Very few people seem to understand the guidelines and rules for this program.

The Daily Caller reports:

Financial Aid Officers Fed Up Regarding Confusion Over New York’s Free College Program

State University of New York (SUNY) financial aid officers are fed up over the confusion and lack of clarity from the government surrounding the Excelsior Scholarship, which offers free tuition to middle-class college students in the state.

“We have gone months without formal written guidance,” Sarah Buell, a SUNY financial aid officer, said, according to a Wednesday Times Union report.

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed the “nation’s first accessible college program” in 2017 with the idea passing the state legislature that same year. The program was supposed to accommodate for costs not covered by financial aid programs or grants

Students must be New York state residents, attend a SUNY or City University of New York (CUNY) school for either a two or four-year program, take 30 credits per calendar year, maintain passing grades, plan to live and work in the state for the amount of time they received assistance and come from households earning less than $110,000, according to the provisions. The eligibility will expand over the next three years to students coming from households earning up to $125,000.

Buell, however, said many of the students do not understand the specifics of the program. “There are just a lot of nuances in the program,” she said, the Union reported.

Officers must go through a strenuous process of confirming household incomes as well as check student’s credit load per year.