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Vanderbilt U. student stabbed to death by Palestinian as Biden visits Israel

Vanderbilt U. student stabbed to death by Palestinian as Biden visits Israel

In another attack, Israeli pulled knife from his own body and used it to kill attacker.

Resuming a pattern seen during the Second Intifada, and intermittently since then, there was a wave of terror attacks launched by Palestinians just as a major diplomatic event was occurring, in this case the arrival of Vice President Joe Biden.

There were several knife and gun attacks today, the most deadly being in Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv and a frequent tourist stop.

American veteran and Vanderbilt University student Taylor Force was stabbed to death, and his wife seriously injured.

The sad news was announced by Vanderbilt University Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos:

It is with extreme sadness that I write to inform you that Taylor Force, a student at our Owen Graduate School of Management, was fatally wounded March 8 in a stabbing attack while on an Owen school trip to Tel Aviv, Israel. All other Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff on the trip are safe.

Taylor embarked on this trip to expand his understanding of global entrepreneurship and also to share his insights and knowledge with start-ups in Israel. He exemplified the spirit of discovery, learning and service that is the hallmark of our wonderful Owen community. This horrific act of violence has robbed our Vanderbilt family of a young hopeful life and all of the bright promise that he held for bettering our greater world.

Taylor’s family and his friends and colleagues have our deepest sympathy and utmost support.

This video shows the terrorist trying to escape. Fortunately, he was shot dead before he could kill anyone else, though accordingly to the Jerusalem Post he did manage to wound several others:

The Daily Mail has photos of the scene afterwards.

A friend of Force who took the Featured Image found out on Twitter:

In another attack, an Israeli who was stabbed pulled the knife from his own body and used it to kill the Palestinian attacker. The Times of Israel reports:

An Israeli man who was stabbed multiple times Tuesday afternoon in a terror attack in Petah Tikva managed to remove the knife from his neck and use it to stab and neutralize his attacker, aided by the store owner, police said.

The attacker, a Palestinian, died a few minutes later, police said.

The victim, later named as Yonatan Azarihab, an ultra-Orthodox man of about 40 who suffered multiple stab wounds to his upper body, was hospitalized in moderate condition.

In another attack, an Israeli used his guitar to fend off the attacker:

As usual, the headlines focus on the Palestinian attackers who were killed, as if they are the victims:


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great unknown | March 8, 2016 at 7:04 pm

I hope nobody at Vanderbilt makes the stupid mistake of having a memorial service for Mr. Force. There would be riots on campus by the peace-loving B(D)S’ers.

NavyMustang | March 8, 2016 at 7:28 pm

“An Israeli man who was stabbed multiple times Tuesday afternoon in a terror attack in Petah Tikva managed to remove the knife from his neck and use it to stab and neutralize his attacker, aided by the store owner, police said.”

Certified Grade A bada$$. Imagine the horror the scummy terrorist felt when he realized that this man was going to kill HIM. Schadenfreude mainlined.

Beyond words. To lose one of our best in this way is very sad and embittering. At some point, an American president is going to denounce the Pallys for what they are: jihadi, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic, Koran-inspired warriors.

Not a bug but a feature.

Israel would do well to adopt three new policies:
1. adopt a mandatory death penalty for anyone convicted of terror attacks against Israel.
2. whe terrorists are killed or executed, bury their bodies at sea with no records or fanfare, thus denying the Paleostinians the PR value of their funerals.
3. anywhere and everywhere Hamass, Hezbolah, ets, et al, have a public march/rally/event where their armed units appear, they should be ruthless targeted by the IDF with whatever means is available, even if there are civilian casualties. the armed groups are legitimate military targets, and it’s their fault they place themselves next to or in protected spaces. doing so removes the protection of international laws, and any war crime is on the party who so placed their assets, not the power who attacks a legitimate military target.

    Milhouse in reply to redc1c4. | March 9, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Some much more practical proposals:

    1. Relax the still-insane restrictions on civilian gun ownership.

    2. Announce a new policy that when Israeli civilians or soldiers claim to have used force in self-defense investigators must start with a presumption that they are telling the truth, and that the force was justified, and only arrest them if there is clear evidence to the contrary. And make this policy stick by firing any police or military investigator who violates it.

    3. Announce that for every person injured in a terrorist attack one dunam (approx 1/4 acre) of land will be formally annexed to Israel, and thus permanently taken off the table for any future negotiations. For every person killed, ten dunams.

    4. Building permits in Jewish towns and settlements in the “territories” shall be issued by municipal authorities rather than the Defence Minister, and shall issue as of right under the same rules that apply inside Israel. Private land purchases in the “territories” shall be registered by the same civilian authorities who register similar purchases in Israel, and under the same rules.

    5. Allow Jewish towns and settlements in the “territories” to clear trees around their perimeters that provide cover for terrorists. Prioritize investigation and punishment of Arab attacks on Jewish agriculture at the same level as the reverse.

    6. Disband the “Jewish section” of the ShaBaK.

    7. End the “Temporary International Presence in Hebron”. 22 years is not “temporary”.

‘Journalist’ at CNN lies again – Film at 11:00

Palestinian TV on Jaffa stabbing:
“Martyr” Killed One U.S. Tourist, Wounded 12 “Settlers”

12 badly wounded, still in hospital.

And to make it even more upsetting the Vandy Chancellor’s comments ended with this Kumbaya drivel: “In light of this loss, we as a community can look to find strength by continuing our commitment to build and nurture an educational environment whose foundational mission is to expand world peace and enlightenment.” These terrorists don’t want enlightenment they want submission.

Sad and terrible. Let us hope these people never get their hands on real military artillery the first thing they will aim at will be a maternity hospital. The second a school. May God keep them from their goals.