Kudos to Brown for making an effort here. Will the students allow these people to speak without protests?

The College Fix reports:

New campus SPEAK program brings right-of-center speakers to Brown University

The head of Brown University’s College Republicans offered enthusiastic support of a new campus initiative designed to bring more conservative speakers to campus, stating that the initiative has already succeeded in diversifying the speaking roster at the largely liberal university.

College Republicans Chair Ethan Shire told The College Fix in an email that his organization is “extremely supportive” of SPEAK, the student group that has worked to bring a more ideologically diverse lineup of speakers to the school.

That group was founded by Brown sophomore Greer Brigham, “a longtime Democrat and Hillary Clinton campaign volunteer,” according to Inside Higher Ed. Brigham founded the group in part to help students “understand the range of perspectives on politics,” he told Higher Ed.

Brigham declined to be interviewed for this article, citing “a few factors on campus” following the publication of the Inside Higher Ed profile of the group.

“Our group has actually received very positive reactions on campus,” he said. “I believe that a great deal of this is due to taking things slowly — and that means not doing too many interviews,” he told The Fix.

Shire, who is also a member of SPEAK, praised the group’s initiative.

“We believe there is dearth of right leaning opinions on our campus and this is reflected by the research SPEAK has undertaken. They have demonstrated how politically similar all speakers at our campus have been,” Shire told The Fix.