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Evergreen State President Apologizes After Profs Use School Funds to Attend Protest

Evergreen State President Apologizes After Profs Use School Funds to Attend Protest

“used taxpayer-supported school resources to transport students to a protest”

Good old Evergreen State is back in the news for their usual left wing lunacy.

The College Fix reports:

Evergreen State profs used school resources to attend protest; president apologizes

The president of Evergreen State College, the university in Washington made famous by its chaotic student protests last year, apologized recently after it came to light that several professors at the school used taxpayer-supported school resources to transport students to a protest of a farm over 175 miles away from the school.

President George Bridges said that six faculty members at the university “have been strongly reprimanded” for their behavior, according to KGMI. The apology comes after an advocacy group, Save Family Farming, “filed a complaint with the college in April after they say photos and videos showed college vehicles at the farm during protests over the death of a seasonal farm worker.” Save Family Farming bills itself as a group of “farmers, farm supporters, environmentalists and concerned citizens who want to save family farming.”

The professors were protesting the death of a worker on that farm, though as KGMI reports, officials “found his death was due to natural causes unrelated to his work and cleared the farm of any wrongdoing.”

The names of the disciplined faculty members were not immediately available. Gerald Baron, the executive director at Save Family Farming, said that though there are “some remaining questions,” the group “really appreciate[s] President Bridges’ apology for this abusive use of taxpayer-funded resources and are encouraged that he has promised to work from keeping this from happening again.”

According to Google Maps, the farm that the professors protested—Sarbanand Farms in Sumas, Washington—is over three hours north, almost immediately south of the border between Washington and Canada, nearly 180 miles away from Evergreen State College.


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Proving once again that it’s much easier to say you’re sorry afterwards than it is to ask for permission beforehand.

Sorry, an apology is NOT enough. Suspend all taxpayer funding to Evergreen and take the cost of that trip out of the professor’s salary!

Unless the unspecified and probably nonexistent discipline includes said professors repaying the school out of their personal funds this apology is a fraud.