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Enterprise Car Rental Cancels NRA Discounts After Pressure From Gun Control Activists

Enterprise Car Rental Cancels NRA Discounts After Pressure From Gun Control Activists

They chose…poorly

Car rental service Enterprise Rent-a-Car announced Tuesday evening that effective March 26, they will no longer provide discounts to NRA members. NRA discounts have been canceled not just at Enterprise but with Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental, both brands of Enterprise Holdings.

Gun Controllers used Twitter to pressure businesses who have discounts for NRA members to #BoyCottNRA, a bit weird seeing as you can’t really boycott an organization unless you’re already a member of said organization, but I digress.

The weaklings with NRA partnerships were the first to go:

But the pressure is still on:

Meanwhile, NRA members are all:

I suppose I shouldn’t be amazed that half of the country is trying to punish the other half of the country for their willingness to stand firm on Constitutional protections enumerated specifically to protect individual rights and liberties, but here we are.

Gun control activists love to pretend the NRA is nothing more than a lobbying arm, which is about as ignorant as it gets. The NRA is an effective lobby for sure, but unlike corporate lobbyists, the NRA represents millions of American citizens passionate about their second amendment protections.

There are few groups as politically activated as gun owners who think their second amendment rights are under attack. So if this is the battle gun control activists want to have, bring it.

Raise your hand if you think this will backfire.


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NRA members are more likely to take gun safety *seriously*. You’d think that’s something they’d want to encourage. Not that anyone’s thinking anymore. All about Teh Feelz™.

Paul In Sweden | February 23, 2018 at 9:39 am

We need to demand of all companies, organizations and individuals that endorse gun control but hypocritically utilize armed security to dismiss all of their armed security immediately.

There should be no armed security at music concerts that have performers that demand gun control. No celebrity gun grabber should have armed security or enter into a venue that has armed security.

All movie studios should be petitioned to dismiss their armed security.

Politicians should be the first to give up their armed security and Chucky Schumer needs to hand in his concealed carry permit.

I am sick of the Hypocrisy! The NRA, its members, gun manufacturers, Gun retailers and all citizens still holding the constitution to their hearts need to fight back. Somehow. The weak-kneed spineless politicians in govt. cannot be trusted.

Mass murders committed by NRA members is still at zero. Mass murders by everyone else including deranged lefties is still climbing. So it only makes sense to punish the NRA. The irrational hysteria surrounding this issue is mind boggling as are the repeated failures of government at the local, state and federal levels. So clearly the only logical answer is more government control and intervention.

    If the gun haters were really serious and really cared about safety, they would demand the death penalty for anyone committing murder with a gun. But since a lot of Obama and Hillary voters would be taken out,that isn’t going to happen.

Considering that the police officer ASSIGNED TO THE SCHOOL has been caught on film standing outside doing nothing while children died at his duty post, will they be canceling their law enforcement discount as well?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 23, 2018 at 9:59 am

The NRA has only got about 5 million paid members. That means there area about 320 million American who are not NRA members and who are not eligible for the discounts. On the surface it looks like an easy call for the companies to discontinue the NRA discounts.

However, estimates for the number of gun owners seem to cluster between 36% and 42% of the population. So for every NRA member there could be 35 people who are gun owners but not members of the NRA. There are also some people who are not gun owners but support the 2A and gun ownership. If many of these people who are not NRA members but sympathetic to it decide not to do business with the companies that are discontinuing their discounts with NRA members, it could be a problem for them.

    This could not be better news for the NRA. In fact, the NRA is probably breaking out the champagne and writing thank you letters to Enterprise Holdings as they dance to the cha-ching music of the pinging on their membership and donate pages.

    I think the useful idiots are getting weak in the head with age.

    The NRA has only got about 5 million paid members. That means there area about 320 million American who are not NRA members and who are not eligible for the discounts. On the surface it looks like an easy call for the companies to discontinue the NRA discounts.

