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Facing Multiple Legal Probes, Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe Sets Up GoFundMe Legal Defense Fund

Facing Multiple Legal Probes, Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe Sets Up GoFundMe Legal Defense Fund

Has raised $500k so far

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired now-former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a couple of weeks ago.  Sessions noted “that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor — including under oath — on multiple occasions.”

McCabe is now soliciting online donations for his legal defense fund.

Fox News reports:

Andrew McCabe – the top FBI official by fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions hours before his planned retirement – is now soliciting donations online for his legal defense fund.

. . . .  Unfortunately, the need for a legal defense fund is a growing reality. Media reports indicate that at a minimum, there are a number of congressional inquiries that he will be required to respond to, as well as the broader Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigation that is ongoing, and any potential lawsuits he might consider.

Mr. McCabe’s legal team is being led by former Department of Justice Inspector General Michael R. Bromwich at Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber LLP.

As of this writing, McCabe has raised almost $400,000, far surpassing the stated goal of $250k. If he’s smart, he’ll use that money to lawyer up. McCabe is facing multiple legal probes.

The Department of Justice’s Inspector General has accused McCabe of misleading investigators and approving media leaks.

Thursday, AG Sessions announced that Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber was investigating DOJ and FBI abuse.

Making matters even worse for McCabe, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) claims McCabe lied to former FBI Director James Comey about media leaks. From the WaPo:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said in an interview that McCabe lied to Comey when Comey asked him how sensitive information ended up in an October 2016 Wall Street Journal story detailing internal tension at the FBI and Justice Department over an investigation into matters surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Jordan’s staffers, along with staffers for Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, were permitted this week to view a report on McCabe from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, Jordan said.

Neither Meadows nor his spokesman returned requests for comment.

According to Jordan, the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility determined that McCabe lied to his superiors and investigators four times: first, to Comey in October 2016; then, to FBI investigators in May; and later, to the Office of the Inspector General twice, beginning in the summer.

In a statement, McCabe’s lawyer said it was fully appropriate for the bureau’s deputy director to authorize media interaction, asserting that Comey knew about it. The lawyer, Michael R. Bromwich, said emails between the two men “clearly show that Mr. McCabe advised Director Comey that he was working with colleagues at the FBI to correct inaccuracies before the stories were published, and that they remained in contact through the weekend while the interactions with the reporter continued.”

 “We deeply regret being compelled to respond to this selective leaking with any comment at all,” Bromwich said, accusing Republicans of “attempting to create a false narrative” that pits Comey and McCabe against each other.
Looking forward to reading those emails. I’m sure we’ll see them soon enough.

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Surely go fund me has rules around raising money to cover the costs as a result of criminal wrong doing?

GoFundMe…. Not the way I would spell Fund in his case.

Henry Hawkins | March 30, 2018 at 5:08 pm

WTF? Since when is lying to federal investigators wrong??? Common folks get away with it every day, don’t they? Why shouldn’t our elitist betters?

    Guaranteed that most of the money comes from others in the federal “justice” system. Some to help a fellow rat.

    And others paying bribe money so McCabe will hopefully not turn them in to help himself.

Anyway, campaign reported and question asked if there are rules around fund raising to cover costs directly related to potential criminal activity by the campaign raiser.

I suspect there are no such rules for liberals.

healthguyfsu | March 30, 2018 at 5:22 pm

Bromwich said, accusing Republicans of “attempting to create a false narrative” that pits Comey and McCabe against each other.

If they’re not against each other then they worked together and both should be charged. Thanks for that!

What a shame that this creature is so destitute that his net wealth of a reported $11 million won’t cover his potential legal fees. He must know he’s really in deep er, water.

As he didn’t complete a full 20 years as a GS 1811 (and even SESer’s don’t make that sort of cash), I wonder if he inherited his wealth* or if his ethical standards allowed for insider trading.

* Alternatively, his wife, the Doctor, might have inherited – he could be like John F Ken, er – Kerry and married his money. Most doctors don’t make enough to stash away that sort of coin at this couple’s presumed age and after Med school. I know, she packed his lunch every day.

