Last week, Trump referred to MS-13 gang members as “animals.” The media quickly mischaracterized his remarks and reported Trump was referring to all immigrants.

But, because this is a garbage time to be alive, rather than concede they may have jumped to a racist conclusion concerning Trump’s remarks, Democrats doubled down, some even defending MS-13.


Tuesday, the left-wing Women’s March joined the pile on, sending an email defending MS-13 gang members.

“The president has been dehumanizing Latinx people like me since he began his campaign for the White House. And now the White House itself is doubling down,” they write. “When Trump warns of MS-13 “animals,” he isn’t just talking about members of the gang. He’s talking about all Latinx immigrants,” they continued.

But there’s just one tiny little problem here — Trump was not talking about all Latin immigrants, he was talking about MS-13 gang members.


He’s painting our entire community with a broad and racist brush in order to justify his xenophobic policies. Central American immigrants ages 14-25 are often automatically labeled gang members so they can be deported quickly, without question. Many of these young people come to the United States precisely to escape gang violence. But according to the White House, they are all “animals” too.

Women’s March doesn’t believe any person—no matter their crimes—should be dehumanized this way. It is true that some members of MS-13 have done terrible things. But the president is using those crimes to appeal to social fears of Black and Brown gang members and rapists in order to justify his racist policies.

So, we should not be concerned about gang members and rapists who stab, decapitate, and rip out their victim’s hearts?

And can you really call yourself a women’s organization when you are in the most literal sense, defending rapists? I think not. Protecting women from violence against their bodies is part of their mission statement, for crying out loud.

“Women deserve to live full and healthy lives, free of all forms of violence against our bodies.”

Repeatedly, the Women’s March proves they support every cause except protecting and furthering rights of women. But none of this means the Women’s March will forgo exploiting ignorance for fundraising and media opportunities.


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