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Senator Bill Nelson: Gun Debate Will Help Democrats

Senator Bill Nelson: Gun Debate Will Help Democrats

“I think there is a movement”

Bill Nelson, the Democrat Senator from Florida, seems to think the gun control debate is going to help his party in the midterms. Gun control is normally a loser issue, but you have to understand that when Nelson says ‘gun control debate’ what he really means is the coordinated smear campaign against Republicans and the NRA that began with CNN’s town hall event.

Nelson let the mask slip in a recent interview. Matt Vespa writes at Townhall:

It’s Not About Saving Lives: Democratic Senator Says Gun Debate Will Help His Party In Midterms

Did anyone catch Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D-FL) rather gratuitous swipe at Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday? CNN held a town hall event in Sunrise, Florida hosted by Jake Tapper, where National Rifle Association Dana Loesch and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) literally ventured into the lion’s den. Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) also participated. It was a two-hour bashing of Rubio, the NRA, Loesch, every law-abiding gun owner, and every supporter of the Second Amendment. It was show trial, a North Korean kangaroo court that resembled something out of the two minutes of hate from Orwell’s 1984.

Rubio was likened to shooter Nikolas Cruz, who shot and killed 17 people and wounded at least a dozen more at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14 in Parkland, Florida. Loesch was called a murderer.

Vespa then points to an article in the Orlando Sentinel:

Nelson: Gun debate, other issues will help Democrats

The debate over guns, the “me too” movement against sexual misconduct and the federal government’s handling of hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico will give Florida Democrats victories up and down the November ballot, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson predicted Thursday.

During a meeting with state House Democrats, he also said two special elections in Florida this year in which Democrats flipped Republican-held seats is further proof that Democrats are poised to have a strong election year.

“You stir that all into the mix — and who knows what else is going to happen at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue between now and November — and I think there is a movement,” Nelson told House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz. “These issues are going to help Democrats.”…

Nelson said the debate will help all Democrats on the ballot.

Here’s a video of the moment when Nelson went after Scott:

Dan Merica of CNN reminds us why Nelson is going after Governor Rick Scott. He is expected to challenge Nelson for that senate seat:

Nelson’s town hall comments show he is gearing up for a race against Scott for Florida Senate seat

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson attended CNN’s town hall on Wednesday night to talk about school safety and gun violence. But by the end of the night, the vulnerable senator up for reelection this year proved one thing clearly: He is gearing up for a fight against Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott, who declined to attend citing state business, was front of mind for Nelson throughout the event that aimed to discuss school safety in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that left 17 people dead last week.
“There is no representative of the state of Florida,” Nelson said at the open of the town hall. “Our governor did not come here.”

The comments previewed what to expect during what could be a hotly contested race between Nelson and Scott, with the sitting senator showing he is prepared to hammer the governor on guns whenever he gets the chance. Scott has yet to declare his intention to run against Nelson, but national and Florida Republicans — including President Donald Trump, who won the state in his presidential election last year — are eager for him to get in.

At the end of the day, this is all just about politics.

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Good idea, Bill. Run with that.

Remind me again: which state was the first to allow concealed carry in 1995? Because crime and drug murders were too high? Starts with an “F”

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to RedEchos. | February 26, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    That Congress Swamp Skunk is nucking futs!

    persecutor in reply to RedEchos. | February 26, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    Absolutely, Bill! You’ve got yourself the makings of a huge movement…..a bowel movement, that is!

    I think the huge attendance at a Florida gun show yesterday are just the voters ole Billy needs to press the flesh with!

The Republicans could *never* have made the 2018 midterms all about guns on their own, even though it’s their best play. Their biggest worry has always been that Republicans would be unenthused and not turn out, while Dems turned out in huge numbers.

Thank you, Libs!!!!

    Fuckin’ A Tom … quit being so insightful. I for one am tired of it. 😛

    Firewatch in reply to Tom Servo. | February 25, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Oh crap! Guns are going to be selling like hotcakes again. I should have ordered during the lull. Once again, a day late and a dollar short.

    Give the RINOs time to go belly-up and piddle on the rug. They’ll be trimming away at our rights and getting nothing in return soon enough. It’s FOR THE CHILDREN dontcha know?

      Edward in reply to Paul. | February 25, 2018 at 7:04 pm

      Unfortunately there is more chance of this than the GOP standing strong and stopping the nonsense of the Democrats, Leftists, MSM and Leftist’s children (how’s that for multiple repetitions?).

