Like a drowning person, the opponents of Brett Kavanaugh are desperately trying to grab onto anything.

Having failed to rattle Kavanaugh, either through questioning by Democrat Senators or shouting by alt-left protesters in the hearing room, Democrats have taken to bold-faced lies, like that peddled by Kamala Harris about contraceptives. And bizarre presidential campaign posturing, like Cory Booker

But it gets worse. Even worse than the attempt to portray Kavanaugh as a monster hostile to women and minorities.

The push starting yesterday was to claim that Kavanaugh committed perjury in his present and past testimony before Congress. The accusations are being spread by Democrat Senators:

And by #TheResistance, like former Hillary Spokesman Brian Fallon:

The accusations are frivolous, and have been debunked in detail. The supposed perjury amounts to Democrats taking sentences out of context and inventing alleged false testimony from that deception.

David Lat, a legal journalist and commentator, has exhaustively exposed the perjury accusations as false. Senator Orin Hatch tweeted the links:

The malicious accusations have not stopped there.

A Democrat PAC has filed a complained with the DC Court of Appeals, of which Merrick Garland is the Chief Judge. They are patting themselves on the back that Garland will review a complaint against a Trump nominee:

Fallon is demanding a criminal referral to DOJ:

And others are encouraging people to file complaints with the D.C. Bar:

The goal here is no longer to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. These false accusations will not do that.

The goal is to delegitimize Kavanaugh much as the left delegitimized Clarence Thomas as a jurist.

And beyond that, once there is a firm conservative majority in place, to delegitimize the Supreme Court.


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