Monday night, Trump announced his second Supreme Court Justice nominee, setting the left’s dumpster of irrational fears ablaze.

The meltdowns began with Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement when Democrats and their media outlets began declaring the end of civilization and the beginning of Handmaid’s Tale Armageddon.

The White House was especially tight-lipped about Trump’s decision to nominate Judge Kavanaugh to the bench. But Democrats (at least lost with the loudest national platforms) aren’t concerned about Kavanaugh’s record or judicial philosophy, they just know they don’t like him or anyone else on Trump’s shortlist.

Exhibit A:

Oh, ok. Except, that’s not Judge Kavanaugh. That’s Thomas Hardiman. But carry on with your well-informed criticism.

Exhibit B:

Requiring no further explanation:


Exhibit C:

It’s fun watching the left pretend the judiciary makes laws. Judicial activism for me and not for thee! Or something.

Exhibit D:

The Women’s March. Of course.


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