An Iowahawk tweet is frequently posted at Instapundit, which notes that the press decides which stories to cover . . . with a pillow, until they stop moving.

As the dust settles from the 2018 primary season and we head into the general election phase, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few items being smothered by our media related to their treasured progressive narratives.

The first MSM script element to cover is that “Republicans hate Muslims.”  Negating that assumption made by the progressive press corps is the story of the very dashing and savvy Omar Qudrat, a former Pentagon prosecutor and the son of immigrants from Afghanistan, who is running for Congress in my district in California.

You would think that news of an attractive, successful Muslim with that pedigree would be a media sensation.  Yet, not.

The media silence is due to the fact that Quadrat is running as the Republican challenger. Fortunately, I did find some information in a local news outlet.

Halfway through his 2-minute “Why I’m a Republican” remarks, he addressed what he called the “elephant in the room.”

Qudrat, challenging Democratic Rep. Scott Peters in San Diego’s 52nd District, told fellow veterans: “I’m an American Muslim, and I’ve dedicated my life to destroying radical Islamic terrorism.”

He drew laughter after saying “It’s OK to say ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ … If anyone gives you any problem, tell them you have a friend named Omar who says that it’s OK.”

But after referring to the fight against ISIS as “black-and-white stuff,” the former Defense Department prosecutor began describing “gray wars.”

Qudrat said organizations that portray themselves as advocacy or human rights groups are “weaponizing our Constitution against itself.” And he took a shot at the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, which calls itself America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group.

The associated video shows that Quadrat is a compelling candidate.

And his chances of winning are not half bad. The incumbent Scott Peters only received 56% of the vote in the last election cycle, so it’s not like is the Maxine Waters district in which the incumbent takes over 70% regularly.

Another story that the elite media would usually slobber over is a mother-daughter team running for their state’s legislature, especially as the 19-year old would attract the millennial vote.

However, beyond local media, we can’t expect much coverage. The ladies are Republicans….and the press narrative is that Republicans hate women.

According to the elder Drye, the duo is trying to “remedy” the sparse number of Republican women in the legislature “by leading by example.”

“If you look at the demographics of the [State] House, it is substantially aged and it is substantially male and a good portion of the folks are retired. It’s nice to have a representation of the rest of the state at the State House making laws for us,” said Margaret Drye, who’s also running as a Republican.

Finally, the press is keen to report how much the Democratic Party helps African Americans and women. Apparently, that help does not extend to some districts in which Democrat African American women would like to run for elective office.

The [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] DCCC has not endorsed any of the Democrats running in Alabama House races, even the contested Second District.

Black women on the ballot in statewide races are not even getting support from the Alabama Democratic Conference, the state’s largest black political organization. The conference ended up endorsing the two white women who are opposing Williams and Winfrey.

“We were told that it’s because she wouldn’t win in a ‘majority-white state,’” Adela Duncan, Winfrey’s communications director, told Refinery.

Essentially the message is that it is OK for African American women to vote-out evil Republican candidates and then vote in hand-picked Democratic ones that meet the party’s marketing criteria!

It’s a good thing that, as of this writing, I am still in my pajamas, sipping on a cup of coffee covering the news. Bloggers are continuing to do the reporting that the American media just won’t do.


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