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Democrats In Disarray: Black Dem Apologizes For Racial Slurs Against Asian Dem

Democrats In Disarray: Black Dem Apologizes For Racial Slurs Against Asian Dem

It seems the left could do with some Voxsplaining of the new rules of racial division

We’re all working hard to understand the very special SJW language of the regressive left.  Apparently, this special language makes “jokes” out of racism against white people because privilege, and we just don’t get the funny.  We aren’t sufficiently “woke” to see that we are a blight on the planet.

The regressive left has encountered an entirely new beast now: a black female democrat racially slurring an Asian female democrat.  The mind boggles.  We can almost hear them scrambling to make sense of this in their bizarre SJW-land where intersectionality is the rule of the day and racism is the purview of those “fascist” white supremacists.

What happens when The Narrative skews? When a powerful Democrat black woman calls upon voters not to vote for the Democrat “ching-chong” Asian woman?  Democrat Bettie Cook Scott is referring to her powerful female Democrat opponent, state representative Stephanie Chang.

The Detroit Metro-Times reports:

Rep. Bettie Cook Scott has issued an apology for her remarks.

. . . .  More than a dozen community groups have called on Rep. Bettie Cook Scott (D-Detroit) to apologize for a series of racial slurs sources say she used to describe her primary election opponent, Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit).

Scott is alleged to have referred to Chang as “ching-chang” and “the ching-chong” to multiple voters outside polling precincts during last Tuesday’s election. She’s also said to have called one of Chang’s campaign volunteers an “immigrant,” saying “you don’t belong here” and “I want you out of my country.”

Scott, in other words, has used “the language of white supremacy” to exclude and belittle Chang.  But Scott’s black and a woman, a black woman who apparently holds racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, exclusionist views against Democrat Asian-American women.

The things that Scott said about Chang are objectionable by any standard.

The Detroit Metro-Times continues:

“These comments are offensive to all Asian-Americans,” Chang tells Metro Times. “It isn’t about me. It’s about an elected official disrespecting entire populations, whether they be Asian-American, immigrant, or residents of Sen. District 1 or [Cook’s] own current house district.”

The various off-color remarks were heard by multiple people connected with Chang, including Chang’s husband, who spoke with Metro Times. Sean Gray says after overhearing Cook disparage Chang outside a precinct on the east side of Detroit, “I … asked her not to speak about my wife in that manner. At that time she said to the voter that ‘these immigrants from China are coming over and taking our community from us.’ Further, she said it ‘disgusts her seeing black people holding signs for these Asians and not supporting their own people.'”

Gray, who is black, says Scott then went on to call him a “fool” for marrying Chang.

Having tied itself in knots of racial and political identity, the regressive left is beside itself trying to untangle this web of hate, a web rooted, it must be noted, in their own convoluted identity politics rulebook.

Under that construct, Scott is encouraged to and supposed to hate and revile “the other,” if that “other” is white, Asian, Latino, male, whatever, the hate is built in to the leftist identity politics mandate.  The secret to this, though, is that she should never show this.  She’s expected to hate and revile anyone unlike her, but . . . quietly.  In private.  Not blasting her disdain with challenges to “Ching-chong,” a fellow woman and a fellow Democrat, whom she claims “doesn’t belong in this country.”

It’s sort of like #MeToo in that even the most fervent, the most seemingly untouchable can be brought down if they transgress the ever-changing boundaries of SJW conviction.

Right now it looks like Jeong’s racist rants are not racist and are just “jokes” aimed at the power structure, but Scott’s racist rants are actually racist and not just “jokes” aimed at the power structure. If she’s confused, who can quibble?  The SJW rules of social, racial, blah blah blah justice are ever-changing, anyone can get nipped at any time, despite their strict adherence to the rules.  The SJW rules change, a fact Scott is now facing as her actual racism is being treated, today, as actual racism.  This could change tomorrow.  Because.

Maybe tomorrow Scott’s narrative will be one of liberation and greatness.  Or she may be buried under a barrage of accusation and vitriol.  It’s hard to tell, really, since the left has no principles and no defining logic that lasts beyond the moment.  Today Scott is a pariah, tomorrow, she may be the shining example for all regressives.  Her words don’t change, their spin does.

