H.R. McMaster is the latest White House staffer to leave in Trump’s administrative shakeup.

Thursday, Trump announced via Twitter that H.R. McMaster would be leaving his post as National Security Advisor and would be replaced by former UN Ambassador, the mustachioed John Bolton.

According to The Guardian, McMaster resigned and will also retire from the US army when he leaves the White House.

HR McMaster has resigned as Donald Trump’s national security adviser and will be replaced by the hawkish former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, the president announced on Thursday night.

Bolton has advocated using military force against Iran and North Korea and has taken a hard line against Russia.

Trump announced the switch in a tweet, writing that he was “thankful for the service of General HR McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will remain my friend”.

The changing of the guard will take place on 9 April, Trump said.

An official said that there were no incidents that led to McMaster’s exit, and that it was instead the result a continuing conversation between McMaster and the president.

In a statement, McMaster, 55, said he would be retiring from the US army at the same time as leaving the White House. He thanked Trump and the members of the team, who he said had “worked together to provide the president with the best options to protect and advance our national interests”.

Bolton was considered for Secretary of State before Trump chose Rex Tillerson, who was also relieved of his post recently.

The former UN Ambassador has since worked as a Fox News contributor.

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