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Barack to the Rescue: Republican voters just found their motivation to vote in November

Barack to the Rescue: Republican voters just found their motivation to vote in November

This may be the moment when the rise of the big blue wave began to slow

By almost every measure, Democrats have the enthusiasm heading towards November.

While Republicans won most of the congressional special elections, Democrats outperformed relative to 2016 in those districts.

The energy, fed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, makes it possible, perhaps likely, Democrats will take back the House.

There didn’t seem to be anything that could make Republicans and Independents willing to vote Republican, get out of their slumber.


Obama is back big league, and Republicans should be celebrating.

In his speech at U. Illinois, Obama was Obama, arrogant and dismissive, even derisive towards Trump and Republicans. USA Today reports:

Previewing his midterm elections campaign message, former President Barack Obama on Friday launched a direct and blistering attack on President Donald Trump and Republicans, and called on Americans to get to the ballot box in November to “restore some semblance of sanity to our politics.”

At one point referencing the “crazy stuff that’s coming out of this White House,” Obama told students and others gathered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that even if they don’t agree with Democrats on certain issues, they should still be “concerned with our current course” and want to see a “restoration of honesty and decency and lawfulness in government.” …

Obama’s scathing attack on Trump comes during a tumultuous week for the White House and represents a departure for Obama, who has kept a low profile since leaving office. He has typically avoided even mentioning Trump by name in previous speeches.

This is a big mistake for Democrats. They didn’t need the Obama magic back, they have the momentum and motivation. “Just don’t blow it” should be Democrats’ strategy.

Obama may be blowing it for them by motivating Republican voters.

This may be the moment when the rise of the big blue wave began to slow, and vulnerable Republican candidates began to heal.


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Man I hope he keeps doing talks, he is great for getting republicans elected.

Odumbo squeaks.

What an ass: he just opened himself up to zingers from The Donald.

Opens mouth and removes all doubt 😉

Only reason O had any good economic results was due to quantitative easing, borrowing from the economy to spur the economy…

    Mati in reply to stl. | September 8, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Just read comments on an ABC news site where the commenters were claiming that Trump ‘inherited’ the booming economy from O. On our local Fox “news” station (which is very liberal), they described the jobs numbers yesterday morning. The male news anchor said the jobs numbers were the best in 15 years. Then a comment was made about companies having difficulty finding qualified workers but being reluctant to increase wages because of uncertainties w.r.t. the effect of tariffs. The female news anchor responded “yes, these are very tough times. Very tough.” Trump can’t win (even though I think he is winning) because we have collectively lost the ability to think. I have very liberal friends, and on FB they are all swooning over O’s recent speech..

O has proven over and over that he is an excellent firearm salesman.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Sally MJ. | September 7, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Obama has goaded people to purchase over seven fold more firearms on behalf of his people. Those who commit large numbers of crimes drive higher gun sales and improving Stand Your Ground laws.

DieJustAsHappy | September 7, 2018 at 5:48 pm

Bam! Another win for Trump, even if most wouldn’t consider it as such. I do. See, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Trump has the answer: listen to Obama’s speech. God, bless Trump. God, bless America!

OneVoiceInAmerica | September 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Americans want to see a “restoration of honesty and decency and lawfulness in government.” This is the reason so many Democrats lost their congressional seats, Trump got elected and so many incumbents on both sides aren’t even running again.

Wow, talk about complete and utter lack of self-awareness.

JusticeDelivered | September 7, 2018 at 6:11 pm

“The energy, fed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, makes it possible, perhaps likely, Democrats will take back the House.”

I sure as hell hope that is not the case.

Shut the front door Hussein.

Thinks he’s so great. Maybe he should run for Mayor of Chicago.

Hollywood is happy that BHO is back…and so are the deplorables!

Oh good. Maybe Trump can tweet some questions about Obama’s involvement in the bogus Steele Dossier. While the media pretends there is nothing there to cover.

Just when you thought McCain was dead…

To keep marital harmony, I watch my wife’s choice of evening news. She likes NBC. What crap!

Tonight they showed lots of footage of BHO, breathless in their coverage of the anointed one. (What crap)^2.

The mainstream media is indeed the enemy. BHO will go down in history as a lousy president, but to listen to Lester Holt — and his editors — he’s the greatest president whoever lived. Downright pathetic.

And my wonderful wife of 35 years sits there and absorbs this dishonest pablum night after night … like so many others. Heavy sigh.

“By almost every measure, Democrats have the enthusiasm heading towards November.”

Odd, because I saw a recent poll saying that GOP voters had a 2% advantage in enthusiasm.

“By almost every measure, Democrats have the enthusiasm heading towards November.”

