Democrats have done their best to downplay the significance of the recent tax reform bill. Nancy Pelosi even repeatedly referred to the benefits as crumbs. Unfortunately for them, millions of Americans are enjoying bonuses and higher pay.

This new reality is causing some concern among Democrats who want to believe they’ve already sewn up this year’s midterm elections.

Ylan Mui reports at CNBC:

Democrats go on defense as the Republican tax plan grows more popular

America is warming up to the Republican tax cuts — and Democrats are starting to get worried.

Recent surveys have found growing support for the GOP overhaul of the tax code amid relentless messaging from Republicans and a barrage of businesses announcing bonuses and pay increases.

The momentum is increasingly leaving Democrats on the defensive on the kitchen-table economics they believe will be critical to victory in November’s midterm elections. In an open memo this week, Democratic super PAC Priorities USA said the party’s message has gotten drowned out in the debate over the tax plan.

“While Republican gains have not been enough to counter the extraordinary political environment for Democrats, it is imperative that Democrats return to focusing on the economic message and counter the narrative being pushed by the White House, Republicans in Congress and their special interest backers,” the group said.

The super PAC pointed to internal poll numbers showing the percentage of voters who view President Donald Trump’s tax policies favorably jumped from 32 percent late last year to 46 percent in February. Support for his economic policies also rose significantly, from 38 to 46 percent.

Senator Orrin Hatch recently highlighted some of the successes of reform while taking a little dig at Democrats:

Trump knows an advantage when he sees it and has been reminding people about the good news.

Kyle Feldscher writes at the Washington Examiner:

Trump touts bonuses, raises for workers as a result of tax reform

President Trump claimed more than 4 million people have received a bonus or raise due to the tax reform legislation passed at the end of 2016.

“4.2 million hard working Americans have already received a large Bonus and/or Pay Increase because of our recently Passed Tax Cut & Jobs Bill….and it will only get better! We are far ahead of schedule,” Trump tweeted Sunday.

Just being anti-Trump was never going to be enough for Democrats to run on, but tax reform is becoming a major obstacle for them. How can they possibly run against it?