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Anti-Trump Activist Richard Painter’s First Ad is a Dumpster Fire – Literally

Anti-Trump Activist Richard Painter’s First Ad is a Dumpster Fire – Literally

“all this talk about dumpster fire, it’s just fake news”

If Richard Painter didn’t exist, and you tried to make him up, no one would believe it. He is a former George W. Bush ethics lawyer who has switched to the Democratic party and is running for U.S. Senate in Minnesota.

His first campaign ad is a real dumpster fire. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s a real dumpster fire.

Jacqueline Thomsen writes at The Hill:

Richard Painter puts out ‘dumpster fire’ in first campaign ad

Minnesota Senate candidate Richard Painter (D) released his first campaign ad this week, likening Washington to a “dumpster fire.”

Painter, who previously served as White House ethics lawyer under former President George W. Bush and switched political parties for the Senate bid, is first shown in the ad standing in front of a dumpster fire.

“Some people see a dumpster fire and do nothing but watch the spectacle,” Painter says. “Some are too scared to face the danger, or they think it will benefit them if they let it keep on burning.”

“Some of them shrug and say, ‘Oh, all this talk about dumpster fire, it’s just fake news,’” he continues.

“There is an inferno raging in Washington. But here in the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes,’ we know how to put out a fire,” Painter says, as water behind him extinguishes the flames.

Watch the ad below:

If you’ve ever seen this guy interviewed on TV, you may have wondered if he was real or a character being played by an actor. He’s also a rabid never-Trumper. Note the language here:

Almost a year ago, Professor Jacobson observed the following about Painter:

Stop taking Richard Painter seriously given history of outlandish statements and treason accusations

Richard Painter is the Vice Chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a left-wing activist group.

In December 2016, Painter replaced in the position of Vice Chair … wait for it … David Brock. Yes, that David Brock, the consummate Democratic oppo-research attack dog, leader of Media Matters, and now American Bridge. That David Brock was Vice Chair of CREW tells you everything you need to know about the group.

But you will almost never hear this part of Painter’s resume when he appears on TV, which he does quite often. You might hear that he’s a professor at U. Minnesota Law School. But most of all, you will hear that he is a former George W. Bush administration Chief Ethics Lawyer (2005-2007).

But in the age of Trump, his entree to TV commentary has been relentless Trump bashing — there is nothing the media loves more than someone who served in an Republican administration but now attacks Trump.

And Painter’s main TV role is to attack Trump in outlandish terms. I never heard of Painter — and I bet you never did either — until he started fulfilling the TV role of attacking Trump.

Painter is competing in the Democratic primary against Tina Smith, who was appointed to replace former Senator Al Franken.

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An ethics lawyer turned Democrat? He is now joined to a party that has trafficked in brown skinned people for 200 years. Instead of Africans, it is now Hispanics.

His “switch” to the Democrats brings up a lot of questions about how ethical he is, but being with Bush it is no surprise that he would be a NWO type, which seems to be the platform of the Democrats.

There sure is a dumpster fire in DC, starting with the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, and the rest of the swamp performing an attempt at a coup. I think his being elected would be like pouring gas on the fire. Ethics be damned, as lawyers frequently engage in looking at legal issues that can be resolved through laws and rulings that have nothing to do with ethics.

This whole mess with the children is part of the invasion tactics being used. Hide behind children so the left can proclaim the “higher” ground, even though they really don’t give one iota for children as evidenced with their ultra-pro abortion stances. The children are being used, unethically, by parents and even by others who are not related to them, as a distraction for the adults to gain admittance into the country. The left only care that they can fire up emotion, which is all they seem to have going for them as an agenda to get power.

This children at the border stuff is Cloward Piven/ Alinski type work being done. It is by design, given the number of 250 a day being abused by the illegals, in order to overwhelm the system.

The massive immigration around the world will lead to every sovereign nation being culturally changed, and there will be no coming back. But Democrats need the illegal voters to boost their chances at the polls, so nation be damned, and ethics mean nothing if it gives the left power.

