I guess since everyone has decided to distance themselves from her, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has run out of cares to give.

At a Shared Values Leadership Summit, Hillary actually said that identifying herself as a capitalist hurt her in the primary because so many Democrats are socialists.

From The Daily Beast:

“Probably,” she said when asked by Time Inc. Brands CCO Alan Murray if the declaration hurt her. The pair appeared in conversation as part of the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City.

“It’s hard to know but I mean if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and I’m asked ‘Are you a capitalist?’ and I say, ‘Yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability.’ You know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a capitalist!’” Clinton concluded, partly referring to the popularity of her primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who ran as a self-declared democratic socialist.

Here’s a reminder from the first Democratic debate in 2015 at Fox News where Sanders said he is not a capitalist:

“Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little?” he asked. “By which Wall Street greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? No I don’t.”

Clinton, meanwhile, offered a defense of capitalism, saying: “When I think about capitalism, I think about all the businesses that were started because we have the opportunity and the freedom to do that and to make a good living for themselves and their families … We would be making a grave mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in the history.”

Well, I mean, I sort of agree with Hillary on the socialism-Democrat description. You may not identify as a socialist, but if you supported Sanders, WHO IS A SELF-DESCRIBED SOCIALIST, then yeah…you might be a socialist. But then again, there are some who supported Sanders because they hate Hillary and sick of the Clintons.

I also find it funny that she thinks of herself as a capitalist since she desires so much government regulation. The words FREE MARKETS and LAISSEZ-FAIRE probably make her cringe.


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