Of what can we be assured?  No matter how this pans out, the SJW left looks just as disorganized, hypocritical, unprincipled, and haphazard as it ever did.

As Scott apologizes for her racist attacks on her fellow Democrat, leftists may want to develop a more clear hierarchy of hate. Who can hate whom?  And at what degree or level? When does hate become intolerable even for the hate-mongering, divisive left?

The regressive left would do well do develop some sort of hate chart to let their peeps know whom they can hate with abandon and with whom they must shutter or mute their hate. For example, they might chart that it is not okay for black women to refer to Asian women as “ching-chong.” Normal people don’t need to be told this is inappropriate, but for the SJW left, it’s clearly a challenge to understand that racism is wrong.


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DieJustAsHappy | August 18, 2018 at 7:58 pm

Came across this Chinese proverb: “The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than him.” Seems the Dems have been lighting many a fire these days and are, indeed, getting burnt in more ways than one.

I married to an Asian woman and have 3 Asian-American daughters. I have seen the same racist actions from the same demographics. Never have I seen it from any other demographic though.

    Matt_SE in reply to starride. | August 18, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Black privilege.

    puhiawa in reply to starride. | August 18, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Ditto. The present Asian generation seems to be making up for lost time with Jeong and another Korean (pretending to be Chinese) going after the young girl who wore a Cheongsam, or a Chinese variation of a Western dress adopted by rebelling Chinese women in the 1920s, to the prom.
    That, by the way, backfired horribly on Mr Lee when Weibo, a Chinese internet company, took a poll and the young girl was overwhelmingly praised, admired and even invited to model in China.

      mzk in reply to puhiawa. | August 20, 2018 at 5:12 pm

      Given the murderous anti-Asian racism of Democratic party fixture Al Sharpton, and the fact that quotas put whites ahead of Asians, it is difficult to understand why.

      This goes further than SJW nonsense. People die from blue-supremacist racism against Jews, Asians, and Whites.

    herm2416 in reply to starride. | August 19, 2018 at 9:01 am

    This is meant as no disrespect, but an honest question.
    Why wouldn’t you just describe your daughters as American, and not hyphenated American? Their ethnicities would be that of your wife’s and yours.
    My children are of German, Irish, English, French, Scottish, and Lithuanian descent. I can’t begin to imagine hyphenating that. Theoretically, I could say European-American, but I don’t.
    Hyphenating separates us as Americans, it seems.
    Again, an honest question.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to starride. | August 19, 2018 at 9:36 am

    The truth is that today a large percentage of blacks are the most racist group in America. They dislike Arabs, Asians, Hispanics and so on. They feel entitled to be racist, while they claim that they cannot be racist.

    At the end of the day, the problem is the blue race. That is the color of their politics, and if we could see it clearly, their hoods, robes, and nooses. And by “their”, I mean Democrats, no matter they look like externally.

99% of the racism in America today comes from the left.

    Elzorro in reply to Matt_SE. | August 18, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    Social justice as used today is a Marxist construct.There is neither “justice” nor “injustice” in their lexicon, only emotions and feelings of what is “right” and what is “wrong” in the situational ethics of the moment. Tied to the false narrative of neo-Marxist ideology the aim is to redistribute wealth and power by creating the victim mindset of entitlement among one segment of the population and the yielding force of guilt and fear in the others.Guilt makes people passive and even complicit to being dispossessed, a primary goal of Marxist revolutionaries. And it matters not to today’s Marxists whether the class enemies of the moment are kulaks, white farmers in Africa, black preachers, Muslims, affluent whites, the intelligentsia, or any other group against whom fear and resentment can be instilled in order to justify the need for social justice to rectify the perceived imbalance.

    Matt_SE: 99% of the racism in America today comes from the left.

    Unite the Right.

      2 dozen Unite the Right vs thousands of Black Lives Matter. Thanks for proving our point.

        SDN: 2 dozen Unite the Right

        2 dozen? “Jews will not replace us!”

        While racism can be found anywhere, the right has cultivated the white reaction to demographic changes.

        “Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they’re changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like.” — Laura Ingraham

          Char Char Binks in reply to Zachriel. | August 20, 2018 at 11:40 am

          Was everyone at the rally shouting “Jews will not replace us!”?