The Deep State takes care of its own. It also shows that if you oppose them you are financially destroyed. It is a big confidence builder for those that follow in McCabe’s path will be supported.

Remember this battle is for future trillions of dollars and power.

One: How did he amass $11kk in public service? Two: what sort of a jerk would ask for charity when he has plenty of money to pay for his defenses? Answer: a demoncrat.

    JOHN B in reply to 02sbxstr. | March 31, 2018 at 9:50 am

    A Democrat never uses his own money.

    Normally, he forces taxpayers to support an agenda – and then takes credit for giving them the money.

    Somehow…..this money is coming from taxpayers.

Sarah Palin went out and earned 500k just to pay down her lawyer fees. She worked for nearly every penny. Fees incurred because she had the nerve to run on McCain’s ticket. McCain. She was nearly ruined and that cheap weasel McCain stiff-armed her.

Recall the following stuff:

Recall Dave Letterman calling her daughter a whore? Literally called her a whore.

Meanwhile, democrats line up to dump cash into McCabe’s Slush Fund. The donks are saying “we got your back $$$” no matter what happens. Republicans kicked Palin on the way down and never let up. GoP hate her provincial guts.

    Tiki in reply to Tiki. | March 30, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Lipstick on a pig. Oh, that was classy.

    I hope McCabe is ruined by all this. The ending – a Shakespearean tragedy is too good for the perfidious ahole.

I have read about some speculation whether all these donors are actually people, or maybe sprouts on some kind of cyber farm. Nothing surprises me these days…

Pretty cool, Duke undergrad, Wash U. (St. Louis) law … and now he’s begging.

A fine man . He played his game wrong, and he lost.

Get over it! 🙂

Who said it: “If that bastard wins, we’ll all hang!”

Sounds like McCabe the Deep Stater.

Well it sounds like it is worthwhile to some people to make suer Mccabe doesn’t talk

Hey, I didn’t know Debbie Wasserman Schultz sang for Foreigner!

I can see this weasel doing a Go Fund Me deal, but that is a lot of money for a wealthy person to get, and it can’t have been up that long. I think it should be that if this turd gets convicted that every single donor to his pay off should be outed.

The money that seem to flow to him just doesn’t really balance with his salary level… and this amount of money going to him just reeks of underhandedness going on.

I also hope he forgets that these funds are taxable, so he gets in trouble for that as well.

GoFundMe? Well, I suppose something like the old “charitable foundation” con would be too obvious.

I don’t care who pays his shysters as long as he ends up in an orange jumpsuit.

I’m tapped out. What money I had left after giving to the Jill Stein Electoral College Mystery Tour, I gave to the Al Capone Go Fund Me

I’m tapped out. What money I had left after giving to the Jill Stein Electoral College Mystery Tour, I gave to the Al Capone Go Fund Me

He needs to go into witness protection to save his family, I think he needs to flip and tell all.

I also want to see the names of the reporters he leaked to. Freedom of the press works in both directions – if they have a right to publish leaks from the government, we have a right to know who was being leaked.

Stupid autocorrect, you know what I mean – we have a right to know the names of the reporters receiving the government leaks.

There is an entire Hydra type network between the media and deep state. It needs to be unraveled

How is it not treason to run a covert disinformation campaign to overturn a legitimate national election?

This was a soft coup attempt, a violation of FISA provisions to spy on American citizens, which we were told would never happen. Using trumped-up charges from weaponized intelligence agencies.

And legal institutions. Speaking of which, how is McCabe tied into former director Mueller?

    Milhouse in reply to Fen. | April 2, 2018 at 9:47 am

    How is it treason?

    Treason against the United States can only take two forms: 1) levying war against them; 2) adhering to their enemies combined with an overt act that gives them aid and comfort. Which of these two do you claim “running a covert disinformation campaign to overturn a legitimate national election” fits?

And where the hell is the mainstream media on this? I think we need to tighten restrictions on the 1st Amendment. We have a revolving door between deep State and the media, I’m not sure how deep the corruption goes but we certainly don’t have a free press anymore. Reporters are being fired because they stray from the narrative.

