We saw a similar thing happen at Mizzou after the campus protests of 2015. Schools do themselves no good by indulging their far left factions.

The College Fix reports:

Evergreen State College predicts nearly 20 percent drop in student enrollment

The president of the embattled Evergreen State College — where racial unrest last spring thrust the small Washington campus into the national spotlight — is predicting that the public institution will see a nearly 20 percent drop in student enrollment come fall.

President George Bridges has told the campus community that the school’s 3,800 student population is predicted to hover at about 3,100 when the 2018-19 school year begins. This 700-student loss represents an 18.5 percent decrease.

This estimate sent shock waves among faculty, and some speculate it spurred an anonymous call for Bridges’ resignation by way of flyers recently inserted into faculty mailboxes declaring “Please Resign,” among other disparaging comments.

The Olympia, Washington-based school already was hit with a 5 percent enrollment decrease when it started this current 2017-18 school year.

An official with Evergreen State who agreed to an interview with The College Fix on the condition of anonymity emphasized that Bridges’ estimated enrollment numbers are “for the purposes of planning” and a “projection that will not get better only if nothing is done to change it.” He likened it to a “worst-case scenario.”