Far more people were killed by the Las Vegas shooter yet that story quickly disappeared from the talking head teleprompters. Country western fans are a less sympathetic victim group or is something else in play here?

    DINORightMarie in reply to Anchovy. | February 25, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    “It’s for the children.”

    Always for the leftists: push the agenda using the “children” and pulling on people’s heartstrings to try to “change the conversation” and shift polling points.


    And apparently the NRA is seeing massive increases in memberships – new and renewals…..


    puhiawa in reply to Anchovy. | February 25, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Not a squeak when the target was Republican legislatures.

    Edward in reply to Anchovy. | February 25, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Not to mention there are sufficient children of Democrats in that school district to use and abuse for the agenda. They’ve never had such an opportunity with, apparently, “student leaders” who are already steeped in activism and ready to push the agenda.

Seize the moment… given enough lies, false promises and media support this is entirely possible. This massive failure and tragedy happened in a Democrat stronghold of Algore/Bush infamy so scapegoats and enemies must be created. This groundwork has been quietly laid with all the tens (hundreds) of millions of dollars pumped into Leftist organizations, including from government, over the past 8 Obama years. It is torch and pitchfork time from the safe space and bubble wrap population. Ask any such mother or father what they would give up, what they would take away from others even if it jeopardized their liberties and freedom… and you know the answer. Broward is real to them, and essential freedoms and liberty are vague until they are lost. This is a disarmament movement on a national basis with the same promises as nuke free zones and post WWI movements. Do not underestimate them.

Bucky Barkingham | February 25, 2018 at 2:10 pm

Sen Nelson is a movement, but not the kind that is talked about in polite company.

I wonder if Joe Donnelly agrees that this will help him.

That is, if he wasn’t too busy right now trying to gnaw through the rope on the anvil that the Lunatic Left just tied to his ankle.

Anybody need some eye bleach?

President Trump Hosts a Listening Session with High School Students and Teachers

President Trump Meets with State and Local Officials on School Safety

When I watched these, I saw a wide-ranging approach to a number of factors that contribute to violence in this country, and not just in schools. This was reassuring to me, because I know that a comprehensive strategy is needed.

From what I read, however, the Democrats want to pretend that arming teachers is the only measure being considered. They also want to pretend that DJT’s extensive comments showing how this one item would be carefully limited, was him “heavily promoting” the measure, to the exclusion (by silence) of everything else.

    Fiftycaltx in reply to Valerie. | February 25, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    What are you talking about? The socialists ONLY MESSAGE IS GUNS BAD= Let’s CONFISCATE THEM FOR THE CHILDREN! Armed teachers? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS say the socialists. The socialists want to KEEP HAVING SCHOOL SHOOTINGS! The more the better. The skulls full of mush gladly get out of “school” to “protest” for the media. Makes for “great media” in the eyes of the fascist socialists.

Sex regulation (e.g. abstinence only) will not only reduce the cost of STD treatment (e.g. HIV and male transgender couplets), but will also reduce the number of human lives deemed unworthy and summarily aborted at Planned Parenthood et al. Think of the children!

That said, of all the elective abortions and abortion fields opened with guns, the majority are suicides (i.e. self-abortion) and criminal (i.e. illegal) activities.

They don’t need to carry. They could have a weapons locker. The goal is, after all, to mitigate the risk of a lunatic opening an abortion field. That said, they should not advertise that they are low risk, viable targets for an elective abortion, let alone an abortion field.

Is the Democrat dream of depriving people motivated by violence in their urban jungles, notably diversitists?

An analogous argument to gun control is abstinence only education, which may work if women and men understood biology and were capable of self-moderating, responsible behavior. Actually, the numbers are not comparable. Whereas Planned Parenthood et al is accomplice to elective abortion and recycling of around one million human lives in America alone annually under the Pro-Choice Church’s selective-child doctrine, elective abortions and fields open with guns number in the thousands, including suicides (i.e. self-abortions) and criminal (i.e. illegal) activity as first-order causes.

Anyway, risk management. Do we trust ourselves? Do we trust the People? Our Posterity?

    “Anyway, risk management. Do we trust ourselves? Do we trust the People? Our Posterity?…”

    Do you trust people who STILL stand by obama and klinton?

    Do you take seriously anyone who would buy mooochelle obama’s new ‘book?’

    Gremlin1974 in reply to n.n. | February 25, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    A “weapons locker” makes about as much sense as carrying a gun that doesn’t have a round in the chamber. If the gun isn’t on the person who is trained to use it then it is just a useless chunk of metal. How can you know that someone with a key will even make it to the “weapons locker”?

