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Profs Think Evergreen’s Independent Report on Riots is Biased

Profs Think Evergreen’s Independent Report on Riots is Biased

“Somehow I must have missed the customary ‘April Fools!’ proclamation”

It sounds like some people at the school are in denial about what happened.

The Daily Caller reports:

Professors Claim Evergreen State’s ‘Independent’ 38-Page Report on Riots Were Anything but Unbiased

Professors and a former administrator at The Evergreen State College bashed an “independent” report on the school’s spring 2017 riots.

Evergreen President George Bridges nominated the report‘s three authors, who were then confirmed by the Washington school’s board of trustees, reported Campus Reform.

“Somehow I must have missed the customary ‘April Fools!’ proclamation that normally follows these types of hoaxes, fake stories, and practical jokes,” Evergreen veterinary medicine professor Mike Paros said, describing the report in an op-ed obtained by Campus Reform. “Faculty and staff are also embarrassed but remain silent out of fear of losing their jobs.”

Most of his students “don’t want to be shielded from ideas and content they find discomforting and challenging,” Paros noted and that “many feel humiliated by the vulgar behavior of fellow students and the administration’s cowardly reaction.”

Evergreen’s former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Zimmerman disputed the “independent” nature of the report, noting that Bridges selected the panel’s members and claiming that the president viewed a draft of the report before the release of the final version.

“The only thing that seems reasonable is that [Bridges] wanted to make sure it didn’t say anything he wasn’t happy with. He was paying for it, he wanted to make sure it said what he wanted it to say,” Zimmerman said.


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healthguyfsu | June 3, 2018 at 5:47 pm

They have an accredited vet school? I wouldn’t take my pet to a vet that got a degree from a place without objective grading standards.