    Milhouse in reply to Fen. | April 2, 2018 at 9:48 am

    I think we need to tighten restrictions on the 1st Amendment.

    Just some common-sense regulations, to save the children, right?

Isn’t one of the purposes of the First Amendment to prevent a state-controlled media?

Because that’s what we have.

Some guy, I forget who, made the critical point that all of the major stories in the last several years have been broken by stings (like O’Keeffe) leaks and hacks. And then covered with a pillow by the state media

    Milhouse in reply to Fen. | April 2, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Isn’t one of the purposes of the First Amendment to prevent a state-controlled media?

    No. It doesn’t have a purpose.

    And it’s got nothing to do with “media”. You’re buying into the reporting industry’s lie that it has a special place in the constitution, that the “press” part of “freedom of speech and of the press” somehow refers to it. It doesn’t, of course. There is no separate “freedom of the press”; “freedom of speech and of the press” is one phrase, protecting everybody’s right to say and publish whatever they like. Reporters have this right just like everybody else, but no more.

It’s pretty ironic too. The Democrats corrupted institutions of the State, including the FBI, to overturn the democratic election of a President …and then tell us we’re paranoid for wanting firearms to defend ourselves from the State.

    Milhouse in reply to Fen. | April 2, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Forget firearms, they tell us we’re paranoid for seeing any of this, when in their narrative the facts are just the opposite, and Trump’s election was in fact undemocratic because the voters knew too much — they should have had to vote in ignorance of the true information which Trump conspired with Putin to reveal to them. Or something.

I’m just loving Comey and McCabe throwing each other under the bus. They’re both a couple of pathological conniving liars. Undoubtedly Comey knew everything McCabe was up to, because McCabe’s nose was so far up Comey’s butt–that’s how he made his career at the FBI. McCabe was there to do Comey’s dirty work, in this case, leaking to the media to spin a story to make it more favorable to the FBI. Of course Comey’s going to deny he knew about it–it’s like Mission Impossible–“If you are caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.” LOL. This HAS to be good for Trump.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to Marco100. | April 2, 2018 at 4:21 am

    See my comments below. I think that McCabe is going to be the loser here. He was, essentially the head of the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy, in the FBI, being the top ranked career employee in the agency. The cabal, the conspiracy, wasn’t meeting in Comey’s office – they were meeting in McCabe’s office. This is a classic situation where when you strike at the king, you had better kill him. He and his Deep State cabal did, and are going to pay the price of failure. Moreover, Comey, while never on Team Trump, did switch hit a bit, trying a bit to play Both sides of the road during the election. McCabe did not. He and his people were playing partisan politics at least from spring 2016 through summer 2017, well into the new Administration. Which Isabel a good part of why I think that McCabe is the designated fall guy, he knows it, and that is why he has the GoFundMe page set up (and why it is being funded).

    As I noted, this is he says/he says, except that this sort of delegation should have been in writing. I don’t think that it was. Maybe there was a contemporaneous memo to self, but or some such. But McCabe doesn’t have access to his office computer (Neither does Comey). Any thing they find at home is suspect, because they shouldn’t have it. And a jury isn’t going to believe McCabe, after having been caught lying under oath

It’s very interesting that McCabe’s press statement about all this blamed Republicans for trying to destroy McCabe’s credibility, but “forgot” to mention that Comey was one of the people who basically called out McCabe as a liar and the I.G. decided to wid it. Of course McCabe also lied to the I.G. and apparently others. Let’s hope McCabe continues to try to save his pension and his skin by explicitly calling out Comey as the liar that he is. They both are. Two peas in a pod.

