Twitter hashtag games are a fun and effective way of sharing our ideas, no less so now that Twitter is silencing conservatives. Case in point, Ben, of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fame and fortune, coordinated a “name the ice cream for seven up and coming progressives” effort with and got far more than he bargained for.

There was a time when conservatives dominated Twitter.  Yes, really.  We’re wittier, more clever, better informed, and just more fun than progressives, so when they rolled out nonsense like Obama’s Attack Watch, conservatives had a field day with the #AttackWatch hashtag game.  The site didn’t survive the ridicule, and with Obama out of the White House, is now for sale.

By the way, Misfit Politics’ “Attack Watch” ad is still the best of its genre.  Absolutely hilarious and utterly, scathingly effective.

Perhaps Ben Cohen thought those days were far behind us?

If so, he miscalculated, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting the hilarity that ensued.  Here are seven of my favorites (tweets/attribution embedded below):

Maxine’s Harass Mint
Max Tax Tracks
Utopian Breadline Pudding
Rocky Road to Ruin
Other People’s Honey
Beto’s Hit and Rum Raisin
Sour Grapes

Leftists may run us off Twitter, but their hashtag “games” are boring, unimaginative, and cookie cutter. You know the drill: Trump, the GOP, [insert any Republican pol or voter] is racist, misogynist, xenophobic, blah blah blah. Yawn.

By contrast, conservatives on Twitter have a good grasp of the issues and don’t regurgitate talking points by rote.  We also have a sense of humor.

via Twitchy:

Others I enjoyed:

Those who somehow weren’t aware of Ben and Jerry’s political bent are now boycotting them and have created the hashtag since Ben didn’t bother to include a hashtag with his initial request.  We’re always willing to help out with such oversights.

A truth bomb:

Interestingly, Ben’s Twitter profile page header consists of him “stamping money out of politics.”

A fact not lost on right-leaning Twitter users.

Twitter hashtag games are lots of fun; I’ve enjoyed participating in many over the years and have fond memories of #AttackWatch, #ObamaAteDog (and the related and hilarious #ObamaDogRecipes), #ILikeObamaCare, and #ThankYouHillary.

Oddly, the left doesn’t seem to go in for too many hashtag campaigns these days, so the Ben and Jerry’s misstep is particularly welcome.


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