Unfortunately for the press, there’s not enough dirt on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which means journalists have to scrape at the bottom of the barrel.

That’s where we enter the creepy level and ProPublica has embraced it because the publication wants to know exactly who went to Washington Nationals baseball games with the judge and pictures of him at the games. Yes, the publication is still probing this disturbing development from July even though Kavanaugh bought those tickets with his personal credit card and his friends paid him back.

In July, the left went wild because The Washington Post reported that Kavanaugh “incurred tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt buying baseball tickets over the past decade and at times reported liabilities that could have exceeded his cash accounts and investment assets.”

Anyone with a reasonable head on their shoulders rolled their eyes because how many of us have taken out loans on houses, cars, or other expenses because we couldn’t pay the amount up front? So the problem with Kavanaugh is that he’s not rich enough to pay for everything out of pocket?

ProPublica found a problem with Kavanaugh spending so much on baseball season tickets even though he paid for the tickets with his credit card and his friends paid him back.

But I guess public officials aren’t suppose to have a life outside of their work:

Kavanaugh is up for one of the most powerful positions in the land. A lifelong position.

We think it’s important to figure out as much as we can about a nominee’s background before he is confirmed. So we’re turning to you.

Figuring out who Kavanaugh brought to games could be relevant to his confirmation. It would help:

  • Understand more about his relationships and any potential questions they might raise for the Supreme Court justice.
  • Get a better sense of what went into this unusual amount of debt for a judge in his position.
  • Or maybe just affirm that the guy really does love baseball for the judicial inspiration.

We’re not sure what we’ll find. But we do know that people take a lot of pictures at baseball games. Did you see Judge Kavanaugh at a game? Did you attend a game with him? Do you have any photos, and if so, will you send them our way?

The publication listed the horrific details they already know, like the fact that two photographs exist of him wearing blue striped polo shirts at games! THE. NERVE. How dare he wear blue instead of red!

The authors ask people to email information about “where he sat, how many seats he bought and which friends attended games with him.”

It gets creepier because the article even has a questionnaire for you to fill out:


Something tells me, probably the good old common sense inside me, that any evidence ProPublica receives will show that Kavanaugh just loves baseball like any good American!

You know what you should do, ProPublica? Talk about Kavanaugh’s position on the 4th Amendment, not his love of baseball. You say your concerns come from the fact that he’s going to be on the country’s top court in a lifelong position so why not concentrate on his views on the Constitution. You know, his ACTUAL future job.


The reactions on Twitter will crack you up:


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