From the Department of YOU HAD ONE JOB:

Currently, 12 Thai boys (a soccer team), are trapped in a cave where they’ve been since June 23rd.

Rescue teams are frantically working to pump water out of the flooded cave in order to get the boys and their coach to safety. Heavy rains are expected Saturday and would it even more difficult if not impossible to get the team and their coach out.

In preparation for their extraction, a former THAI navy SEAL died while placing oxygen tanks. He passed out underwater and attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

By all accounts, he was an incredible man and athlete. He died trying to save others. In my book, the man is a hero.

Buuuuut, that’s not what the newswire led with on social media.

THAI navy SEAL. An important detail that had social media followers asking for clarification and rightly so. The US military is also on location and involved in the rescue efforts.

Because the AP is a wire service, other outlets ran with the same vague headline:

The AP’s article covering the story made the distinction, thankfully.

Journalism. It’s really not that hard. You take the facts and you put them into the computer.

But then the AP did fact check Sen. Pat Roberts’ porcupine sex analogy, so, yeah…


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