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St. Olaf College Won’t Allow Ben Shapiro Speech on Anniversary of Campus Race Hoax

St. Olaf College Won’t Allow Ben Shapiro Speech on Anniversary of Campus Race Hoax

“This is deeply concerning”

The school’s president actually used the anniversary of the campus race hoax as an excuse to deny the event.

The College Fix reports:

College denies request for Ben Shapiro talk, says he’s too divisive in time of racial healing

Is St. Olaf College, a private institution tucked away in a rural area 40 miles south of Minneapolis, a hotbed of institutional and overt racism?

If you asked the hundreds of students who took over a campus building last spring over racist notes found at the college — a protest so uproarious it forced administrators to cancel classes so demonstrators could air their grievances in a day-long sit in — the answer might be yes.

Yet the claim of overt racism was, in the end, built upon a lie: a vile, racist note that had used the n-word, threatened a student and thrust the school into something of a coup turned out to be a hate-crime hoax.

Now, as the school nears the one-year anniversary of this raucous time, its leaders are not inclined to allow a conservative firebrand on campus whose motto is “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

A request by the Turning Point USA chapter at St. Olaf College to bring Ben Shapiro to the school in late April for a speech has been denied by President David Anderson, who said the popular speaker is too divisive for St. Olaf on the anniversary of its racial unrest.

“The issue is not about whether Ben Shapiro can come to our campus, but when,” Anderson told conservative students in an email dated Feb. 15. “As you all know, the only date that Mr. Shapiro has indicated he is willing to travel to our campus is at a time that coincides with the anniversary of last year’s protests. This is deeply concerning.”


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Not a problem. Have Ben write out his speech and let some “approved” person read it.

Meet Dr. David Anderson:

I’d call Anderson a weasel, but that would be an insult…to weasels. Unlike David Anderson, weasels have a discernible purpose and fill an important niche in the ecology.