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Hacker Who Turned Chelsea Manning In To FBI Found Dead

Hacker Who Turned Chelsea Manning In To FBI Found Dead

“There is no indication foul play is involved in Lamo’s death”

Thirty-seven year old hacker Adrian Lamo was found dead this week in his Wichita, Kansas apartment.  Lamo is the hacker who turned Bradley Manning in to the FBI for giving hundreds of thousands of sensitive and/or classified materials to Wikileaks.

Lamo also hacked Microsoft and the New York Times and was convicted of computer fraud.

Investigators say there is nothing suspicious about Lamo’s death.

The Wichita Eagle reports:

Authorities in Kansas have confirmed the death of the computer hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to law enforcement for giving thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.

Adrian Lamo, 37, was found dead in an apartment on Wednesday, Wichita police officer Charley Davidson said.

“There’s nothing suspicious about his death,” Davidson said, though he would not elaborate.

The Regional Forensic Science Center has not released a cause of death yet, though toxicology tests typically take several weeks to complete.

. . . .  There is no indication foul play is involved in Lamo’s death, Davidson said.

Manning was convicted in 2013 of leaking a trove of classified documents. President Barack Obama commuted her sentence and Manning was released from military prison in May after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence.

Lamo testified that Manning contacted him because of his notoriety in the hacking community.

“He was charming and brilliant,” Murphy said of Lamo. “If he hadn’t been, Manning never would have told him anything.”

Lamo was convicted of computer fraud after he was arrested in 2004 for hacking The New York Times and Microsoft.


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The fact that it occurred in Kansas is only the first red flag.

He’s 37. Just the fact that he’s dead makes it suspicious.


“There’s nothing suspicious about his death”

Was any actual investigation done before determining that? Was an autopsy performed (not just toxicology)? He’s rather young to die of natural causes.

It’ll probably be rules an accidental death from three shots to the head with the first one being instantly fatal. He was likely cleaning a pistol he never owned and was looking down the barrel to see if it was clean when the gun went off with the bullet striking the back of his head. Most likely the NRA was to blame for some obscure reason.

Too many “coincidental” deaths have occurred, to not be suspicious, until non-biased investigations have been conducted…there is no reason to suspect anything unusual about this under the circumstances….now is there?? Check the sources and political affiliations of anyone making “official” comments about this…