    AmandaFitz in reply to oldgoat36. | June 19, 2018 at 9:45 am

    We need a geography lesson for the American public- how many countries does an “asylum” seeker have to cross through before they get to the U.S. border????

    casualobserver in reply to oldgoat36. | June 19, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    This children at the border stuff is Cloward Piven/ Alinski type work being done.

    But the Dems and the media (redundant) have figured out this is the GOLDMINE of issues to try and win this year’s elections. They have mastered the art of getting emotion based votes and not policy based votes.

    I wouldn’t bet anything that they will lose this battle. Only because everything I thought would happen is happening. 24/7 screeching coverage. Endless examples of crying children. Steady repetition of every critical comment from anyone connected to the GOP or any Christian religion. It is clear this is all out war over this ONE feeling.

      oldgoat36 in reply to casualobserver. | June 19, 2018 at 2:40 pm

      The non-stop rage is amazing to see, at some point even they will burn out from it, but I think those in the middle, the swing voters and soft Republican voters have been watching the insanity, and at some point it turns people away.

      Passions can only burn so bright for so long before they sputter and die out. I hope the mid-term elections will help their heads to explode, meaning the leftist goal of taking over either the Senate or the House or both, well, it turned out to be a pipe dream. I’m sure the media will then talk about how the American people had a temper tantrum, like when the Republicans took over under Newt. I forget which talking head said it, but it was a classic.

        casualobserver in reply to oldgoat36. | June 19, 2018 at 2:45 pm

        I’m terrible at politics because is so bores me. But it’s my impression that the outrage is winning at the moment, not so much because of the message although it is a heart-string-tugging message. It’s because the barrage of negative coverage is unavoidable.

        The only thing I think that works in favor of the adminstration is the way a lot of the media and opponents like General Hayden have gone so far afield. The shrieking at Trump and Sarah Sanders and the idiotic Nazi stuff are examples of things that flip the emotion a little.

        If new legislation comes out of it soon, then come November the Dems will not be able to leverage it. All the more reason to be skeptical they will allow any to pass.

Politicians like Richard Painter are EXACTLY why I am fed up with ALL of the Bush family. Their posturing and self-righteousness has worn thin and belies what the family is really all about.

    Arminius in reply to AmandaFitz. | June 19, 2018 at 2:01 pm

    I got fed up with the Bush family when 41 told everyone to read his lips, “No new taxes.” I grew infuriated with the Bush family when 43 visited a mosque a couple of days after 9/11 to declare Islam a religion of peace. In fact, he lectured us, Islam means peace.

    I wanted to puke. I wanted to slap that smug look off his face. “What Quran have you been reading, buddy?” You see, I had been studying Islam for about 20 years at that point. I started taking elective courses in Islamic studies in college because I was doing an honors Poli Sci thesis on the Soviet “southern tier” of ‘stan SSRs. And I discovered that as I took poli sci courses that focused not only on those soviet Republics but also the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia I could turn in the same term paper for those courses and the Islamic studies courses. Which really freed up a lot of time for partying (UCSB, or University of Californian Surfing Branch was then one of the all time great party schools and may still be for all I know).

    The Islamic studies courses were an eye opener. The instructor was interesting and a very nice man. One day he informed me I accumulated enough credits to double major in both poli sci and religious studies, and at the time I though it would be hard enough to get through life with just the poli sci degree. People would see the religious studies major and think I was a Bible thumper, so I turned him down (without explanation). Now I’m kicking myself because when I start dismantling Islam at least I’d have a credential to go with it.

    What really made the courses interesting were the other students. They were all Muslim arabs. They took the Islamic studies courses for the same reason Hispanic students take Spanish classes; they figure it’s going to be an easy A. It wasn’t; I discovered they knew next to nothing about Islam. Particularly about what was in the Quran. What was also fascinating was the casual racism and arab supremacism inherent to Islamic culture. One day we were discussing the meaning of the word “abd.” Plural “abeed.” It means slave, and is often used as a prefix to names such as Abdullah or Abdallah which means “slave of Allah.” And one guy blurts out that abd means black man. The instructor tries to shut him down by saying, “Yes, but we don’t say that here.” Because he knew perfectly well that in Islamic culture abd when not used as a prefix is the equivalent of the N word. And Muslims use it that way all the time.

