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Death Throes of #StopKavanaugh

Death Throes of #StopKavanaugh

Unable to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the goal is to delegitimize him and a conservative Supreme Court.

Like a drowning person, the opponents of Brett Kavanaugh are desperately trying to grab onto anything.

Having failed to rattle Kavanaugh, either through questioning by Democrat Senators or shouting by alt-left protesters in the hearing room, Democrats have taken to bold-faced lies, like that peddled by Kamala Harris about contraceptives. And bizarre presidential campaign posturing, like Cory Booker

But it gets worse. Even worse than the attempt to portray Kavanaugh as a monster hostile to women and minorities.

The push starting yesterday was to claim that Kavanaugh committed perjury in his present and past testimony before Congress. The accusations are being spread by Democrat Senators:

And by #TheResistance, like former Hillary Spokesman Brian Fallon:

The accusations are frivolous, and have been debunked in detail. The supposed perjury amounts to Democrats taking sentences out of context and inventing alleged false testimony from that deception.

David Lat, a legal journalist and commentator, has exhaustively exposed the perjury accusations as false. Senator Orin Hatch tweeted the links:

The malicious accusations have not stopped there.

A Democrat PAC has filed a complained with the DC Court of Appeals, of which Merrick Garland is the Chief Judge. They are patting themselves on the back that Garland will review a complaint against a Trump nominee:

Fallon is demanding a criminal referral to DOJ:

And others are encouraging people to file complaints with the D.C. Bar:

The goal here is no longer to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. These false accusations will not do that.

The goal is to delegitimize Kavanaugh much as the left delegitimized Clarence Thomas as a jurist.

And beyond that, once there is a firm conservative majority in place, to delegitimize the Supreme Court.


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Elena Kagan purured herself when asked if she was a “progressive” during her confirmation hearings and she answered “whar’s A progressive, I’ve never heard that term before…”. Former Deanof Harvard Law School and she never heard of “progressive”? Worked for Obama’s, never heard of “progressive”? Me thinks not.

Vote early next week for God’s Sake!

Don’t let these Bastard Democrats screw over the Wimpy Republicans like they usually do!

    RodFC in reply to franker. | September 8, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    The committee vote is on Sept. 20.
    The floor vote should be shortly after that.
    They want him seated on Oct. 1.

    It would be excellent trolling if they scheduled the vote on Halloween.

    Elzorro in reply to franker. | September 9, 2018 at 9:58 am

    democrats. All they do now is Tax people more, censor people more, and make as many people as possible more miserable.

Remember….the process is the punishment…

I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but as a general rule of thumb, progressives think that all conservatives are horrible people, no matter how exemplary their personal lives. They think that by definition, conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic bigots. To say nothing of the fact that we are greedy, selfish warmongers.

Shouldn’t such people be destroyed by whatever means? In fact, is it not a duty to destroy such people? Progressives are happy to destroy conservative’s lives. They like to consider doing so to be a supreme act of virtue.

Am I wrong? Just consider that from the Left you pretty much never hear anyone declare that “Wait a minute, we are going too far here.” Just the opposite, in fact.

“…conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic bigots. To say nothing of the fact that we are greedy, selfish warmongers.” Yup. But as I always say – call me anything but late for supper.

Straibg at gnats (Kavanaugh’s supposed prejudices) and swallowing camels (Obama’s, and Hillary’s, and Cory Booker’s, and Kamala Harris’ lies).

EDIT!! —

Straining at gnats (Kavanaugh’s supposed perjuries) and swallowing camels (Obama’s, and Hillary’s, and Cory Booker’s, and Kamala Harris’ lies).

DemoCRAPS are liars, thugs and traitors. Nothing is beneath them.

After watching the dog and pony show, I have 2 comments:

1- next to the progressives, rino’s look like saints.

2- consider that Mitch has to put up with this every day. He may be better than some give him credit for.

    DINORightMarie in reply to VaGentleman. | September 9, 2018 at 1:13 am

    You are too kind. Mitch McConnell is a RINO extraordinaire, but at least on the front of confirming justices/judges, he is stellar.

    But would I ever trust him to do what is right? Nope, not by a long shot. He has worked hard, paid millions, to destroy good Conservative Republican candidates in favor of ones (RINOs) that he believes would ally with him, not fight him or push back against his RINO tendencies.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And with Mitch, he has grown rich off that power, off that influence.

    Some call him Cocaine Mitch – he and his wife, of Chinese descent, have played power polititics for years. I don’t trust him one whit – but he is playing, at least so far, as a team player on some fronts.

