WAIT A SECOND. I thought Canada welcomed refugees and those seeking asylum with open arms? Haven’t Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other officials mocked President Donald Trump and others here in America because they simply want people to follow our laws?

It seems that loving Canada has deported 2,000 North Korean asylum seekers because they allegedly lied on refugee forms. The country is ready to deport up to 150 more.


TRUMP IS A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING FOR SEPARATING FAMILIES! Will we hear that same thing about the Tiger Beat prime minister? From Al Jazeera:

Eleven years ago, Taegun Kim came to Canada with his wife, daughter and son. Now they have two more children, both Canadian citizens. A deportation would be catastrophic for the family.

“That notice means death to me,” Kim told Al Jazeera. “I came all the way here for a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in Canada. To think we’re going to be separated, it breaks my heart.”

The Jo family could be broken up too if Canada carries out its deportation orders. Two children are Canadian-born; the eldest came with his parents in 2010.

The family admits they lied on their asylum application – saying they defected to China, not South Korea – to help ease the immigration process, but add they did it to escape a horrible situation.

“I feel so desperate. It’s our fault,” Hye Kyung Jo said. “They [the children] haven’t done anything wrong. They have to go through this separation because of us.”

So basically refugees and asylum seekers can break America laws, but you must follow Canada’s laws to the T. Oh, but they’re going to South Korea! Yeah, well, they don’t feel safe in South Korea and Kim has first hand experience.

Kim escaped North Korea in 1998 and first went to China. He decided on South Korea, where he resided for five years. He told Global News how bad it was:

When he arrived with a group of other North Koreans, he said, news media took their pictures and filmed them. It was international news, and was reported on South Korean television.

Because his image appeared on TV, he said, the North Korean government took notice.

“North Korea noticed that we were there, so my family, my parents were captured,” he said.

“The North Korean security agency captured my parents, tortured my parents, and they died there.”

A Chinese people-smuggler called to tell him the news.

He had a hard time finding a job in South Korea, he said, and every time North Korea was in the news, he felt like people pointed at him and demanded to know why North Koreans acted the way they did.

He came to Canada in 2007. He got married, has two children, and works as a contractor:

“I feel we are accepted here because of the political and legal support for multiculturalism,” he said. “When we lived in South Korea we used the same language but we were treated different, so it was hard for us to live there. But in Canada, we speak different languages, but in spite of the language barrier, we make a good contribution to society and we live well here.”

Raymond Cho, a Member of Provincial Parliament, is of South Korean descent and has backed up Kim’s account:

North Koreans who arrive in South Korea are generally granted South Korean citizenship. “They become South Korean. But it’s only legally, because culturally, even though they speak the same language, there’s a big difference,” said Raymond Cho, MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River, who is of South Korean origin.

Their accent identifies them as North Korean, he said, and children get bullied in school and adults have trouble finding jobs because of it.

These people managed to escape the most evil regime on this planet right now. Rocky Kim of the Canada Federation of North Korean Defectors said that family members still in North Korea become vulnerable when refugees receive any attention.

Lawyer Jacqueline An wants to know why it seems exceptions have been made for those fleeing Syria and wants to know why Canada has to send back these 150 people back to North Korea.

So yeah, Trudeau, why send these people away to South Korea, a place where they face isolation and possible capture back to North Korea? You are more than willing to welcome back so called “reformed” terrorists, but not people escaping Kim Jong Un? Are you serious?


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