    How so? It’s not as if the 320 million non-members are opposed to the discounts, and will boycott the company if the discounts are not dropped. That would be an easy call, but it’s not so.

    When they gave the discounts in the first place they knew the NRA represented 5 million potential customers, and that’s still the case. Those upset by the discount don’t number anything like that. A few tens of thousands at most. So where’s the commercial sense in this? What changed? The way to fight this is for the NRA to send out a notice to its entire membership informing them that the discount is no longer available at the following companies but is still available at their competitors, and urging them to save money by choosing the providers offering the discount.

      Mihouse says, “The way to fight this is for the NRA to send out a notice to its entire membership informing them that the discount is no longer available at the following companies but is still available at their competitors”

      The NRA is loving this and their staff is probably hitting share on the boycott news like a squirrel high on meth.

      It’ is absolutely no skin off the nose of the NRA if Enterprise Holdings take a temporary hit over this. Even if they don’t take a hit, (which they will) it’s all good for the NRA.

        elle in reply to elle. | February 23, 2018 at 11:04 am

        all that said, I do not mean to imply that they are happy that the event itself happened. I’m talking about the boycott only.

      gmac124 in reply to Milhouse. | February 23, 2018 at 12:34 pm

      Milhouse you missed the point Maggot was making. Dropping the discounts for such a small percentage of people doesn’t mean much to either the NRA or Enterprise. However if a large portion of the country that supports the 2nd amendment boycotts Enterprise, instead of having a couple thousand upset NRA members you have several million people retaliating. I am one of the non NRA members that will boycott them.

        Milhouse in reply to gmac124. | February 25, 2018 at 3:33 am

        5 million is not a small number. They gave the discount in the first place to get those 5 million people’s business, because they wanted it. Dropping it risks losing that business. The 320-M non-members don’t matter, because almost none of them oppose the NRA.

The only purpose of these discounts is to get NRA/AARP/AAA/whatever members to use the company’s services. Drop the discount and you risk losing the customers. If you find that you don’t lose them, then giving the discount in the first place was a mistake, and you should consider dropping the entire discount program, for anyone.

    The type of person to use an NRA discount is the type of person to change their buying habits because that business has caved to gun grabbers.

    I shop Walmart which often fights the gun grabbers. I don’t shop Target which is run by gun grabbers.

In other words, NRA members should make sure to react to this rationally, by choosing a provider who still provides the discount.

    xdevildog in reply to Milhouse. | February 23, 2018 at 10:35 am

    Exactly so. I’m an NRA life member but I rent a car about once a decade so Enterprise is safe from me. Settled for cancelling my First National Bank of Omaha credit card. Sadly, FNBO is probably happy to see the cancellation since I have spent many years using their money for 30 days each month and then paying the billing in full.

      The credit card companies still make money on the customers that pay their bill off every month. That because the credit card companies pay less to the merchant than the merchant charged you. The credit card companies skim 1.25% to more than 3% off the top off all activity.

      I don’t have any FNBO cards to cancel.

One needs to remember that this happens so quickly that it has to pre-arranged as was seen with Limbaugh , Hannity and other in the past. It is bots and robocallers in part. Just plug in the demographics of new target and off they go. Maybe these businesses can start discounts for Antifa to assist their new market strategy.

This NRA Life Member just canceled his Enterprise account. That’s someone who travels for work 300 nights a year.

There is nothing but sadness in an event this horrible, but it highlights why we need to have the right to protect ourselves. The government failed on so many, many levels. This is the NRA’s mission, to allow armed citizens to protect when the police cannot.

I hate the phrase, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. But if your mission is the Red Cross and there is a hurricane, it helps when people embrace the good you do and support you.