    “Consider that Mitch has to put up with this every day…”

    If McConnell considered his country more than his pocketbook, he’d have no problems. But he’s as scummy as they come:

    How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich:

    If Mitch ran the Senate like he should, he wouldn’t have to put up with “it” or anything else!

      snopercod in reply to MarkS. | September 9, 2018 at 7:40 am

      Like, for example, he would have publicly read the names of the senators who signed the gallery passes for all those protestors who were ejected.

At first, it was funny. Then it turned a little sad. Now it’s just pathetic. And the Dems have how many more weeks to ride this train into the ground and through the earth’s crust?

Sessions should be investigating Dianne Feinstein’s connection to the Chi Coms.

Sessions should be investigating the many high crimes of hillary clinton.

Sessions should be tarred and feather and run out of town on a rail.

Make no mistake, the left will do absolutely anything to get and hold power. By any means necessary is part of their philosophy.

The left keeps shrieking about “stolen memos”. Would those by chance be the same democrat memos that were available to both democrats and republicans on the Senate server due to a screw up by a tech hired by Leahy? If you have access to material, it’s not stolen.

Fallon is right about one thing. Kavanaugh will be “booted” from the DC Circuit and land up on SCOTUS.

Since when does a PAC have standing or authority to file a “criminal complaint of perjury” with any court?

Topcat69 … * GRIN *… The next time some quivering liberal trots out that ” Republicans are war mongers meme ” point this out
1- Mexican American war … Democrat president
2- civil war started by democrats to keep black men women and children as property nearly destroying the nation with their racism and greed and costing us 600,000 plus lives in essence because they could not accept the results of election
3- WWI … A democrat president
4- WWII … A democrat president
5- Korea … A democrat president
6- Vietnam … First troops and aid sent by truman ( a democrat ) Kennedy and Johnston blew it to he’ll and gone … I figure about 1.2 million dead American service men and women in democrat wars … About 20,000 – 25,000 in the war mongering Republican wars *** SHRUG *

Please consider this as a P.S. or correction to above post

WWII …. Should read democrats presidents ( as in more than 1 ) … FDR and Truman
And just for giggles you can point out that it was and remains that the only person to have used nuclear weapons against human being was a democrat and you can also point out that the most blatant human right violations in nations history may very well occurred under or because of democrats i.e. the internment of Japanese/Americans under FDR and the entirety of Jim Crow also a democrat creation and of course lynching which was one of the democrats favorite sporting events back in the day

“Baldfaced,” not bold-faced lies.

Bucky Barkingham | September 9, 2018 at 7:44 am

Not only are they trying to de-ligitamize him as a SCOTUS Associate Justice but they are laying the ground work for impeachment when the Much Wished for Great Blue Wave of Vengeance sweeps them into the House in November. Right after they impeach Trump.

The democrat party has become The Ku Klux Klowns. What a bunch of kooks.

If they delegitimize the Supreme Court, they delegitimize Roe.

I loved Leahy presentation of this “very confidential and exclusive” emails.

Reminded me of all those very confidential and exclusive” emails I’be gotten from Nigerian princes, that I ignore with impunity.

This smear by the Dems seeks to accomplish 3 things:
1.Delay the confirmation vote beyond election day on the grounds that the “lies” can be investigated;
2. Provide cover to senators up for re-election in red states to vote no;
3. Delegitimize Justice Kavanaugh after confirmation, they way they believe Justice Thomas is not legitimate (despite his leading the conservative side of the Court).

The media of course will support the Dems on 2 and 3, but defections already have begun on point 1 (when you have lost Vox!).

Sane people realize that Dems are fundamentally dishonest, like career criminals. Dems supporters are separated from reality by the media, kinda like cultists and their flock.

Has there ever been an impeachment, or even an attempted impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice?

What makes them think it will work this time?

This is about one thing and one thing only….donation$$$

    Amiable Dorsai in reply to murkyv. | September 10, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Federalist Samuel (not Salmon) Chase was impeached by the then Democratic-Republican controlled house. The Senate failed to convict him.

Voice_of_Reason | September 10, 2018 at 8:16 pm

uh, so when did democrats start caring about lying and perjury? they usually aee those things as qualifications.

With a strong and strengthening economy at our backs, a proudly American foreign policy in our pockets, and this Democrat asininity in our faces….if the GOP cannot translate all that into a Red Wave by November, then they are more obsequiously incompetent than I ever dared to dream.