’s time to wield the big stick.

Grassley, Collins and Flake are doing this. Collins never misses a chance to play the fool to the Democrats. She is always a sucker for exactly the same play. No spine, no sense of reality.

    guyjones in reply to puhiawa. | September 22, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Collins and Murkowski are a pair of utterly useless, weak-willed and easily-duped cuckqueans. The Dumb-o-crats know full-well that they can always peel these two off from the caucus, whenever the skies darken and the seas turn a little rough.

It is absolutely stunning to me that two private citizens….Ford and her skank lawyer—are dictating terms to a judiciary committee for an appointment to the highest court of the land.
What world do we live in now?

One person can derail our Constitutional process? One single person? If this resist tactic works, it’s all over. The only way we’ll get a working government again is to VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS. Make them into such a minority their voices will not matter.

Grassley is a blithering idiot. get him out.

May the Farce be with You

There is now a photo claiming to be CGF topless passed out ( face down ) on a picnic table.

Does anyone know if this is real?

    Joe-dallas in reply to RodFC. | September 22, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    No – it is definitely not real

    Nor is it even appropriate.

    My personal impression is that the event was a non-event that Christine fantasy/paranoia, etc has embellished into an attempted rape with no foundation in reality.

    That being said, the pic is totally inappropriate and beneath any legitimate discussion.

      MarkSmith in reply to Joe-dallas. | September 22, 2018 at 5:46 pm

      Ya, I say it is a Paradise by the Lights of the Dashboard and MTV hit rolled up in to her little fantasy.

      Yeah. I debated the approriateness. It is clearly not from “the party” but later in college, if it is her.

      But if it is her it is an indication of her character. If I see that picture I can now reply that it isn’t her thanks to MarkS. Which was one of my reasons for asking. The other being that if it was her I could say that it was.

      Knowledge always is worth it.

    MarkSmith in reply to RodFC. | September 22, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    Too Funny. If there was sun glasses on her, maybe.

    MarkS in reply to RodFC. | September 22, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Probably not. It has been used in a parody YouTube video for the 60s hit “Doubleshot”

Does anyone know where to find the Clarence THomas-Anita Hill testimony before the Senate?

I’m not at all angry about this. I left the Republican party awhile back over their omnibus fecklessness. So more of the same is already baked in the cake.

Minor but significant point, it’s not a lie detector test it’s a polygraph. Bill Clinton passed a “lie detector” test.

    yup. and its not pass/fail/
    its deception noted/no deception noted and deception noted can be caused by basic nervousness.
    the readings of the graph are purely subjective and 2 examiners can disagree with results from same test.

      Lol. I just got thumped for the equivalent of making a grammatical error while correcting someone else’s grammar. Ha.

      Okay, can someone throw in the tile so I can go sit in the corner and mope. this is awkward

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 22, 2018 at 5:34 pm

Ford now has at least four attorneys (Debra Katz, Lisa Banks, Michael Bromwich and Ricki Seidman) advising her and who knows how many others helping prep her.

I don’t think they are gearing up for a quick hearing so she can make a statement and respond to a few questions. It looks like they are preparing for something more substantive – along the line of the Hill hearings.

Grassley has lost total control.

I can’t really see the Reps winning this now. They have set the testimony back to the last possible day. If Ford comes in and testifies to anything even remotely credible then there will be tremendous pressure to gather more information and we will be past the date when a justice can be seated. Let’s face it, all she has to do is cry. No one is going to press her so she will have a free hand to say whatever she wants.

This was the dirtiest of dirty tricks, and the only way to defeat it was to stick to the original terms and deadlines set by Grassley. Now that he has repeatedly rolled over I think Kavanaugh is done this term and the Reps will have to hold the Senate after the midterms if he ever wants to be seated. If they lose the Senate then it is all over and no one gets seated for the next two years. That is what we are looking at if two of the four weak sisters on the Republican side want more time.

At this point, he needs to get confirmed and who the hell cares what damage the republicans MAY see in the election. The left gets what they want through the courts…..THIS IS WHAT MATTERS TO THEM. Let’s guve them a huge defeat by confirming Kav, and as long as we keep the Senate, we’ve won big. Even if we lose the Senate, we still have 2 years of Kav on the Court. 2 long years of really pissing them off….

It’s like negotiating with the Palestinian Authority . . .

No matter what the little sign on his office door says, Grassley’s not in charge. So the failure isn’t really his.

Ford’s not in charge, nor her lawyer, nor Feinstein, nor Schumer.

As a practical matter, Collins is in charge. Gonna have to blame that one on the voters.

