Evergreen State College should be a teaching moment for academia. It’ll be a miracle if this school survives.

The College Fix reports:

Former Evergreen State police chief claims school failed to protect her from ‘open hostility’

When it rains, it pours for Evergreen State College.

An eventful couple of years included a “Day of Absence” targeting whites and subsequent backlash, along with a drop in enrollment. Now, add continuing legal troubles to the growing list of issues for the school.

The former Evergreen police chief is in talks to reach a settlement after filling a tort claim in May alleging the school failed to protect her from gender-based discrimination and created a hostile work environment, The Olympian reports.

Stacy Brown served as the police chief during the 2016-17 school year before resigning to work at another police department. At her swearing in at Evergreen, protesters interrupted the ceremony shouting profanities and “Fuck cops” in front of the podium.

The Fix reported that prior to resigning her post, Brown wrote an email that anti-police sentiment made the police department “unable to conduct basic functions of the job” due to “increased hostility” on campus.

She is seeking $625,000 in damages, according to The Olympian.

In the tort claim, Brown alleges she faced “open hostility on an almost daily basis.” Two faculty members also sent her hostile emails, one calling police “basically fascists” and the other saying that Brown had “privilege” because she wore a uniform and carried a firearm, according to The Olympian.

Moreover, the claim states that a drawing of Brown made the rounds on campus in which she is depicted wearing “suggestive clothing, a KKK type hood, and holding a geoduck that appears to be ejaculating.”