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Howard University Goes Silent After Caving to Student Demands

Howard University Goes Silent After Caving to Student Demands

“university officials are refusing to comment”

Howard University has caved almost completely to student protesters who recently occupied a building. Now no one at the school wants to talk.

The College Fix reports:

University silent after caving to students who occupied campus building

The administration of Howard University recently caved to the demands of student protesters who had occupied a university administrative building for over a week, conceding on nearly a dozen of the group’s demands, including a review of the university’s “grievance mechanisms” and a proposed new course “designed to emphasize prevention of sexual assault.”

Now, nearly two weeks after the capitulation, university officials are refusing to comment on the matter, a sign of the growing power of campus protests and the ability of students to force campus administrators to accommodate their numerous desires..

The student protest, reported on by The Washington Post and other outlets, centered around a list of demands put forth by the student group HU Resit. Protesters, who occupied the building from Mar. 29 to April 6, were motivated in part by a student aid embezzlement scandal at the university.

The list of demands, posted on Twitter by the HU Resist account, laid out nine stipulations for the university, including the requirements that the school “actively fight rape culture on campus” and that Howard implement an “inclusive attendance policy that accounts for mental and emotional health issues.”

Following the eight-day student occupation of university property, the school reached an agreement with the protesters, ending the occupation and handing the protesters a significant victory.


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Just out of idle curiosity, are there any adults at Howard “University”? Anywhere at all?

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Rusty Bill. | April 22, 2018 at 11:30 am

    From what I have read, Howard was a proper, legitimate collage with real students taking real majors back when the Ivies and other top schools generally did not take Negro students, as they were know as back then.

    Now, with government agencies more or less compelling admitance of blacks to those same schools, the schools scramble for truly qualified black students in order to heep the DofJ happy. They will in the rest of the quota with ball-bouncers and ball-throwers.

    This had the effect of draining off the good students from places like Fisk, Grambling, MOrehouse, and, yes, Howard. They now generally get the dregs, and must offer courses of study to attract those same dregs.

It’s mizzou all over again.