Interestingly enough, without the “peculiar institution” there wouldn’t even be a Maine. It was hacked out of Massachusetts to generate two reliably anti-slavery senators to compensate for the new slave senators from Missouri. All part of what made the Missouri Compromise of 1820 a compromise . . . and not such a hot idea altogether.

Anyway, much as I like to blame Republican failure for everything, it may be going too far here. There’s not much they can do if they just don’t have the votes. And everyone who counts up senators and tells us how many votes each party has makes the same mistake—they count Collins and a few others as Republican. As a practical matter, this is deceptive, and has been for years.

No deals. Hold her in contempt or dismiss the case. She should pay for all legal expenses accrued. Perhaps she will choose to share responsibility with Feistein.

This is the second warlock hunt by #MeToo targeting a Republican judge. Stand, don’t kneel, for civil rights.

I tried to warn you that RINOs were worse than Democrats. A Democrat couldn’t turn the base against the party. Only a Republican could do that.

But oh no, people kept telling me that “any R is better than any D.”

This is what you get for electing squishes.

“It’s like having an argument with your crazy girlfriend”

Oh. No. You didn’t. ????

I felt a great disturbance in the Weave, as if millions of women cried out and suddenly collapsed on the fainting couch.

You weren’t worried about a supreme court nomination were you? Because that’s not happening now.

That’s supposed to be a smile not for question marks

Just as “racism” has lost its sting, with “Nazi” soon to follow suit, “bullying” will soon be nothing more than a leftist buzzword that means nothing to sane, thinking individuals. Obviously excluded are those on the left.

Kav should refuse to go to this Socialist Star Chamber at all. Just issue a statement and be done with it. This is too insane.

So, what is the purpose of this theater?

It could be because Grassley et al really like being surrender-monkeys. They like it so much they’ll roll over even for ridiculous bit players like Ford & Friends. This seems to be a very popular theory. It may even be true.

Or . . .

It could be that they think that at the end of the day they might actually be able to pull a rabbit—the needed votes—out of that damn hat, and deliver enough votes to do the job. And part of the magic act involves some stage magician’s razzle-dazzle and stagecraft (i.e., audience deception).

Otherwise,the momentary gratification of playing the hardasses and telling these D’rat clowns and their fool friends to stuff it and plow ahead with the vote—which they would almost certainly lose—would mask the fact that they’re helpless weenies, and that should help a bit in the upcoming election. But in the senatorial confirmation game, it’s still a defeat, and the tough-guy stuff is just posturing. And we already have no shortage of that.

So, what’s going on? I have no more idea than anyone else. Until the smoke clears, we can only guess.

I haven’t read all of the comments yet – but – I am even more convinced that she is making this up, embellishing an event, or forgot many important details.

I mentioned before that I was mugged a long time ago and I can still remember too much information. I don’t let it impact me other than increasing my situational awareness.

I realize that some may suppress memories of events, but if it is THAT significant, you don’t suppress it and you talk to people about it. I was pysch undergrad and you were taught to discuss your feelings. That was many years before Ford got her degree, so I imagine that things were even open when she went to school.

I have called my senators’ office to make sure that they are voting for Kavanaugh. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll send emails to the RINOs who are wavering to tell them my trauma story and that I hope that they will confirm the judge.

My other task will be to check out the status of some races – I’ve already donated to John James’ campaign in Michigan.
( I grew in MI, so it is a good place to start. Maybe I’ll increase my donation there, but I would appreciate knowing of other good candidates to fund for their senate race – especially if it help to defeat a (D) who is in the Senate.

How droll. The Democrats have abandoned all sense of honor and propriety and returned to the savagery of earlier times. enabled by the Cuckquean Republicans.

Any White Male Republican running for office or nominated to a position of power and influence in the Government must first run the gauntlet – where the hapless melanin challenged individual with both chromosomes runs between a row of squaws and infantile males who hack and beat him until he succumbs or survives.

The difference is that the Indians Native Americans forced this on people they captured while today the spineless Republicans in control of the village subject their own tribal males to the Democrat Gauntlet, which includes Republican Squaws (Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski), and Infantile Males (Floyd Flake, John Kasich).

The Democrats have turned the whole process into a due-process-less farce, which should ensure the Re-election of President Donald J. Trump, except that the Senate Republicans’ complicity has caused voter distrust of both parties – richly deserved.

How many decent, competent and qualified White Men will volunteer to run the Gauntlet in the future? The Left proceeds with little accountability. They are writing “The Last of the Male Caucasians.”