          The people trying to murder Jews today are Leftists. Why do Republicans repudiate Duke, but Democrats will no repudiate Al Sharpton, no matter how long a trail of dead bodies he leaves behind? (And he hates Asians almost as much as Jews!)

          Not to mention trying to start the next Holocaust via BDS. The alt-right is a joke, but the racist wing of the Democratic party has taken it over.

          msz: The people trying to murder Jews today are Leftists.

          Um, it was the Unite the Right marchers who chanted “Jews will not replace us!”

          “Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they’re changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like.” — Laura Ingraham

      Voice_of_Reason in reply to Zachriel. | August 21, 2018 at 3:33 pm

      yes, zachriel, you found the 1% of actual racism that resides in the right. good boy,

        Voice_of_Reason: you found the 1% of actual racism that resides in the right. good boy,

        Studies generally show racism is more prevalent on the political right, but not exclusively so. Those who avow alt-right, white nationalism are about 3% of the American public; but far more subscribe to white identity or racial resentment. There’s plenty of old-fashioned dislike of “the other” still around.

        The political left is characterized by egalitarian goals, but that doesn’t mean people on the left don’t sometimes exhibit racism. The political right is characterized by hierarchical or conservative goals, which can include preserving exiting racial disparities, but certainly not all on the political right exhibit racism. Most people on both sides try to avoid explicit racism, but react differently to implicit racism.

        In any case, don’t let Trump’s consistent use of racially and ethnically charged rhetoric mislead you.

Asian leftists hate white people and black leftists hate Asian people – and Mexican leftists hate Americans.

A house divided cannot stand. The left is making sure of that.

    Destroy the language. Destroy the rituals. Destroy the religion. Destroy the family. Destroy the history. Destroy the common beliefs.

    Destroy the culture.

    Hmmmmm, so the leftist coalition exists right now because each splinter group believes that it is top dog. They are unaware of this because all are focused on their mutual hated of Trump, so ironically, DJT is the great uniter here. Now to go mess with some libtards by putting that notion in their head.

Racism is a tool (weapon) to a leftist.

To the non-leftist, it is an evil (inherently evil) regardless of who the purveyor may be. The KKK culture is alive and well in the Democrat Party. They just changed the target and now dress in black uniforms rather than their traditional white robes. It is hard for them to know who is today’s target apparently.

Asian racists most quiet.

Uh Oh…Two Social Justice identity group fighting for the low ground.

A-diversity politics is color judgments (e.g. racism) and inherently divisive.

Progress, regress, are both monotonic. Principles matter.

The stereotype of Asians is of hard-working, studious, law-abiding family-oriented culture…. Must be disconcerting to the “old” minority of the Left.

When one minority is racist against another minority does that “no power to be racist” thingy have any play?

    JusticeDelivered in reply to alaskabob. | August 19, 2018 at 9:45 am

    In other words, Bettie Cook Scott knows that her opponent is smarter than her, superior to her in so many ways.

Yay. 21st Century and the “progressives” are finally learning that racism is racism no matter the source. And that its wrong. Woo hoo.

The Packetman | August 19, 2018 at 8:37 am

Interesting that this is in the news now … after the primary.

“But Scott’s black and a woman, a black woman who apparently holds racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, exclusionist views against Democrat Asian-American women.”

I have issues with this statement, Scott is described as black, why isn’t her opponent described as yellow? They are both Americans, why is one hyphenated, and why is her husband’s race important to the story? Why aren’t they just described as Dem and nothing else?

Identity politics is destroying this nation.

Intersectionality for the win!

Thank goodness she didn’t make her comments on Twitter. She would have been banned for life.

This story has received zero coverage by the local media.

But blacks can’t be racist according to the left so it’s all okay.

Char Char Binks | August 20, 2018 at 11:42 am

Dem eyebrowz do! ON FLEEK!

Peachy, ain’t it.

Voice_of_Reason | August 21, 2018 at 3:45 pm

if bettie scott cook, black female democrat, was bill cook, white male Republican, imagine the screaming headlines on WAPO, NYT, MSNBC, etc. abdout “white male racism” and “Republican racism” and “trump is to blame”.