It seems like every few weeks, the Democrats roll out some new strategy or slogan which is intended to help them with the 2018 midterms. The newest one is completely doomed to fail. They’re going to try to ignore Trump and not talk about him at all. This should end well.

Alex Roarty reports at McClatchy:

Democrats’ fall strategy: Stop talking Trump

Democrats are making a bet that with the help of a wave of TV and digital ads they can finally make the upcoming election about health care and taxes.

They just need to hope voters will tune out Donald Trump long enough to listen.

Since the president’s election, Democratic Party leaders have vowed to emphasize pocketbook issues, convinced that an economic focus was necessary to win over the most voters in November. But Trump has made it difficult, using his bully pulpit — and the all-consuming attention he commands in the media — to compel Democrats to discuss anything but the economy, from kneeling NFL players to special counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation.

Now, however, Democrats say the election gives their candidates and allied groups a chance to force the conversation back to economic issues by paying for messages delivered directly to voters.

“What Democrats need to do, because Trump is all encompassing on cable news and earned media, is continue to talk about consequences of health care and the tax bill,” said Patrick McHugh, executive director of the Democratic-aligned Super PAC Priorities USA. “And you’re seeing that already.”…

But regardless, Democrats say they need to avoid Trump and focus on economic issues to reach the most voters — including their own base. McHugh said many Democratic voters need to believe their party can help them in tangible ways, citing the positive, education-focused message then-Democratic candidate Doug Jones used to help pull off an upset in the Alabama special Senate election last year.

Trump has been living rent free in their heads since election day, they obsess over him constantly, but now a couple months before the elections, they’re going to ignore him and focus on other messaging?

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air sums it up nicely:

Stop talking about Trump? Good luck with that. If you’re a Democrat looking for some earned media you can take a call from the New York Times or sit down on the set at CNN or MSNBC fully prepared to talk about these pocketbook issues. And what will the reporter or news anchor ask you about?

Trump’s latest tweet, rally, allegedly offensive comment or scandal story. And if you don’t give them the incendiary answer they’re looking for they’ll keep on asking. The latest story of the doorman is probably just the beginning of a series of Tales from the National Enquirer Crypt.

The liberal media, which is essentially the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, won’t last a day with this new strategy. Especially now that they think they’ve finally “got” him.

The folks at Newsbusters compiled a video of people at CNN and MSNBC using the word impeachment over and over on a single day last week. Watch:

The left couldn’t ignore Trump if they tried. They think about him more than his strongest supporters do.