Eastwood Ravine | September 22, 2018 at 7:52 pm

This isn’t Grassley’s fault. He trying to heard the Republican “cats” of the judiciary committee. News at Ace of Spades, Daily Caller, and other places is that Senator Jeff Flake is the holdout vote. If that’s the case, the votes aren’t there to get Kavanaugh out of Committee. Mitch McConnell can employ Senate Procedures to pull Kavanaugh out of Committee to the floor.

Now that we know what’s happening they don’t need to hear form Blasey-Ford. Hold the vote, then when it fails to get Kavanaugh out of Committee, let McConnell do his thing.

    But if it doesn’t get out of committee it’s very unlikely to pass on the floor.

      Eastwood Ravine in reply to Milhouse. | September 22, 2018 at 9:07 pm

      If Blasey-Ford actually shows up to testify on Thursday as she has apparently agreed, and it’s a big nothingburger, however Flake votes in Committee won’t matter. Kavanaugh will get to the floor for the confirmation in either instance. Blasey-Ford’s testimony should satisfy Senators Collins, Corker, and Murkowski for a a yea vote.

      Eastwood Ravine in reply to Milhouse. | September 22, 2018 at 9:10 pm

      And if Blasey-Ford backs away from testifying Thursday, they should hold the vote and send to the floor.

      Thomas never got out of committee but passed on the floor.

        Milhouse in reply to RodFC. | September 23, 2018 at 1:48 am

        The Thomas case was very different. It was a D-controlled committee and senate. And the nomination did not bypass the committee; the committee voted to send it to the floor with no recommendation. He was confirmed because at the time there were 11 Democrats decent enough to support him. If McConnell were to bypass the committee and take the nomination to the floor now, he would get no D votes, and he’d lose 2-4 Rs.

    I was pretty sure that was the case with Flake when he tweeted out this afternoon how “happy” he was at the progress of the negotiations.

      alaskabob in reply to Wing. | September 22, 2018 at 9:29 pm

      If so… the Repubs have handed the Dems a major victory and FOREVER ceded the course of the nation to the Left. The Repub leadership must believe that conservatives will vote for them now because there is no other option.

    Does McConnell have to wait for the committee to fail to bring the nomination to the floor? That is, can he use the rules to circumvent the circus by pulling the rug out from under it and going directly for a floor vote without waiting for the committee to act?

    inspectorudy in reply to Eastwood Ravine. | September 22, 2018 at 11:49 pm

    You are wrong! He is the chairman of the committee and he can say yes or no on this. F susan collins! Just do it and let the chips fall where they may. I am an old Marine if we had been trained to fight like this I would be dead! Grassley is a disgrace to any person who has a backbone! All of us know this is a gambit to delay the vote and that’s all it is. Four out of five people supposedly at the party all deny being there! What would this be like in a court of law?

      Eastwood is right and you are wrong. He can’t F Flake or Collins or anyone else, because he needs their votes. If there were 54 R senators none of this would be happening. The vote would already have been held. But when you need every vote you have to appease every voter. That’s just the way it works.

        inspectorudy in reply to Milhouse. | September 23, 2018 at 11:26 am

        Once again you have added something that I did not say. I said he is the chairman and can decide to hold the vote. Collins will do what she will do and has done that many times in the past. I for one know that Ford will not testify. Today I read that the reason that Ford turned the letter over to a Representative instead of Feinstein is that under House rules any testimony given to a Rep during a presidential nominee confirmation, if proven to be a lie, is not to be considered a crime. Hello! Does that sound like a little pre-planning on Ford’s part?

The alleged assault took place in Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the most liberal and feminist jurisdictions in the country. There is also no statute of limitations on rape or attempted rape in that county. I’m surprised that Ford hasn’t taken advantage of this. Surely an arrest would derail the Kavanaugh confirmation, even if he should be released or acquitted for lack of evidence.

    MarkSmith in reply to Kepha H. | September 22, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Before you spout off, you better know the law.

    Misdemeanor offenses: one year from the event

    It is not even likely to be that since they were both minors.

      MarkSmith in reply to MarkSmith. | September 22, 2018 at 8:09 pm

      Unless more comes out, I don’t even think it can be considered sexual assault. Dunk kids fooling around.

      But she does not even have a witness or any evidence, so that is even a stretch.

        Gremlin1974 in reply to MarkSmith. | September 22, 2018 at 8:27 pm

        No way, a group of drunk teens playing slap and tickle, no way. They would have gotten in more trouble for the booze. Heck we had worse go on during some spin the bottle games that got out of hand.

        Also, a 17 year old boy at a private boys school didn’t brag about getting to 2nd base with a girl? Yea that happened…..NOT!!

