We covered the post-Trump-Putin summit #Resistance meltdownapalooza.  The anti-Trump left and its #NeverTrump mirror image on the right have taken Trump Derangement Syndrome to a new level.  An embarrassing, deeply weird new level.

It’s never wise to huddle in a bubble, fingers in ears and humming.  Isolating ourselves from those who disagree with our viewpoint not only puts us on the perpetual defensive but undermines our ability to ever be more than reactionary.  On the right, we know this.  That’s why most of us have read The Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals, etc., and it’s why we keep up with what is going on in regressive, leftstream social and legacy media.  What better way to know your opponent than to understand his ideological underpinning?

What’s becoming increasingly clear, however, is that Democrats, Socialist Democrats, and Progressive Democrats not only don’t have an ideological underpinning but collectively are an hysterical, unhinged hot mess.

Case in point is the #WeKnew hashtag on Twitter.

And it’s not just women:

And it’s not just Americans.

I’m sorry, but we’re supposed to take people like this seriously? These are the people who put all of their faith in government, who would joyously abdicate all personal responsibility to an all-powerful central government that will, in turn, rule over and manage their every decision.  And these are the people who—without a smidgen of self-awareness—insist that duly elected President Trump is #NotMyPresident?

These are not serious people; these are kabuki players and poseurs who try to one-up one another to establish their anti-Trump cred.  You cried all night on the bathroom floor?  That’s nothing, I cried all night walking five miles . . . uphill . . . in the snow . . .  barefoot!  Hmph, amateurs!  I cried all night and wandered barefoot in the snow, but I didn’t stop there.  For the next 72 hours, I wept, beat my chest, rended my garments, and pounded my fisties and feetsies on the floor.  Top that #WeKnew!

Meanwhile, sane people across America look at stuff like this and either laugh or are uncomfortable with and embarrassed by these unfounded and hysterical meltdowns. Either way, no normal American will support a party whose base, upon losing an election, melts down like the frailest of precious snowflakes.

Elections have consequences, as Obama liked to remind us, and seeing Democrats and the #Resistance completely incapable of dealing with that fact speaks volumes about their antipathy toward our representative republic.


Edit [FS]: 7:33 p.m EST)

The right is getting in on the #WeKnew fun as evidenced by LI reader @redc1c4

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