    No either they are carried or they may as well not be there.

Hey, Bill, Slick Willy Clinton was smart enough to not mess with guns in any real way. Not even Obumbles with his 2 years of a super majority was stupid enough to mess with guns. But you go right ahead. There are some issues that are always losers and Guns is one of them.

Never trust a politician who goes by a nickname or a fake name.

Jimmy Carter.
Bill Clinton
Barry Sortero aka ‘Barack Hussein Obama’
Bob Corker
Jeff Flake

It’s a good start, in any event.

Poor Bill Nelson: his body came back from space (he was a Shuttle payload specialist), but his brain is still in orbit.

This lying snake needs to retire.

Allegation that Broward County was letting criminal students off to cook crime statistics to get government money – side effects leaving criminals eligible to purchase firearms?

As a Florida resident, Billy is in trouble. He jumps at every tragedy now to get votes. After 16 useless years 8n the senate his campaign throws him out there and tells him what to say. In the end, Scott will probably will beat Billy comfortably. The main reason is that Republicans will finally stop crossing over and vote Republican for US Senate in 2018!

they might have had a narrative if the police had done their jobs instead of sitting this one out, but then again if they did there is a good chance no one would have died.

So the democratic socialists are going to run on a platform of gun confiscation, RAISING TAXES, identity politics,”only black lives madda” and white guilt. Bring it on.

“I think there is a movement”

Well, that song has been sung before…MANY times. Gun rights are “the third rail” for the Collective. we’ve all seen this play out many times before. It energizes the right like very few things historically have, and THIS time a lot of minority voters are new gun owners and CCL holders.

Nelson and others want to think (feel) there is something new under the sun. There isn’t.

    The only movement he feels is the leftward lunge of his party. He’s trying to weasel into their good books by being something he’s never been. Nelson’s pandering will not fly in Florida (where we are not required to even register our guns if we have them or to obtain a license to purchase one). Rick Scott wins this seat, hands down.

It wasn’t just the CNN “town hall” that confirmed for us that no matter how many times you put “common sense” in front of whatever, gun grabbers be gun grabbers.

It’s just the latest in a series.

Thanks, CNN! The leopard never changes its spots. You did us a solid without even meaning it. Which is the best part.

Nelson said the debate will help all Democrats on the ballot.

Well, Nelson’s in a bind. Pretty much all he can do is whistle past the graveyard, so that’s what he’s doing.

Consider how the Progressive plan has run off the rails. It started off well enough. First, they managed to pervert law into corralling juveniles into school gun-free zones, where they’re undefended and helpless, and everybody knows it. Then all they had to do was sit back and wait for an atrocity. There are over 130,000 schools in the US, and they were almost certain to get lucky; all they had to do was wait. And sure enough, they hit the jackpot—17 dead bodies. That’s the springboard they needed to boost their standard bellowing and braying about “common sense” civil-rights restrictions.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t choose the timing. They intended for it to happen when the country was firmly under the heel of Queen Hillary the First’s iron stilettos. But of course that didn’t happen. So now they have to run with it under very unfavorable conditions. And they are unfavorable. Gun control is a loser for the D’rats, and they know it. A decade and a half ago President Billy Jeff tried to claim that he simply didn’t believe that Americans don’t want to be smothered under a draconian gun-control regimen, even though election results and his own beloved focus groups told him otherwise. But even he didn’t sound all that convinced.

So the D’rats will go about it in their usual hysterical and unimaginative way. The Fake News axis will continue to make a fool of itself, and Party and Press will fritter away their efforts attacking the big gorilla, the NRA … apparently oblivious to the fact that far better work is being done by other civil-rights organizations such as SAF and GOA.

I think the democrats need to run on repealing the 2nd amendment this upcoming election. It will never happen, mostly for reasons they refuse to understand but it’s always helpful when they put all their cards on the table.

This is a straight up question for information purposes, not a political comment of any kind.

Can anyone tell me why seventy five million US gun owners are NOT members of the NRA?

I’d particularly like to hear from people so defined as to why they haven’t joined up.

Nelson was quick to point out that the shooter had smoke grenades and pulled the fire alarm, which was proven false. Knee jerk, opportunist liberals. This one is as dumb as a box o rocks. Gov. Scott will “smoke” him in November. Republicans will gain eats in the House. And likely 8 Senate seats and if this nonsense continues even more!