The National Rifle Association has officially become a talking point in the upcoming Texas Senate race.

Presumptive Democrat nominee (primary vote has yet to happen) boasted of his F rating from the NRA, a rating based on an elected official’s record supporting the second amendment.

O’Rourke is not the only Texas Democrat with an F and joins the company of others like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who also have an F rating and have received no money from the NRA.

Ted Cruz was having none of it.

As Texas Monthly pointed out, Cruz has an A+ NRA rating and has received about $77,450 in campaign contributions from the NRA.

The anti-second amendment crowd always blames the National Rifle Association for any violent crime committed using a rifle.

What they don’t understand, is that the NRA is not just a pro-second amendment lobby representing the likes of other lobbyists who only represent corporate interests, the NRA is a lobby backed by millions of gun-owning Americans who are more than happy to toss a little coin to an organization who fights back against attacks on their individual liberties.

By most estimates, one in three Americans own a firearm and Texas gun ownership is above the national average by 6 to 15 points depending on the source.

Running on an anti-gun platform might be in vogue for the Democrat party nationally, but it’s hard to see how that plays well with Texas voters.


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