    I wasn’t surprised by the Arab surpremacism. Allah only accepts prayers in Arabic and there are several passages in the Quran that command Muslims to obey “the prophet” as they would Allah himself, that they have no faith (i.e. commit apostasy) if they have even the slightest internal reservation when it comes to accepting the prophet’s decisions, and that their prophet is the perfect man and they must therefore model themselves on him. Which means not just morally, but if he grew his beard a certain length, they have to grow beards that length, if he ate a certain way or went to the bathroom a certain way, they have to imitate that. All Muslims are commanded to be seventh century Arabs.

    I was surprised by the racism. Until I started studying Islam I had bought into the same myth that so many black Americans buy into; that Christianity is the religion of the slave master. Which is why so many convert to Islam. In fact, as I studied Islam and learned more, the Islamic slave trade in Africa lasted 1000 years longer than the Atlantic slave trade and only officially ended under outside pressure. There was never an abolition movement in Islam because, how could there be? Allah declares that slavery, particularly sex slavery, one of the good things in life that Allah has ordained for his believers. In fact, when one of Muhammad’s wives, Housa, discovers him having sex with the slave Miriam the Copt in her bed, Muhammad is so afraid of getting in trouble with his wives and especially his favorite wife the child-bride Aisha that he vows never to have sex with his slave girls again. Which prompts an angry rebuke from Allah who demands to know who told him to disavow something that Allah has made “good” for him. Allah then breaks Muhammad’s oath and declares that if Muhammad’s wives have a problem with him having sex with his sex slaves Allah will divorce them from him and give Muhammad a set of new and better wives.

    So the slave trade was primarily about sex. Which is why there were three female slaves taken from Africa for every male, and the males were generally young boys (older men were normally slaughtered during the slave raids although if the Muslims had specific uses such as farm labor they’d take them) who were castrated for use as court/household eunuchs.

    I say officially because in reality the Islamic slave trade continues to this day.

    After I graduated I continued to study Islam as a Naval intel officer. When I joined in the late 80s there were two countries that reliably occupied my time. Iran and North Korea. Other problems would appear on my radar now and again but those were the perennials. I found my study of Islam indispensable to understanding Iran. It was a bit of a problem in that there is very little in English specific to the study of Shia Islam, but in reality the doctrinal or theological differences between Sunni and Shia Islam are minor as the split is almost entirely political. They still use the same Quran and they still have the same prophet, which are the two fundamental sources to understanding the ideology.

    So I wake up on the morning of 9/11 and after studying Islam for nearly 20 years I wasn’t really surprised. The scale surprised me, and how they did it surprised me. But THAT they did it didn’t surprise me at all. What really surprised me is six days later Bush is giving a speech about how “Islam is peace” and the terror attacks had nothing to do with Islam.

    WTFO!! Islam doesn’t mean peace. Salaam means peace. Islam means submission. They share the same three letter consonental root, SLM, but the words are only distantly related as anyone with the slightest knowledge of how Arabic works knows and are most definitely not interchangeable. And the attacks had everything to do with Islam, just as the first WTC, Khobar Towers, East Africa embassies, and USS Cole attacks had everything to do with Islam.

    So after noting the fool’s mindset, I wasn’t surprised later to find out that Bush invited al Qaeda-linked imams to the White House. One actually dined at the Pentagon, so quickly was Bush tripping over his own feet to demonstrate his good will toward Islam. The ideology that inspired the 9/11 attacks. I distinctly recall how a couple of FBI agents went to interview a Washington-area Imam as a suspect who may have had known some the the hijackers. They were stunned when his wife told them he wasn’t home; he was at the White House meeting with Bush.

