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Taylor Force Act is the One Bright Spot in Omnibus Bill

Taylor Force Act is the One Bright Spot in Omnibus Bill

No more aid to the Palestinian Authority until they stop rewarding terrorists.

Let’s face it. The omnibus bill sucks and proves once against the Republican Party is not the party of fiscal responsibility and small government.

But they did include the Taylor Force Act, named after the American vet killed two years ago, which will stop payments to the Palestinian Authority until it stops rewarding terrorists for killing Jews and Americans.

Officials named the act after American veteran and Vanderbilt student Taylor Force, who lost his life in Tel Aviv after a Palestinian terrorist stabbed him to death on March 8, 2016. It happened while Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel.

The attack became part of what we now call the “Knife Intifada,” a description of the numerous knife attacks the Palestinian terrorists use against Jews and Americans.

Well, the PA rewards those that engage in these terrorist attacks. The payments are known as “pay to slay.” The Times of Israel published a report that detailed how PA payments to these terrorists “now equal half its foreign budgetary aid.”

The PA Finance Ministry’s 2017 budget towards the terrorists “will amount to NIS 552 million ($153.4 million).” That is 13% more than the 2016 budget.

The budget also puts aside $190,869,166 for the families of the terrorists. In 2016, the PA only set aside $174,630,296 for the families.

All in all, including prisoners and ex-prisoners, the total comes to $344,313,451. That is “equal to 49.6 percent of the funds Ramallah expects donors to contribute to its budget over the year.”

That’s unacceptable. From The Jerusalem Post:

The law would dramatically halt US financial assistance to the PA absent reform, while retaining aid allotted to security cooperation and some humanitarian relief. After negotiating some wiggle room into the bill, granting the PA time to phase out the program, Democrats wholeheartedly endorsed the GOP-drafted legislation.

​The legislation passed the House of Representatives in December with bipartisan support.

“After over two years of very hard work, we are on the verge of having the Taylor Force Act become law,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, who authored and introduced the legislation. “This is one of the most significant pieces of legislation I’ve been involved with. The powerful message from the Force family, along with effort from the pro-Israel community led by Sander Gerber, have made this possible.”

I don’t generally like bipartisan legislation because usually when that happens we get big government and more spending, but this is something I can get behind.


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inspectorudy | March 23, 2018 at 6:53 pm

Mary, seeing that you have found something good in this pile of dung you are like the cowbird who can pick the pieces of undigested grain out of that cow pie! I support Trumps action, not the man, but this was his chance to go down in history as the one and only US president to say NO to the swamp made up of D’s and R’s. He didn’t and his aura is so diminished that I am not sure he will survive. Schumer and Pelosi must wonder why they fight for seats when McConnell and Ryan give them all they ask for! After this, the Dem’s might even vote for him in 2020.

It’s actually pretty important and will likely have an international impact far beyond the dollar amount involved. Good.

    Close The Fed in reply to artichoke. | March 23, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    Why are we giving Palestinians $1.00?

    Whatever you subsidize you get more of, in this case murdering muslims. I’m in favor of LESS of them.

I don’t see how I can support the Republicans anymore. I’ve started the process to be registered as Independent, and I don’t really see much sense in voting anymore when we get the same damned thing from both horrendous parties.

Trump lost a lot of voters today, he also helped push a Democratic Congress, which will surely find some way to impeach him. I hope, at this point, they succeed.

Such a bill and its attendant posture vis-a-vis blank check funding of the utterly corrupt and self-enriching “Palestinian” leadership is long, long overdue.

Kid gloves treatment — fiscally and otherwise — of Fatah-Hamas has only enabled their belligerence, their inept governance of “Palestinian” affairs and their terrorism incitement.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to guyjones. | March 24, 2018 at 10:30 am

    We should continue aid for Palestinians in the form of thermobaric bombs (dropped). These should be used along the border, far enough away from Israel that they cause no damage where people matter. Palestinians need population reduction aid.

    Considering their history, it is unlikely anything else will give Palestinians the lasting peace they have earned.


One bright spot against the legion of black spots.


Subotai Bahadur | March 24, 2018 at 4:43 pm

Placed against this supposed bright spot, we have to know that in a 2200+ page bill written in secret and not necessarily by elected officials, and voted on with no one knowing what is in it; there are certainly a whole bunch of attacks on our liberty waiting to spring out. And after they do, you can be sure that after they do the GOPe will insist that nothing can be done.

And that when this “Omnibus Spending Bill” expires at the end of September that the GOPe will collaborate with the Democrats to do even worse for the next “Omnibus” bill that has replaced constitutional budgets.