Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used Twitter to slam American officials for not banning guns.

Yes, the guy who operates a regime that regularly oppresses females and wants to annihilate Jews from the world thinks he has the moral superiority to lecture us.

Here is the thread of his moral outrage:

Gun companies are powerful? That’s why the government doesn’t ban guns? No, dummy. We have something called the Constitution with a Second Amendment to remind the government that we have a NATURAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. It’s not corruption or power.

What’s the first thing a totalitarian government does to establish control? Disarm the people. Here is a picture from Warsaw Poland, in 1939.

Via WWII in Color: Pile of Polish rifles collected by German troops, Warsaw, Poland, Sep. 1939.

Khamenei knows all about running a totalitarian regime. His government not only keeps weapons out of the hands of the citizens, but it also ensures no freedom of speech and doesn’t allow a free press. Don’t forget that the regime treats females like second class citizens.

At the end of December, Iranians held protests to end the oppressive regime. Videos show protestors demanding “reform and branded both the reformist and hard-line factions of the government as outdated and needing to be replaced.”

It was hard to receive information on the protests due to the lack of free press. AFP reported that state news channel IRINN did not have permission to cover the protests. But social media showed us that the government unleashed security forces, who used tear gas and batons on the protesters.

Don’t you dare scream death to these oppressive leaders. But the U.S. sucks, right?

Females faced severe punishment for showing themselves in public without a hijab.

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