Eric Holder is easily one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. He is also deserves an award for lack of self awareness. He has teased at running for president several times in recent months, but his new justification for why he would run is stunning.

Conor Beck reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Holder: If I Run for President, It’ll Be From Concluding I Could Unify the Country

Former Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder said Wednesday that if he ran for president, he would do so from concluding he could unify the country.

That statement came during an exclusive interview with New York Times reporter Alex Burns. Burns noted that Holder has become much more ambiguous about whether he could run for president in 2020 and asked about his general thoughts.

“If you were gonna do it, why would you do it. If you didn’t do it, why would you not do it?” Burns asked.

“If I were gonna do it, I’d do it because I think I would have concluded that maybe I could unify the country,” Holder said.

He then clarified, “help unify the country, because it’s bigger than any one person.”

“That I could advance—actually, that I could repair then advance the nation in a variety of contexts. That I thought I had something to contribute, that would be the thing that would push me toward considering a run,” Holder said.

Here’s the video:

Holder is currently preparing to fight Trump’s decision to include a citizenship question on the census.

The Hill reports:

Holder group will fight citizenship question on census

A Democratic group headed by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will go to court over a decision by the Commerce Department to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 census.

Holder said Tuesday that the group, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, would fight the Trump administration’s decision, arguing that including a citizenship question would drastically lower the response rate on the 2020 census and lead to an inaccurate count.

“We will litigate to stop the Administration from moving forward with this irresponsible decision,” Holder said. “The addition of a citizenship question to the census questionnaire is a direct attack on our representative democracy.”

He’s obviously deeply committed to unifying the country.

Last word goes to Benjamin Weingarten of The Federalist:

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