Twitter wants them to help to promote civil conversations. This should end well.

Campus Reform reports:

Twitter recruits profs to fight ‘incivility and intolerance’

Twitter, which has been widely accused of discriminating against conservatives, recently launched an initiative to fight “incivility” and promote “healthy conversation” among users.

The social media company announced the research initiative in a July blog post, describing it as an attempt to focus resources on remedying toxicity and promote “conversational health” on the platform.

To accomplish this, Twitter has assembled a team of nine professors to conduct research on “measuring healthy conversation” across the platform, dividing them into two groups with separate but related objectives.

The first group, led by Leiden University political science researcher Dr. Rebekah Tromble, will address the issue of “echo chambers” and online civil discourse, while the other group will explore ways of bridging gaps between different communities.

Twitter has faced heavy criticism from conservatives in Congress, the media, and the Trump administration following claims that some conservative users have been secretly “shadow banned” by the social media entity, meaning their profiles did not appear in search results.