We mentioned the college board’s decision in an earlier post. This is the backlash.

Campus Reform reports:

Scholars blast decision to cut 8,000 years from AP World History

Students and scholars are up in arms over a decision to cut thousands of years from the Advanced Placement World History curriculum, with some historians fretting it will make the course too “Western-centric.”

“The College Board wants to remove over 8,000 of those years, and start the course in 1450 CE,” declares a petition seeking to prevent the change, which had already exceeded 11,000 signatures by press time.

“AP World History covers, as of 2018, 10,000 years of human history stretching from the Americas, to Europe, to East Asia, and everywhere else,” the petition explains. “The class is demanding on students, but is also one of the most rewarding, life changing classes I’ve ever had the privilege to take.”

According to the College Board, the AP World History curriculum “will assess content only from c. 1450 through the present” starting in the 2019-2020 school year, though “the exam format and rubrics will stay the same.”

“AP World History teachers have told us over the years that the scope of content is simply too broad, and that they often need to sacrifice depth to cover it all in a single year,” the organization notes, adding that “colleges and universities typically do not cover all of world history in a single course, but in two or more separate courses,” yet still award just one course credit for AP World History “even though the current course covers the scope of two or more college semesters.”

To address that disparity, the College Board is creating a new course called Pre-AP World History and Geography, which will cover world history between the years 600 BCE and 1450.

Teachers will still be allowed to teach early world history in the abridged AP World History course, but the official exam will cover only subject matter from 1450 to the present.