California Christians and their beliefs have been targeted by legislative efforts by the Golden State.

But it’s not just Christians under fire. What used to be common sense traditionalism is squaring off against extreme progressivism.

If the parent protest at last week’s Chino Valley School Board meeting is any indicator, these parents aren’t going down without a fight.

By some estimates, 700 people showed up to the meeting to protest the push for sexually explicit education programs.

Life News reports:

Yesterday, about 700 parents showed up at the Chino Valley Board of Education meeting to demand the school district allow parents to opt out of K-12 sex education curricula. Concerned parents from varied ethnicities and backgrounds held signs reading “Let Parents Decide” and “Support Parents’ RIGHT TO DECIDE”. Pastor Jack Hibbs with Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and about 40 other concerned citizens spoke in favor of a proposal to require the school district to notify parents when “comprehensive sexual education”, HIV prevention education, family life education, and even instances which may imperil their child’s physical/bodily privacy on school premises.

The proposal complies with state law by granting parents the right to exclude their children from classes that teach them inappropriate sexual activity and impose an LGBT agenda on children. Parents are right to be concerned about sexual “health” curriculum in their schools that encourage children to explore certain graphic sexual acts with one another as young as 7th grade. The proposed policy would give parents ample time to shield their child from “comprehensive sexual education”. Let’s hope the Board of Education listens to the hundreds of parents who showed up and enact this sensible policy.

Parents alone have a right to decide the proper course of sex education for their children, regardless of the state’s perverted determinations.

Parents across the country need to be cognizant of how sexual and gender ideologues are co-opting school boards and sexual health curricula to change sexual and gender norms of future generations. Changes in sexual health curriculums should steer children away from risky sexual behavior, by encouraging them to abstain from sexual activity all together until they’re married, not encourage them to explore sexual acts and identities. Sexual education programs, like California’s, will only serve to perpetuate sexually-transmitted infections (which, according to the CDC, are already at record highs) and a “hook-up” culture that tells young men and women their self-worth comes from the number of sexual partners they have.


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