    Bush had some qualities I liked, but after that mosque visit he was basically dead to me. So many times the Democrats would threaten to impeach him and on general principles I was opposed because it’s just wrong to impeach someone for policy differences. But about forty percent of the time I was thinking, “OK, go ahead, let nature take its course. I can’t defend this idiot.”

    By the time Jeb Bush appeared on stage with Hillary Clinton to present her with the Liberty Medal on behalf of the National Constitution Center, two almost unbelievable stabs at satire, on the eve of the first anniversary of the Benghazi debacle no less, I was entirely jaded. What else would a Bush do, I recall thinking.

    Yeah, I’m sick and tired of the Bush family. And the Clinton crime family. Really, the whole inside the Beltway business. I keep thinking about that asteroid that blew up over Botswana. Why couldn’t if have been just a little bit bigger so it could strike the ground? And why did it have to aim for Botswana?

I never vote Democrat! But then, this guy comes along and teaches me I can put out fire by dumping water on it. Who knew? I’d totes vote for this guy. He’s so smart!

The ad didn’t show him urinating on the fire? He needs a new ad agency—the softballs fly right past these guys.

Ho hum. Just another political hack whose “campaign” is long at theatrics and short on substance. He might as well have “Vote For Me and Turn back the Clock to Mediocrity” as a campaign slogan. The idiots in Minnesota will probable elect him, though.

Oldgoat’s comment is depressingly accurate. Before Trump came along I never used the terms “fake news” or “swamp.” I just talked about propagandists, pravda, and inside-the-beltway. As in the WaPo wasn’t fake news; it was just Pravda-on-the-Potomac. And the White House press corps is assigned individual ID badges that identify them by News org. So they’ll have badges that identify them them as belonging to CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. For years I insisted they should replace all that BS and simply issuing them badges that identify them as DNC. That would be truth in advertising as they’re all DNC propagandists.

But if fake news and swamp are the analogies of the day, so be it. Fake news is literally in bed with the swamp.

“Goodwin on NYT Reporter Sleeping With Alleged Leaker: ‘Complete Collapse of Standards in Media’

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin reacted to news that a New York Times journalist reporting on leaks in the Senate Intel Committee was sleeping with her likely source for her stories.

Ex-staffer James Wolfe is accused of leaking classified information to Ali Watkins who then was interning for a District of Columbia news organization, according to Martha MacCallum.

Wolfe, 57, was tasked with protecting classified information in his main role, however he has recently been accused of leaking such information to Watkins…”

Reporter. Interesting. That’s one of the new euphemisms for prostitute. Others include special counsel, FBI director, Deputy Attorney General, and Attorney General. Euphemisms for the johns include Senator, Representative.

Eric Holder, for instance, never should have been confirmed simply based on known facts. I knew he was lying through his teeth during his confirmation hearings for AG. Andrew McCarthy does a better job of explaining it than I can here.

“‘Mr. Rich’s name was unfamiliar to me,’ Holder told the Senate Judiciary Committee, under oath, on February 14, 2001. Despite this purported dearth of knowledge, Holder readily acceded to the request that he ‘facilitate a meeting’ at which Quinn could try to persuade ‘the U.S. Attorney’s office to drop the charges.’ What’s more, Holder told the Senate, he had ‘gained only a passing familiarity with the underlying facts of the Rich case’ when, months afterward, he began providing invaluable assistance to Quinn’s pursuit of Rich’s pardon.

Holder’s testimony was rambling and often incredible. But he was consistent on the subject of his own ignorance. Indeed, a House investigation concluded that Holder’s “sum total of knowledge about Rich came from a page of talking points provided to him by Jack Quinn in 2000”–talking points that failed to address important aspects of Rich’s background and conduct.

But Holder’s protestations of ignorance do not stand scrutiny. When Quinn first came to him in 1999, he knew exactly who Marc Rich was. For back in 1995, when Holder was the Clinton-appointed U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, he had sued a company precisely because it was substantially controlled by Rich–a fact the company concealed in order to obtain lucrative government contracts.