          “They would have gotten in more trouble for the booze.”
          OK it wasn’t as serious back then, ( yes serious ) but the drinking age was 18. The reason pushed the drinking age back to 21 is that a lot of 18 year olds were getting booze for younger people.

          They would have gotten in more trouble for the booze.
          Sorry I forgot to say: Don’t give them any ideas.

    alaskabob in reply to Kepha H. | September 22, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    Maryland requires attempted penetration for attempted rape.

    Why was she wearing a one piece bathing suit under her clothes at a drinking party?

    inspectorudy in reply to Kepha H. | September 22, 2018 at 11:51 pm

    Normally your a$$ is for something else, not speaking!

They don’t have to wait to send the nomination to the Senate floor. She can testify anytime she wants, perhaps before the Senate of the Whole votes.

    MarkSmith in reply to Neo. | September 22, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Well the claim is to all her to be heard. What the heck is the media for.

      alaskabob in reply to MarkSmith. | September 22, 2018 at 9:14 pm

      To showcase old white men beating up on a woman while Booker (successful at his mark) and Harris (with Willie Brown’s horizontal seal of approval) can defend her virtue.

So, this nobody, from nowhere, with not a single shed of evidence can de-rail Grassley’s Supreme Court confirmation…

He ain’t ever going to get one. Not if it is that easy.

And Diane, Fienstien, embattled..

This 11th hour insult is just what she needs to save her seat from her own party.

Monday I will be calling my Senators to encourage them in the most polite but forceful words possible to immediately call for Censure of Senator Fineslime for her unethical actions in this whole farce.

Having Kavanaugh in the room should have been non-negotiable. He has the right to confront his accuser and force her to make her accusation to his face. That’s one of the most basic requirements of fundamental fairness. If she’s not prepared to do that then she should shut up.

Apparently mentioning “running the Gaunlet” gets you banned on Professor Jakobsen’s blog these days – so sad.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to Vladtheimp. | September 22, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    Doubtful, as far as I am aware they have never actually banned anyone. Besides if you were banned how did you post this?

    userpen in reply to Vladtheimp. | September 22, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    Your comment on running the gauntlet is on the earlier page of comments. Just click on “Older Comments” (in red letters) and Vlad will be sad no more.

      Vladtheimp in reply to userpen. | September 23, 2018 at 9:04 am

      Thanks. I went back to see if I had made a spelling error and couldn’t locate the comment. I wasn’t logged in and apparently one needs to be logged in for the “older comments” to work.

    Don’t they teach better skills at communist headquarters?

    You should be banned, for stupidity.

As several of you have already noted, AP and USA Today are reporting that the hearing will take place on Thursday, not Wednesday, which means that the committee vote and floor vote cannot take place until the following week, which is after the Supreme Court starts its session. USA Today is also reporting that negotiations will continue tomorrow. That means that Professor Jacobson was correct: Grassley will capitulate on everything and questioning will be limited to senators, Mark Judge and others will be supoenoed, and Kavanaugh will go first. I would not count on it being over in one day if I were you.

The GOP is more at fault than first appears. Who let George Soros and Fusion GPS get up off the mat? They should be too busy defending themselves in a courtroom to be pulling the strings here.

It said that “luck” has more to do with people being prepared to take advantage of opportunity. But conservatives never seem to act pre-emptively or proactively. And I’m beginning to wonder if that’s an inherent flaws in the philosophy. We err on the side of caution, not boldness.

Oh, that reminds me of LAR Battalion’s motto, which seems less silly every day:

“Victory to the bold!”

I was always meh about it, but they’didn’t choose that for nothing.

Bullying = trying follow procedures, maintain the integrity of the process, and be fair to Kavanaugh.

So Hearing Thursday Morning, Committee Vote Thursday afternoon, then full floor Thursday night and sworn in on Friday.

Does anyone really believe she’ll make it to DC on Thursday? Obviously, the R’s will just cave-in to any and every excuse. She’s going to have car trouble somewhere in Kansas, and parts for her car are going to have to be shipped by boat from Japan, because she’s afraid to have them flown in with her fears of flying. That will take us up to Thanksgiving, and then she needs to stay home with her family, then of course there is Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentines day, oh and St. Patty’s day. By then, though, the D’s control the Senate and House, and move to impeach.

Grassley needs to retire. He is an embarrassment. One crazy person is holding up the US Senate! Weak man and weak Republicans in the Senate as usual.

