This news is not entirely surprising. Cynthia Nixon is running as a Bernie Sanders Democrat, and the Working Families Party is just as far left, if not more. Remember the corrupt political organization known as ACORN? They were involved in the creation of the WFP.

Is it any wonder they’re endorsing Nixon?

CNN is clearly excited about this development:

Nixon gets big progressive endorsement as NY Democrats face rupture

The New York Working Families Party, an influential coalition of labor unions and progressive activist groups, voted on Saturday to endorse Cynthia Nixon in her primary challenge to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

After hours of discussion, and in defiance of pleas from state committee members pushing to delay the decision, the party formally broke its uneasy alliance with Cuomo, the two-term governor leading Nixon in one early poll by a 3-to-1 margin.

Nixon arrived at the Albany Hilton as debate over the endorsement pinged back and forth in a basement ballroom, only entering to applause after the results of ballot — which she ultimately carried with 91.5% of the vote — were confirmed and trumpeted by party leaders.

Taking the podium, Nixon thanked the committee members for their “courage” and called the WFP, which has come under assault this week from inside and out — with two major unions leaving the fold in protest after it became clear Nixon was all but locked into the endorsement — the “political home for progressives in New York State, and a source of grassroots muscle for the movement.”

“Muscle” is a rather interesting choice of words, isn’t it?

It’s also fascinating that WFP’s endorsement of Nixon caused a rift with union leaders.

Also from CNN’s report:

Earlier in the day, two unions crucial to the WFP’s organization and financing announced that they would leave the party rather than support Nixon.

“Endorsing Governor Cuomo is the most effective way to put the interest of working families first,” said Figueroa and Dennis Trainor, vice president of Communication Workers of America District 1, in a statement. “The latest developments show that the current leadership of the WFP disagrees with that approach, and we have been unable to convince them otherwise. For that reason, we are not attending tomorrow’s state committee meeting and will be pulling out of the New York State Working Families Party.”

If you want to know just how radical the Working Families Party is, don’t take my word for it. Just listen to Bernie Sanders in this 2016 article from the Observer:

Bernie Sanders Calls the Working Families Party ‘the Closest Thing’ to Socialism

In an email sent this afternoon, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders urged his New York supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton on the left-wing Working Families Party line—asserting the third party comes nearest to his “vision of democratic socialism.”

“I ask that you not only vote for Hillary Clinton, but that you vote for her on the Working Families Party line,” wrote Sanders, who backed Clinton himself in July. “Why? Because the WFP is the closest thing there is to a political party that believes in my vision of democratic socialism. The WFP shares my view of a society and an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.”

This is where the Democrats are headed, folks. 2018 and 2020 are going to be a far left Bernie-fest for the party, due to the demands of the base.


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