To be clear, years before the pardon scandal convinced him it was in his interest to make like he barely knew Rich’s name, Holder had bragged to the media about how his office was cracking down on Rich, an international fugitive who had duped the government out of loads of cash. Contrary to his congressional testimony that he’d never heard of Rich before 1999, Holder had unquestionably been aware of Rich’s name and history four years earlier; in fact, it was solely because of Rich that Holder extracted a $1.2 million settlement in a federal civil action.

…The civil complaint filed by Holder’s office exudes familiarity with Rich. It recounts that the financier and his partners operated Switzerland-based commodity trading concerns, led by Marc Rich & Company AG (MRAG). MRAG did business in New York City through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Marc Rich & Company International (MRI). Eventually, the name of MRI was changed to Clarendon Ltd. In 1981, the complaint adds, the Justice Department began investigating MRAG and Clarendon, among other Rich companies, for tax evasion. Finally, in June 1983, Rich and his partner Pincus Green left the U.S. for Switzerland because they were “facing indictment.” Thus, the complaint states, Rich and Green were “considered fugitives by the United States government.”

…As a matter of fact, Holder was apparently aware not only of the charges against Rich but also the fugitive’s brazen obstruction of justice, a detail that has gotten little recent attention…”

Why was this only in National Review? It should have been in every paper. Apparently all the “reporters” were too busy doing the reverse cowgirl on top of their “sources” to write anything. But that’s not the important point.

The important point is this. The swamp rats came out in full force to endorse Holder. And during the occasional toilet break the “reporters” managed to dash off a report to note that his support was “bipartisan.” Yes, some of the swamp rats have a D after their names, others an R. It is of course meaningless as they all sleep in the same nest.

It was laugh out loud funny when Congress later declared Holder in contempt. They knew damn well what they were getting when they confirmed him. Then all of a sudden they’re surprised he’s shafting them? Give me a break.

Why did they confirm Hillary as SecState? Or perhaps the better question, John Kerry?

“… ‘I commend his nomination to you without reservation,’ Republican Senator John McCain told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time. Personally introducing his old friend and colleague at the start of his confirmation hearing, McCain raved about Kerry’s ‘exemplary statesmanship’ and ‘indefatigable persistence.’

Lately, McCain has sounded less like a friend than a foe. In recent months he has branded Kerry a ‘human wrecking ball,’ urged him to ‘recognize reality,’ called him ‘delusional’ and said he has ‘accomplished nothing except mileage as secretary of state.’ Last month, for good measure, he suggested that he considers Iran’s Supreme Leader a more believable source on the nuclear talks than Kerry…”

I’m sorry, but can someone explain to me who exactly in this equation is delusional? Didn’t McCain work with the Clown Prince of Damascus for going on 30 years before recommending him for confirmation as Obama’s second SecState (note that every single criticism he had of Kerry applied to Hillary “We came, we saw, he died, mother of the Libyan refugee ‘crisis'” Clinton, which makes McCain 0 for 3640000000000000). Then after getting him confirmed, all of a sudden McCain realizes that Kerry can’t recognize reality? I could spot that the medal-hurler couldn’t recognize reality from 2000 miles away. I believe the swamp invented a new term for reality biting someone on the @$$ in Kerry’s honor. Swift boating.

I’ve written before about what a disgrace McCain has been in Congress. He became a member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense less than a year before I joined the Navy. And Navy procurement system has been a train wreck. And for maximum comedic effect the kept blaming the few good people trying to put out the fires that arsonist McCain kept lighting. And then he’d vomit gasoline on those fires by promoting the “human wrecking balls” he’d put in charge of all the programs that were plagued by cost overruns, missed deadlines, and requirements creep. He keeps demanding to know who is at fault. The man apparently does not own a mirror.

