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Rutgers Prof Who Went on Anti-White Rant Now Says it was a Joke

Rutgers Prof Who Went on Anti-White Rant Now Says it was a Joke

“should have seen the hate mail coming”

This is an update to a story we ran in an earlier post.

The College Fix reports:

Rutgers anti-white Caucasian prof says rant was ‘joke,’ doesn’t want to be white

Remember the embittered Rutgers professor who belittled white patrons’ kids on Facebook after a visit to a Harlem restaurant a couple weeks ago? Well, he isn’t backing down.

In fact, James Livingston is taking a page from a fellow radical professor’s playbook — that of “white genocide” George Ciccariello-Maher formerly of Drexel University. He claims his tirade was all a joke, and in the process whines about “alt-right” news outlets making a big deal out of it in the first place.

In a piece on Politics/Letters titled “Confessions of a Race Traitor,” Livingston says he “should have seen the hate mail coming,” but noted his correspondents “can’t seem to take a joke or slip the yoke.”

“Meanwhile,” he continues, “solemn stories about my Facebook rant, which I meant to be (and thought was) hilarious, have appeared in The New York Post, The Daily Wire, The Daily Caller, The Daily Mail (London), The Blaze, and, of course, Stormfront—the last is the neo-Nazi bastion of white supremacy.

“These are uniformly right-wing publications driven by conspiracy theory, which makes them bizarre, stupid, strident, and extreme.”

The history professor then proceeds to lecture everyone that he (and his rant) aren’t actually racist because he is white, and racism is all about, yes, power:

Put it this way. Black people can hate white people, but you can’t call them racists unless they have power over you, and not just over you but your people, those white people you call your own. Have black people ever been able to enslave you, degrade you, confine you, define you, as the consequence of your phenotype, as white people have done for centuries in oppressing, employing, excluding, and representing black folk?

If your answer is No, then, give up on calling me a racist. Be white if you like, just don’t project the image and the idea of oppression onto yourself as a function of your whiteness, because if you do, I can, with good reason, call you a sniveling, punkass moron.


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Typical lunatic leftist. Sure, it was a joke. lol

Yawn. Another moron.

Professor Livingston is the only one who thinks his rant was a joke. Even the restaurant failed to see the humor in it.

Cute that he ends his ‘explanation’ with yet another racist rant. The guy can’t seem to understand that it is possible to be offended without feeling oppressed. He has certainly drunk his fair share of the Leftist Kool-Aid.

Well … nice to see that he keeps up with Stormfront so the rest of us crackers don’t have to.

Black people can have power over whites. They can rob, rape, assault and kill us.

Because calling people’s children “little Caucasian a**holes” is so simply hilarious. Jokes, by definition, are supposed to be funny, fool.

The Infidel | June 11, 2018 at 7:05 pm

roseanne lost her job, he must lose his job as well.

Black people who hate White people are RACISTS, as much as the White people who hate Black people.
No more.
No less.