A similar thing has been happening at Brown University. Is this part of a new trend?

The College Fix reports:

Harvard students condemn liberal echo chamber; want more conservative scholars, intellectual challenges

Student leaders of the Harvard Crimson campus newspaper have come to an important conclusion: “it is impossible to make every member of the Harvard community feel completely welcome all of the time.”

They point that groundbreaking realization out in a new staff editorial that calls out the Ivy League institution for its lack of political diversity, dearth of conservative scholars, and few challenges to students’ worldviews.

They argue those are problems campus leaders must address.

The student editors cite their recent poll which found only 1.5 percent of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences identify as conservative or very conservative, compared to 83.2 percent who identify as liberal or very liberal, then essentially call on campus leaders to hire more right-of-center professors.

“These statistics do not reflect America: 35 percent of Americans identify as conservative, 23 times the fraction of the faculty survey’s respondents, and 26 percent identify as liberal. This stark divide has harmful effects on the University’s ability to train our nation’s leaders, and it risks alienating current and potential conservative students,” the Crimson argues. “It has also likely contributed to the declining trust of Americans in higher education, which has deleterious effects.”

“Much more work is needed to make this important element of diversity a priority. We believe the University must emphasize hiring professors with diverse beliefs and backgrounds who can challenge prevailing campus ideas through tough ideological conversations.”