Jason Chaffetz seems like a decent lad which probably explains why he left the brothel. Unfortunately, the brothel never leaves us. But for a month before the expected Hillary Clinton email decision was released by the FBI, Chaffetz kept appearing on news shows declaring that he didn’t trust Lynch but did trust Comey. And nice guy or not I wanted to slap him; “Chaffetz, you idiot, don’t you know how any of this works? You just told Obama to send out to lie to you.” Sure enough…

And the IG report shows they’re still lying. And I suspected as much at the time. I’ve been peripherally involved in similar investigations (no, never as as suspect) and they always grow to include additional charges. But the Clinton investigation never grew, which led me to suspect that was the reason Comey was micromanaging it. Even if you accepted Comey’s BS explanation for why Clinton wasn’t guilty of violating the Espionage Act, she clearly was guilty of violating the Federal Records Act and then of obstruction of justice. Yet the FBI refused to look into any of it. As a matter of fact at least one FBI wThistleblower has come forward to complain that the FBI brass refused to allow their investigators look into that easily-proven crime of violating the FRA. Just based upon known facts, facts that both Clinton and the FBI, there is simply no possible way that Clinton could have illegally stored tens of thousands of work-related emails on her home brew server and none of those emails constituted an official record.

Actually, by their own description of the emails we know the do. Sydney Blumenthal would send her information that Clinton would sometimes print off and pass around for review and comment. There you go. By statute, even a draft working copy of something, when distributed for comment and review by anyone other than the creator of the document, is an official federal record and must be archived.

Even until the end Chaffetz still believed the chorus of swamp rats singing other swamp rat’s praises. He just couldn’t say enough good things about Mueller when DAG Rosenstein nominated him as special counsel. Because of course Chaffetz had heard such good things about Mueller from sources he trusted. The same sources that had burned him countless times before. But in Mormon Utah style he kept trusting them (a couple of our pilots were on leave in Park City when Desert Storm One broke out and their leave was cancelled, and as they were checking out of their hotel with their families the clerks offered to watch their cars for them if they wanted to save time and fly back to Sandy Eggo and they were SINCERE; kinda creepy in a “children of the corn” sort of way, but sincere). I think the nature of the beast he was dealing with finally dawned on him, and it crushed him like a little kid learning on the same day that there is no Santa and no Easter Bunny and no Tooth Fairy, so he quit.

When the swamp rats whether D or R or I get together and start singing hosannas about someone being a “straight arrow,” “nonpartisan,” with an “unquestionable character” and “unimpeachable integrity” you know what that means in D.C. speak, right? You’re getting a five dollar prostitute willing to turn tricks in a garbage dumpster behind a Georgetown liquor store. Except without the meth addiction, which at least gives the actual prostitute an excuse. Prostitutes like Holder, Comey, and Mueller have no excuse. But then neither do their johns like McCain who keep jumping into the dumpster with them.

I’d like to thank candidate Richard Painter for that inspired ad that allowed me to firmly establish the Washington prostitute-dumpster nexus.

And there is no fix for it. None. We have the 1982 Yugo of governments. Because no matter how much you tweak it, it’s still a Yugo and will get you killed. The only solution is to take power away from it and make it as irrelevant as possible. So I endorse Mark Levin’s Article Five Convention of the States. Even with that the feds will still be able to screw up a lot of people’s lives, such as mine if you’re ever stupid enough to join the Navy. But we can at least make sure they only get the keys to the Yugo and fifth of Tequila on Friday and Saturday as opposed to every day like now.

    oldgoat36 in reply to Arminius. | June 19, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    I think the media has changed drastically since Obama came on the scene. While the media has always been left leaning for as long as I can remember, they weren’t covering up stories like they started doing under Obama. They would add the spin, but it wasn’t as overt as it has become since Duh One.

    Now it is trying desperately to hold on to the Obama legacy, which they see is crashing with Trump in charge. I think they also see there were criminal acts done, yet because of their politics, they cannot allow that to come out. The worship of Obama from the media was the true cult, they cannot see him other than as a god, hence the “most scandal free” tag, while they ignore the huge issues he was involved with, and got away with because the acolyte press couldn’t bring themselves to see his actions for what they were.

