Trump is not backing down from the current immigration/border fight.

Tuesday, Trump reiterated his commitment to arresting people who enter the country illegally.

Amazingly, the suggestion is controversial. Securing a nation’s borders should be the least contentious subject in politics, but this is 2018 and the idiocracy is upon us.

The Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy of arresting all illegal immigrants has resulted in more children being held separate from their parents or guardians, more than usual, that is. In no domestic circumstance where parents are incarcerated do their children join them behind bars. In those situations, children are placed in state custody. Anyway…

The usual suspects are virtue signaling:

Monday, Sen. Cruz promised to introduce the Protect Kids and Parents Act this week.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul along with Rep. Goodlatte introduced a bill that would tackle some of the same issues and others, one McCaul says Trump is likely to sign his bill if it makes it to his desk.

Earlier this month, Senator Feinstein introduced the Keep Families Together Act, which suggests a veritable therapy training for CBP agents in order to identify child trauma and attachment issues and does little to address the root causes of the mass family immigration problem.

Everyone in this situation is exploiting these children for their own purposes. Many parents bring them, knowing that children ensure a speedy release from detention, and every politician involved is squeezing every last bit of political capital out of the situation.

It’s easy to play armchair pundit and lecture these parents about how they should’ve had their ducks in a row before voluntarily bringing their children into a nasty situation. For many, whatever they endure getting here is worth the risk and still a better option than staying. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re exempt from our laws.

If the problem has an easy fix (as it appears), we can’t (and shouldn’t) sit idly by as these children suffer because of their parent’s decisions. Not if it’s easily avoidable.

Really, it’s all gross.

Cruz’s suggestions are the best solution on the table at the moment. Hopefully, Congress will take seriously their lawmaking obligation to find a solution to this awful and growing problem.


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