As “The Most Interesting Governor’s Race” in the nation continues, it is now being reported that the leading candidate was a bit testy in a description of America’s leading immigration enforcement officer.

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic lieutenant governor of California, referred to Thomas Homan, acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement, as an “a plus prick” in an email he recently sent to his sister from his official government account.

“No doubt in my mind they will target us – the ice director is an a plus prick this is a personal / political strategy , get ready,” Newsom, the second-in-command to Gov. Jerry Brown, wrote, according to a new report, in a Feb. 28 email to Hilary Newsom.

The senior state official was referring to comments the Democratic mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, made in February when she warned residents of a forthcoming standard immigration enforcement action by ICE.

Perhaps some of the reason for the peevishness is that not all the forces aligning against California’s “Sanctuary” politicians is external. A small city in southern California has just rejected the illegal-immigration-embracing policies.

Orange County’s second-smallest city voted Monday night to exempt itself from California’s so-called sanctuary law, which limits cooperation between local agencies and federal immigration authorities.

The Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 following more than two hours of heated testimony from residents on both sides of the issue.

…Someone shouted out to Councilman Warren Kusumoto, who introduced the legislation, “great American patriot!” while someone else screamed out “America first.”

Kusumoto said the issue was not about immigration.

“This council is looking out for the constituents in our city,” Kusumoto said.

Mayor Troy Edgar said he hoped mayors in other cities consider similar local legislation. And his message was clear: “As the mayor of Los Alamitos, we are not a sanctuary city.”

The video outside and within the council chambers show culture clash that was occurring just prior to the decision, demonstrating not all the sane and rational Californians have left.

There are other pockets of resistance throughout the state. The Shasta County Board of Supervisors recently approved a resolution saying the county is not a sanctuary jurisdiction. Huntington Beach and Buena Park civic leaders are planning to discuss changing their “Sanctuary” status. El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells led efforts among local officials opposed to Senate Bill 54 (which became the Sanctuary State law), and could perhaps use Los Alamitos as an inspiration.

Will the rejection succeed?

[Mayor Pro Tem Warren Kusumoto] acknowledged the ordinance might set off a legal battle but said that doesn’t concern him, adding the vote has important symbolic meaning.

“Is it going to hold up? I don’t know,” he said. “I just want to protect our community. It’s that simple.”

Arguably, Los Alamitos is now the most legal city in the Golden State. It’s streets are likely not paved with used needles and human waste, either….unlike the city Newsom once governed.


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