    Now, we have news given in a way to purposely change the truth into propaganda, and it is falls right in line with the DNC talking points to such a degree that it is statistically improbable that it isn’t coordinated. It has been that way since Obama. Sure, Clinton had some of that appeal. And Bush was bashed regularly, along with the made up reports “that would have been true if they weren’t made up” type. Bush got that treatment because he defeated the Goracle, and the media knew it was a defeat, yet they put out articles that talked of Bush stealing the election. That point let the mask drop some.

    Since Obama, they felt righteous about letting it drop all the way. And along came Trump exposing the lies, exposing the agendas of the media, and now it is fake news. DC has always been a swamp. Literally, it was built on swamp lands, and the creatures who call themselves politicians trend toward corruption because of the money to be had there. They all become very wealthy being there. And it twists them.

    This helped give birth to alt-news, because the media wasn’t even really trying to do their job, it was all spin, all the time. This is the birthing of fake news. It is purposely misreporting on things to make Trump and those who voted for him look bad. And it isn’t working anymore. So they double down on it. Sure, some true things get reported, but it is buried when it can be, suppressed when it can be, made up when it has to be.

      Arminius in reply to oldgoat36. | June 20, 2018 at 4:25 pm

      Actually, I think they really dropped the mask during the Clinton years. Family separations. At gun point? No problem.

      During the Monica Lewinskey debacle whenever one of Billy Jeff’s easily debunked lies was debunked, the WH press corps would ask for a new explanation. And so, like with his wife’s story about her server, his story kept changing. And the press would dutifully believe the next version of the story until that when fell through. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      I would watch these press conferences, and I’m thinking, “The press keeps asking the same question. ‘The last lie fell through, can you give us a better lie that will hold up longer?'” Billy Jeff never could.

      Now, some of you may not recall that in any great detail and think it was no big deal. It was a big deal. When the President commits perjury, suborns perjury, and violates the very Violence Against Women Act (which allows a person suing a current or former boss to question that individual under oath about their sexual history in the workplace, which is EXACTLY what Billy Jeff had to lie about) that he lobbied for and signed into law, that’s a big deal.

      But recall the press’ attitude. They started fawning over the “co-Presidents” before Billy Jeff was even inaugurated. And Nina Burleigh (then at NPR I believe) actually said publicly that she would put on kneepads and give Billy Jeff oral sex to thank him for keeping abortion legal.

      There was so much else. Renting out the Lincoln bedroom for campaign cash, taking campaign cash from the Chinese government through bagmen, selling advanced military/naval technology through companies, shaking down companies, shaking down campaign donors by the Vice President FROM HIS OFFICIAL OFFICIAL. The Clinton presidency was 8 years of sleaze from the moment they entered the White House and fired the travel office staff and maliciously prosecuted them on trumped up charges to make it look like they were justified in canning them and giving the business to friends to the moment they left after stealing the silverware and ripping the “W”s of every keyboard they could find.

      “What Does China Want? How U.S. Technology Turned Beijing Into a Global Military Power

      Newsweek published this story under the headline “Beijing’s Secret Wish List” on April 31, 1997. In light of recent news involving China’s growing military power, Newsweek is republishing the story.”

      Note the original date of publication. Even this article whitewashes the Clinton administration’s level of betrayal.

The guy’s a lunatic. Plain and simple. His CREW gig has no basis in law that I know of; all the alleged principles he fights for seem to be made up.

casualobserver | June 19, 2018 at 1:20 pm

I’ve only recently become aware of Painter and I’ve hence seen 2 full interviews. He strikes me as pretty slow witted and not original in any thought or idea. At least some of the other attempts at poison pill candidate like Evan McMullin were really nutty but not so apparently unintelligent.

selfhelpforbastards | June 19, 2018 at 3:09 pm

Does he have a condition? Not trying to be mean but something seems ‘off’ and I can’t quite articulate what that might be.