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MS-13 Members Stabbed Maryland Man, Decapitated Him, Tore Out Heart

MS-13 Members Stabbed Maryland Man, Decapitated Him, Tore Out Heart

Authorities have arrested one suspect in connection to the murder.

Remember during the Virginia governor race the left feigned anger over Republican candidate Ed Gillespie’s ads on the problems the violent gang MS-13 poses?

Someone show the left the latest report to come out of Virginia’s neighbor Maryland. Police said members of MS-13 stabbed a man 100 times, decapitated him, tore out his heart, and buried him in a shallow grave..with his heart on top of him.

Authorities in North Carolina arrested alleged attacker Miguel “Timido” Angel Lopez-Abrego, 19. The court documents that the gang members planned the attack for two weeks. They lured the victim “into a park in Wheaton, Md.” The gang members then allegedly stabbed the man over 100 times, decapitated, and dismembered. The medical examiner determined his “death a homicide from ‘sharp force injuries.'”

The victim is a Hispanic man, 5’2″ and 126lbs. They said he had a “missing bottom tooth near the front of tooth” that “would have been obvious when he was speaking or smiling.” They believe the gang killed him in early spring.

An informant told detectives about the killing in September. This informant told them “about a specific site to search in Wheaton Regional Park, where they found the grave and remains.” They still have not identified the man.

From The Washington Post:

On the day of the killing, one gang member allegedly “waited near the edge of the wood line with a handheld, walkie-talkie radio to alert” other suspects when the victim arrived, according to court records.

Police wrote in court records that they think Lopez-Abrego was the first attacker to stab the victim in the chest with a 15-inch knife.

The charging documents do not cite a motive for the killing.

In late September, patrol officers for Montgomery County stopped a vehicle in which Lopez-Abrego was the passenger, police officials said. At the time, Lopez-Abrego was interviewed by detectives and he denied he was involved in the death of the man at the park, the court records state.

They could not find Lopez-Abrego again after that interview. The charging records did not show how they found him in North Carolina:

Lopez-Abrego did not speak during the court appearance. Officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a statement saying “Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, a citizen and national of El Salvador, is illegally in the U.S. and currently in immigration proceedings. On Nov. 4, ICE lodged a detainer on Mr. Lopez-Abrego with the Avery County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina after his arrest by local authorities.”


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Hey – it’s all just an “act of love,” right?

I just want to point out two things:

1: Thank goodness this happened in Maryland, where the lowly civilians have a hard time buying defensive firearms. Someone could have gotten hurt!

2: RE: “Remember during the Virginia governor race the left feigned anger over Republican candidate Ed Gillespie’s ads on the problems the violent gang MS-13 poses?”

Arrested in North Carolina, for a brutal murder committed in Maryland. Which state is sandwiched right between them again?

19? Must be a Dreamer.

DINORightMarie | November 22, 2017 at 5:12 pm

I grew up in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area. This is horrifying to me. I went riding at the public stables in Wheaton Regional Park, as well participated in other public activities they offer, including the park’s large play area, which is still there today.

Virginia, this is happening to us, at some level, if not to this horrific degree. What will Northam and his cronies do if this happens in Richmond, in Alexandria, in Roanoke, in Orange, in Winchester?!?! NOTHING.

Thanks for condemning us to more like this, voters who did NOT show up or vote for Gillespie. Thanks to those who bought into the LIE that it is somehow racist to protect communities and individuals from violent gangs. Thanks to those who allowed illegal voting (felons, etc.) to prop up the Democrats. Thanks for putting McAuliffe in for 4 years and giving the Democrats their dream – turning Virginia BLUE.

    Illegal voting? There was nothing illegal about it. The governor restored their voting rights as he had every right to do. That we don’t like it doesn’t make it illegal.

      Edward in reply to Milhouse. | November 23, 2017 at 9:21 am

      You are correct, the second time he restored the felon’s right it was legal.

      For those who are not knowledgeable, he tried a blanket order restoring the voting rights to over 200,000 previously convicted felons. The Republican legislators took that to court and the state Supreme Court ruled that the Governor had the power, but only on an individual basis. So he set forth to issue individual orders and use an autopen to do so for all 200,000 plus. I don’t know how many of those individual orders he managed to accomplish before the election, he thought it would take about two weeks kto get all 200,000 order done (I guess it might require a lot of work by the staff to get the individual documents ready for the autopen, but then again if there is a computer file…).

      This shows just how much the Democrats wish to make sure felons can vote, knowing their votes will be very disproportionately for Democrats. Why do I think he wasn’t/won’t be for restoring Second Amendment rights?

I’m dubious about the victim being non-gang affiliated.

Then again, they could be aspiring landscapers for Rand Paul’s neighbor.

If obama had a Mexican son, he’d be Lopez-Abrego.

C’mon guys. Cut Miguel some slack. He’s just here doing the work Americans don’t want to do.

I bet this guy somehow voted in the last election – and he didn’t vote for Trump.

“..tore out his heart..”
So is Miguel “Timido” Angel Lopez-Abrego being genetically tested for Aztec heritage? If he isn’t will this be an appropriate test to identify accomplices?

This story is odd. Who on earth would agree to meet with MS-13 gang members for ANY reason? Obviously no one deserves to be murdered, particularly like this, but it sounds like a gang-related killing to me. Was the victim a member of or related to a member of MS-13? What do the gang squads know about the message this particular manner of death is intended to send?

I’d like to pass along an idea I read elsewhere that says all Trump needs to do is ask his supporters to send in a $10 or $20 donation to build the wall.

He’d have the money he needs to build the wall within a few weeks without having to go through Congress.

    Milhouse in reply to Ghostrider. | November 23, 2017 at 1:35 am

    He can’t spend money that Congress has not appropriated.

      tom_swift in reply to Milhouse. | November 24, 2017 at 12:08 am

      He can’t spend government money. He can spend whatever other money he wants. He didn’t need an act of Congress to (not) send Christie out to pick up his McDonald’s order unless Congress was paying for it.

Didn’t Maryland recent declare their state a Sanctuary City ?? Hope the Citizens of Maryland who still have a NON lunatic liberal mind are paying attention. Their State is becoming another ShitHole for Terrorists, Murderers and Rapists ,,,, thank you OBozo and DemoCRAPS !!

Why do they reside in America still?? Any criminal association must require immediate deportation.