Uber and Lyft say THANK YOU

Uber and Lyft say THANK YOU

Is that the same Enterprise Rental Car that you think you are getting a vehicle for $300/week but are billed $500/week? 🙂

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to G. de La Hoya. | February 23, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Pretty true with any rental car outfits. The only time I have seen the quoted price be the quoted price is when they show you the concession recovery fees, state taxes, local taxes, tourism taxes, we-are-building-a-new-stadium-for-a-needy-NFL-team tax, etc.

I’m not really a gun guy, though I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter and have enjoyed hunting and plinking in the past. As a result of this assault on the NRA, I just joined for three years. I will also avoid those businesses that are disrespecting the NRA and its members. Screw them and their virtue signalling.

Unless and until the right, and the NRA, makes these kinds of “business” decisions hurt the business they will continue to do them.

We patronize businesses and broadcast media and movies that treat us like scum. They pay no penalty and grow stronger.

There are as many of “us” as there are of “them” and maybe more. They just have a louder voice because of the MSM and the willingness of the MSM to exploit dead children.

Oh, and now they exploiting live ones too.

    kenoshamarge in reply to kenoshamarge. | February 23, 2018 at 11:23 am

    In addition I don’t make any decisions based on what overly emotional, frightened, angry children say. But businesses do? How ever odd.

Apparently these people, both the companies and the activists, believe they are harming the NRA. But the fact is that such action only harms the people (and potential customers) who are eligible for the discount. The organization suffers no harm at all.

Stupid, but what else would we expect from the Left?

    PaulM in reply to Edward. | February 23, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Yes. I would be shocked to find out anyone ever joined the NRA to get a discount from Enterprise.

    But, I wonder how many NRA members used Enterprise only because of the discount?

    I guess Enterprise will soon find out.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to Edward. | February 23, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    In fact stunts like this…and it is a stunt…usually lead to the NRA having a rush of new members.

I just canceled Enterprise!

I have been an NRA member off and on for many years. I just renewed my membership because of Enterprise and the National Bank’s dropping of the NRA association. It is up to the individual to make decisions about who and what to boycott. I do not believe in coordinated protests against any company. This is a shameful thing for them to do because the NRA is the finest organization for gun safety in the world. To associate them with any type of evil is willfully ignorant.

It has already backfired. Just go take a look at the responses to the tweet from Enterprise.

Don’t forget US Bank has yanked support for the NRA, too. Glad I haven’t used that card in a while; will be canceling it today.

What a great list of companies to avoid and companies to patronize. Glad I did all my car rentals through Avis for my last few trips (and the cars were quite nice as well).

agree with others – it appears the car companies feel that they can better afford to lose whatever number of NRA/2nd Amendment supports they offend than the raving mob of emotionally venting liberals. Their business – their choice,

However it seems like it would be a good idea for the NRA to publically inform their base of friendlier alternatives. Too many times the Right sits on its rear and simpers about how “we don’t boycott because a business can do what they want.”

I went to the Enterprise website looking for an email address so I can give feedback (being a customer who used Enterprise as recently as last month), and I could find very little in the way of a place where they’re inviting such public feedback, but I did find on their “Press Page” an email address for “reporter inquiries.” ([email protected]). So, considering myself a generalized reporter at large, I sent them an email asking them if it was true that they are inviting a boycott of Enterprise by America’s gun owners. I’ll see if they reply. You may want to send them an inquiry as well.

By the way, after perusing the website, it appears Enterprise owns Alamo Car rentals and National Car Rentals, so the list of companies participating in the NRA cancellation isn’t as long as it appears.

The Progressive Fascists have complained and got Fox News removed from the TVs at the gym, City Sports!

Sounds like the NRA or some other large entity needs to start a bank. Have rates that don’t make a profit but enough to operate successfully. We have already started down the road to two America’s under one roof and we on the right have far more disposable money than the government handout dependent leftists…

Headline “Enterprise Car Rental Profits Tank Due to Backing Out of Agreement With NRA. Layoffs Expected.”

There’s also Dollar/Thrifty if you still want a traditional rental car. And don’t forget to check for local rental options.