Bruce Hayden | April 1, 2018 at 11:50 am

Reposting from a previous thread – what seems to maybe have gone on with McCabe is that he several times testified that he hadn’t authorized leaks – specifically to the WSJ. Turns out, we know who was leaking to the WSJ, and that was Peter Strzok, and we know that because of those text messages we have seen between him and Lisa Page. But when McCabe first testified that he hadn’t authorized the leaks, it is likely that IG Horowitz hadn’t yet known about the text messages. After he did know, then, well, McCabe’s story changed. Whoops. The critical inflection point here seems, again, to be July/August 2017, when Strzok and Page are reassigned – likely right after Horowitz informs Mueller about the text messages. I should add that McCabe was apparently trying to shift his story at precisely the time when lesser discrepancies were being used by Mueller to indict Gen Flynn. I think, at that point, the knives, in the FBI, with the rank and file, were out for him.

Sundance, over at CTH, has gone into some depth trying to tie dates together from multiple threads. He suspects that things started to unravel when OIG got their hands on the text messages. He theorizes that it was Page, documenting something, possibly that those leaks to the WSJ were authorized by McCabe. What he doesn’t say, but maybe should have, is that those leaks, if unauthorized, could have violated the Espionage Act – since they were still classified. Meaning that Strzok and Page faced felony charges if they couldn’t prove that they were authorized to leak.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to Bruce Hayden. | April 1, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Here is what may have happened. There were leaks throughout the summer and fall of 2016 from the DoJ and FBI that were designed to harm Trump. So, when he takes office, he tells his new AG to handle the problem. AG Sessions tells IG Horowitz the same. Starting at the top of the FBI, Comey said “I didn’t authorize the leaks”. So, next his #2 is asked the same question, with the same answer. At some point, the trail leads to Strzok and Page, who appear to be leakers – coincidentally, the ones who leaked to the WSJ. One of them, Sundance thinks Page, because she is the legal mind, figures out that if they can’t show that the leaking was authorized, then they are toast, having ostensibly disclosed classified information, thus violating the Espionage Act. Not good. Which is where their text messages come in – they appear to show higher level authorization for the leaking (to the WSJ). Excrement starts flowing back uphill. If they believed that they were authorized (and expected) to leak, their authorization came from McCabe. Who had previously testified, under oath “not me”. Whoops. Well, maybe his memory was a bit hazy there. But Mueller had just extorted a guilty plea from Gen Flynn for just that, a hazy memory. And Flynn didn’t have the advantage of being called out directly for his memory lapse by investigators.

    It is going to be interesting. Either Comey or McCabe was lying about authorizing leaking. Logic tells me it was McCabe, just by Comey’s other actions during that time. Maybe McCabe will find a self serving memo lying around somewhere, but he no longer has access to his work computer, having been fired. Of course, neither does Comey. And any memos that they may have lying around elsewhere were illegally retained. Absent some evidence to corroborate his claim that Comey authorized him to leak, McCabe is the one who is most at criminal risk for the leaking.

    Which is probably why he has gone this route to raise a legal defense fund. Big difference between the process crimes of lying to the FBI, and violating the Espionage and Hatch Acts (Hatch Act because they were trying to affect a federal election in their official capacity).

      Milhouse in reply to Bruce Hayden. | April 2, 2018 at 10:20 am

      I don’t think this would count as a Hatch Act violation. But I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

        Bruce Hayden in reply to Milhouse. | April 2, 2018 at 3:03 pm

        I will admit that my Hatch Act theory is getting a bit of pushback. Still, looking at the DoJ page on what is and isn’t allowed suggests very strongly that it might be applicable. And they have two different levels of employees: less restricted and more restricted. Everyone involved in this scandal is in the more restricted category because: they are SEIS (McCabe and his assistant directors, top DoJ, etc); worked for the NSD; or the FBI. What I think that you need do is reread the Strzok and Page text messages with the question in mind: were they trying to affect a federal election in or using their official capacity? Would intentionally going easy on Clinton (when interviewed by Strzok) in order to keep Trump from winning count? Leaking to the press for the same avowed purpose?

        I think that most of the Hatch Act violations since its enactment have been much more peripheral and circumstantial. Those are the sorts of examples you see used to illustrate acceptable and not acceptable conduct. This is much closer to the core. Top DoJ and FBI intentionally used their official offices to tilt the scales of Justice sharply in one direction specifically and intentionally to affect the outcome of a federal election.

Has raised $500k so far

How much did Terry McAuliffe cough up?