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Boston Marathon Bombing – Five Patriots’ Days Later

Boston Marathon Bombing – Five Patriots’ Days Later

Relatively little media coverage of the 5th Anniversary of the bombing

Today was Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts, the day on which the Boston Marathon is run on the third Monday in April.

On Patriots’ Day April 15, 2013, a bomb built within a pressure cooker exploded near the finish line of the marathon.

We covered the events as they took place that day, Explosions at Boston Marathon finish line:

On the Third Anniversary of the bombing, detailed our coverage of the story — the bombing, the manhunt, the arrest, the trial — over the ensuing years, with links, photos and video. That post was comprehensive, so I’m not going to repeat it all.

But I will re-post some of the things that I remember most.

This surveillance video helped identify the bombers:

As did photos:

This photo is one of the most haunting, showing 8-year-old Martin Richard near his killer, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was leaving after having placed the bomb.

I also remember the lockdown of Boston as the fugitives were on the run, killing a policeman in the process. It was surreal to see a major city turned into a ghost town so police could try to find men on the run.

Hard to believe it’s been 5 years.

I didn’t see much media coverage of the bombing anniversary.

It’s been 5 years, but that’s not that long ago.


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9-11 is now a fleeting memory that triggers Islamophobia. They didn’t have iPhone 10’s back then … so archaic.

Doesn’t fit good Muslim bad Christian chick fill-A meme

Hey, they’re letting men run as women this year. What progress!

I was hoping the man women would have won

It would have been perfect

Contrary to cultural-marxist propaganda, so it must be memory-holed.

It was surreal to see a major city turned into a ghost town so police could try to find men on the run.

And worth remembering that that expensive and draconian attempt failed. The fugitive wasn’t located until officialdom got the hell out of the way.

This case always stunk to high heaven. Especially since the feds were warned about the brothers and their likely accomplice in an earlier murder was shot while being interviewed by a lone FBI agent in his own kitchen by the dirtiest agent I’ve heard of.

Looks like the feds were covering their tracks after they dropped the ball in this case, like so many others. If they remade the Untouchables today they’d have to change it to someone going after dirty agents.

It’s taking forever to kill(execute) that SOB.

Look at the smile on his face after he has placed his bomb. So smug.