What I saw in 2016, Democrats had the same enthusiasm. It’s just that they are so loud you think they have more.

It’s like this scene from “The Last Dragon”:

That’s right Obama! In less than two years President Trump has made your eight years in the Oval office completely forgettable, so you better pocket some good speaking fees while you can. You were a complete waste of time.

You have to be very careful trying to use historical analysis of political trends to predict elections outcomes this year. As the Prof noted, when Republican face off against Dems, and are not torpedoed by their own party, they tend to win the election. That is because the Dems are identified as being part of the Establishment. Now, there was literally no hope of a Republican winning NY14. And, a traditional political analysis would have given Joe Crowley an easy primary win. But, the exact opposite happened. With Crowley still in the race, Pappas (R) now has a shot, albeit a long one, to actually win that district. If the Republicans run an anti-Establishment candidate [another long shot], there is a good chance that they would pick up the anti-Establishment vote, which allowed Trump to win the Presidency, if the Dems run an establishment candidate. If the Republicans run an established incumbent, then the potential outcomes more fluid, depending upon whether the Democrat candidate is seen as anti-establishment, but not anti-Trump, or not.

There is NO way to accurately predict many of the midterm races, because the voters will have a choice of two Establishment candidates. That is where enthusiasm comes in. If the Dems can run an anti-Trump candidate they will garner most of the Dem anti-Trump vote. If the Republicans run an Establishment candidate [most of whom are seen as being anti-Trump], then the anti-Establishment voters will stay home, just as conservative Republicans did for decades. So, every race has to factor in how closely the candidate is linked to the Establishment, whether the candidate is pro- or anti-Trump and the ideological leanings of the voters in that race. It is going to be a prediction nightmare.

True. I’m still gun-shy from the last time I was overconfident about elections. Got my head handed to me. Though nowhere near as bad as Hillary’s (favored at 90%) upset.

If I can paraphrase Don Reynolds without inviting a lightning strike:

Don’t get cocky, kid. Get off the intertubes and go donate time money and energy for your local conservative campaign.

For all of Trump’s faults, we have been handed a second chance to steer this Republic away from the cliff. Who knows what comes after Trump, don’t squander this moment in history.

There may come a day when the hearts of men –

“Fen, remember when you asked me to tell you when you are doing that thing? Well, you’re doing that thing”

– damnit. I was finally finding my rhythm… Fine.

JackRussellTerrierist | September 8, 2018 at 1:36 am

When it comes ‘rat primary time for prez in 2020, it may boil down to battle Spartacus v. Pocahantas.

The more Obama speechifies the happier I am he is no longer President. What a turn-off. The racial and ideological divisions being stoked by the Democrats and the news media are truly revolting.

    If odumbo didnt have soros hand up his ass like the mindless puppet he is, soros hand would smell a lot better, and odumbo could go back to parking cars (or the like) for a living.

    And mooochelle could be out back in tbe stye she came from.

Obama’s speech was amazing! He complained about Republicans doing what he did for 8 years! He has a lot of gall and almost no one in the media calls him on it. Mark Levin went through his speach like Sherman thru Georgia.

    Daiwa in reply to ConradCA. | September 8, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    You won’t hear a peep of criticism of his obvious bullshit from NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, MSNBC, CNN, HuffPo, etc. – just fawning gratitude, leg-tingling & ass-licking.

Reformed Trombonist | September 8, 2018 at 6:05 pm

> This may be the moment when the rise of the big blue wave began to slow, and vulnerable Republican candidates began to heal.


Although Obama sounded just the same as his old obnoxious self, I have to step back and remember he’s talking to what Limbaugh calls young minds full of mush. College kids just don’t remember how he accomplished little but lied a lot during his presidency.

Didn’t take me long to remember. However, the legacy media will never challenge him on what he said. The divider in chief is still the champ. As abusive as Trump can be at times, he has a long way to go to reach Obama level.

What was the bipartisan norm on presidents criticizing their replacements? Obama began this within weeks of leaving office. The speech seems to cross the line of how an ex-president is supposed to act. I truly hope that the polling is off and the Dems don’t win the house.

In spite of all of the Establishment efforts to protect the criminal activities of the Obama Administrations, especially those involving the DOJ and FBI, all of these things are floating to the surface of the swamp. And, as more of them are uncovered, it becomes more and more difficult to believe that the 44th POTUS had no knowledge of them.

If the Dems do not secure the House, then it is very likely that these coverups will continue to fall apart. And, if they do, the possibility of criminal charges being filed increases. In that case, someone is going to sing and implicate everyone up to and including the former POTUS in criminal acts. And, that is one reason why Herr Obama is campaigning so strongly. He does not wish his legacy to put him behind bars.