Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired now-former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a couple of weeks ago.  Sessions noted “that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor — including under oath — on multiple occasions.”

McCabe is now soliciting online donations for his legal defense fund.

Fox News reports:

Andrew McCabe – the top FBI official by fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions hours before his planned retirement – is now soliciting donations online for his legal defense fund.

. . . .  Unfortunately, the need for a legal defense fund is a growing reality. Media reports indicate that at a minimum, there are a number of congressional inquiries that he will be required to respond to, as well as the broader Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigation that is ongoing, and any potential lawsuits he might consider.

Mr. McCabe’s legal team is being led by former Department of Justice Inspector General Michael R. Bromwich at Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber LLP.

As of this writing, McCabe has raised almost $400,000, far surpassing the stated goal of $250k. If he’s smart, he’ll use that money to lawyer up. McCabe is facing multiple legal probes.

The Department of Justice’s Inspector General has accused McCabe of misleading investigators and approving media leaks.

Thursday, AG Sessions announced that Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber was investigating DOJ and FBI abuse.

Making matters even worse for McCabe, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) claims McCabe lied to former FBI Director James Comey about media leaks. From the WaPo:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said in an interview that McCabe lied to Comey when Comey asked him how sensitive information ended up in an October 2016 Wall Street Journal story detailing internal tension at the FBI and Justice Department over an investigation into matters surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Jordan’s staffers, along with staffers for Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, were permitted this week to view a report on McCabe from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, Jordan said.

Neither Meadows nor his spokesman returned requests for comment.

According to Jordan, the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility determined that McCabe lied to his superiors and investigators four times: first, to Comey in October 2016; then, to FBI investigators in May; and later, to the Office of the Inspector General twice, beginning in the summer.

In a statement, McCabe’s lawyer said it was fully appropriate for the bureau’s deputy director to authorize media interaction, asserting that Comey knew about it. The lawyer, Michael R. Bromwich, said emails between the two men “clearly show that Mr. McCabe advised Director Comey that he was working with colleagues at the FBI to correct inaccuracies before the stories were published, and that they remained in contact through the weekend while the interactions with the reporter continued.”

 “We deeply regret being compelled to respond to this selective leaking with any comment at all,” Bromwich said, accusing Republicans of “attempting to create a false narrative” that pits Comey and McCabe against each other.
Looking forward to reading those emails. I’m sure we’ll see them soon enough.


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