As for Flake, please go away!

    alaskabob in reply to natdj. | September 23, 2018 at 12:04 am

    He is held hostage by the Gang of Four. (forget my Horseman analogy from before)

      Colonel Travis in reply to alaskabob. | September 23, 2018 at 12:47 am

      An effective leader does not one day find himself tied up as a hostage.

      On paper, the (R) party is in charge. In reality, the (D) party is the one leading.

      It’s is a joke.

    Yippy in reply to natdj. | September 23, 2018 at 5:48 am

    I wouldn’t be so hard on Grassley. While all the liberals were bloviating on every network last week about how hideous and unfair the republicans are, Grassley was busy taking sworn depositions under the radar of the witnesses named by the accuser. These testimonies will probably succeed in destroying the case for Ford.

This discussion is like the talking heads on espn talking about a game before it is played! She is not going to testify! There is no upside for her to do so. This is a Dem tactic and that’s all it is. What would she gain by testifying? She has no facts, evidence or proof of any kind. She obviously is not comfortable in large unfriendly crowds. There is no reason for her to appear.

“As Dr. Ford has said, she did not share her story publicly or with anyone for years following the incident with Judge Kavanaugh. It’s not surprising that Ms. Keyser has no recollection of the evening as they did not discuss it….”

The statement intentionally ends short of all that the witness said. This included being with Kavanaugh. Imagine if the Israeli court that tried Eichmann had only witnesses who could not substantiate his presence at Wannsee or the death camps and no physical evidence?

Who is witness #5? I wonder if they are trying to pry that memory out of her brain right now (hypnosis or maybe a post hypnotic suggestion for another willing classmate?) Or is that person THE person to dispell all doubts?

5 people at the party. 4 of them deny there ever was a party like Ford described. Can we now admit Ford has a huge credibility problem? It’s not she said/he said any longer. It’s she said/he denied, he denied, he denied, she denied.

    Yippy in reply to Sanddog. | September 23, 2018 at 6:02 am

    According to Ford’s story there were five teens at the house (including her). Well, if there were only 5 people, then whose home was it? Would have had to be one of theirs. Nothing adds up.

      Petrushka in reply to Yippy. | September 23, 2018 at 8:00 am

      There’s a discrepancy between four boys and three girls, and three boys and one girl.

      Suppose there were four boys and one girl, and the boy not yet named lived there.

      Suppose the house was the one tweeted about the other day.

      There has to be someone at a party who lives there.

        They gave depositions to everyone the accuser said was at the party. I doesn’t matter much what the sex of each attendee was. They all said that it never happened or that they were never there.

Keyser’s testimony is very good news; she will be very difficult to ignore because she’s female, a good friend of Ford, and especially because she’s testifying “against interest” given her political leanings.

Kimberly Strassel has an incredible thread about the WaPo article. Wow, did they sit on some information, I can’t get it to link. It is well worth the effort to look it up.

Emma Brown from the Washington Post has some explaining to do. She knew the name of Leland because she sent an email to Mark Judge, naming her. Why wasn’t Leland Keyser ever in any of her stories? Either she did contact her and didn’t like what Keyser had to say or she never bothered to look for her. A bit of a Sabrina Rubin Erdely stunt

The democrats have a clunker. they are going to have to trot out another liar in the next few days to take the heat off of this lunatic.

Kavanaugh should be in the room to face his accuser.

2 girls hanging out with 3 boys. One girl claims she was attacked, but never mentions it to the other girl a lifelong friend. Considering how 15 year olds can’t shut up about anything is this possible? I have a feeling that the friend who just gave the statement knows her friend and knows this is all made up and feels bad about what this is doing to Kavanaugh. She could have given a much more tepid response saying she didn’t remember, but she specifically states she does not know Kavanaugh and doesn’t remember ever meeting him, is pretty anti accuser.

The Dems have tried to get corroborating witnesses which has fallen flat. Now it’s on to plan B (or is it plan C?)….they need another accuser. Another accuser would show a pattern of behavior and tank the nomination. The delays have pushed it so it’s close to impossible to confirm a replacement.

There is a new rumor in the Strassel thread. Apparently there was a facebook post by her during the Gorsuch hearings. She was saying that someone should come forward and accuse Gorsuch of rape.

Possible, it’s also possible that someone else made such a statement and she agreed. We will never know since she scrubbed her social media accounts. But the Senate can subpoena Facebnook and see.

It occurs to me to wonder what case of significant import to the left is on the docket for argument early in session since a tie vote would preserve the status quo and may not be reheard for years. That could explain the histrionics as well as the forthcoming election.

Christine says she wont testify unless her safety is gauranteed.

Need to tell her that she is not testifying against the Clintons