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When Democrats Won’t Campaign With Bill, the Clinton Era is Officially Over

When Democrats Won’t Campaign With Bill, the Clinton Era is Officially Over

In the era of #MeToo the former president has become “toxic” for many Democrats.

Less than two years ago, Hillary Clinton was the star of the show at the Democratic National Convention. Former President Bill Clinton was an honored guest who got rock star treatment. Now that the party has embraced the #MeToo movement and even jettisoned Al Franken, there’s no room for Bill on the stage.

Some Democrats don’t even want to campaign with him.

Edward-Isaac Dovere writes at Politico:

Dems: Bill Clinton too toxic to campaign in midterms

Democrats are looking to embrace the #MeToo moment and rally women to push back on President Donald Trump in the midterms—and they don’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near it.

In a year when the party is deploying all their other big guns and trying to appeal to precisely the kind of voters Clinton has consistently won over, an array of Democrats told POLITICO they’re keeping him on the bench. They don’t want to be seen anywhere near a man with a history of harassment allegations, as guilty as their party loyalty to him makes them feel about it.

“I think it’s pretty tough,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), vice chair of the House Progressive Caucus and one of the leading voices in Congress demanding changes in Washington’s approach to sexual harassment. His presence “just brings up a lot of issues that will be very tough for Democrats. And I think we all have to be clear about what the #MeToo movement was.”…

Wednesday morning, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Luján would not answer directly whether there were any races he’d deploy Clinton to.

“As we travel around the country … different candidates are going to be making requests for different surrogates,” he told reporters.

Howard Kurtz of FOX News makes an excellent point about this article by suggesting this isn’t just about Bill. Democrats are ready to leave Hillary in the dust as well:

Clinton’s history—Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick—looks far different to many Democrats in 2018 than it did in 1998, when the Senate acquitted him, or even 2016. His presence would detract from the Democrats’ ability to make the midterms about Donald Trump, Rob Porter and Roy Moore.

There’s another factor, I believe, not mentioned by Politico: Bill’s presence also reminds voters of Hillary. It’s not his fault that she ran a terrible campaign and lacked his ability to spin stories and connect with voters. But ever since he ran on a 2-for-1 deal back in 1992, allowed her to make policy as first lady and backed her two White House runs, they have been politically joined at the hip.

And most Democrats want to move on from the Hillary debacle.

Less than six months ago, Bill Clinton was still considered a hero by many in his party. Now that he has become a liability, they’re cutting him loose. Regaining power is all that matters to them.


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Bitterlyclinging | February 16, 2018 at 7:41 am

First rule of thumb in the era of the continuing Obama/Rhodes Media Echo Chamber, its only illegal if a Republican does it.
‘Slick” will be back, with a vengeance because Democrats, basically think with their genitals, if you can remember Mo Dowd’s reflections in her post ‘Slick’ Willie/Monica Lewinski deposition column where she stated that as the ‘Evil Republican Inquisitor bore in on ‘Slick’ with his questioning, all she wanted to do is run up to ‘Slick’ and smother him with hugs and kisses’.

The Clintons are a bouquet of toxic. If #MeToo is the one that grows legs on the Ds, hey, I’ll take it.

Just because the Dimocrats want to forget Bill & Hilliary, doesn’t mean the GOP has to forget about them too.

Just consider them an open wound on the DNC, that needs salt.

Bill Clinton has always been a rapist and Hitlary has always been an enabler.
Until a few weeks ago, Democrats did not have a problem with it. They are consummate hypocrites.

Rapist politicians are too old school nowadays.

No the era of the Clintons is not over. Not until we see them die and their bodies are burned and their spawn is rooted out and destroyed and 100 years have gone by. Then we might consider ourselves safe.

JackRussellTerrierist | February 16, 2018 at 1:55 pm

Thank God. But I suppose Hillary will rear her ugly head and cackling voice here and there in the midterms. She’ll push her way in and some candidates will be afraid to say no.

She just can’t seem to understand she’s n unwanted loser and haul her ass off stage. She will always believe it’s all about her her her.

I have literally never comprehended why the hell Democrats have been fawning over Hillary for decades.

Bill I understand. He’s an incredibly corrupt and despicable human being but he’s got a huge amount of charisma, knows how to talk to people, how to manipulate them, knows how to lie convincingly, and knows enough of his own limitations to find people that can do their jobs relatively well.

Hillary has all of his corruption and NONE of his intelligence or charisma. She’s shockingly stupid and incompetent and when she gives speeches its pathetically obvious she’s mouthing words she doesn’t even believe.

Hillary has never accomplished ANYTHING to further the Democrat’s cause, and actively hurt them through her incompetence with things like Hillarycare. I just can’t wrap my brain around why Democrats have kowtowed to her for decades.

    murkyv in reply to Olinser. | February 16, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    A friends wife is a bigtime Hillary supporter.

    Back in ’08, she was telling me how qualified Hillary was to be President, so I asked her how she came to that conclusion.

    Answer…”I read her book”

    There are tens of millions of incredibly stupid people out there.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to murkyv. | February 17, 2018 at 1:19 pm

      Hillary wasn’t even smart enough, nor woman enough to keep the Chicago Mob that backed Obama from stealing the 2008 Democrat Primary away from her……

ugottabekiddinme | February 16, 2018 at 6:23 pm

Not a surprise. Why, just today I was thinking about how Slick Willie won over a lot of people with policies like:

“legislation to put 100,000 more cops on the streets”,

major federal criminal law reforms that put more bad guys away for longer sentences and led to reduced crime,

declaring “the era of big government is over” and

signing (not vetoing, finally) the third welfare reform bill.

Can hardly imagine any Democrats of the modern leftist/Marxist bent wanting to be reminded of any of this. How far that party has fallen (or is a better word “decomposed”?).

Maybe if they convert to Islam they will be welcomed once again.

Bill is still more liked than Hillary by DEMs, and he’s a much better politician and strategist than she could ever be.

But, as the DEMs go further Left, I hope Hillary continues to exert power, and stir things up, since she is poison and helps the GOP, every time she opens her mouth..