This is one of the greatest problems facing higher education today. Not enough students have even a decent understanding of history.

From the CNN Wire Service:

The College Board wants to cut thousands of years from its AP World History test — teachers aren’t having it

If you ask the company that runs the Advanced Placement tests, it’ll say it was trying to do world history teachers a favor.

There’s just too much history to cover and not enough time. So why not cut thousands of years from the AP World History test — and start at the year 1450 instead?

If you ask the teachers, they say such a move leaves out key events from the past, such as the massive Mongol Empire and the Middle Ages, and presents a very Eurocentric view of the world.

That’s a battle that’s brewed for a month between the two sides.

Now, the College Board — the company that owns the AP program — is offering a compromise: it’s going to figure out a way to start “several centuries” earlier than 1450. It just doesn’t know how early.

And until the board decides in mid-July, teachers are unlikely to be satisfied.

“Even if they push back the gate a bit, we won’t be satisfied,” said Merry Wiesner-Hanks, who leads the World History Association and formerly developed the course and the test.

“Students — and really, people — need to see the bigger picture and the long history of the past.”

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