Car rental service Enterprise Rent-a-Car announced Tuesday evening that effective March 26, they will no longer provide discounts to NRA members. NRA discounts have been canceled not just at Enterprise but with Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental, both brands of Enterprise Holdings.

Gun Controllers used Twitter to pressure businesses who have discounts for NRA members to #BoyCottNRA, a bit weird seeing as you can’t really boycott an organization unless you’re already a member of said organization, but I digress.

The weaklings with NRA partnerships were the first to go:

But the pressure is still on:

Meanwhile, NRA members are all:

I suppose I shouldn’t be amazed that half of the country is trying to punish the other half of the country for their willingness to stand firm on Constitutional protections enumerated specifically to protect individual rights and liberties, but here we are.

Gun control activists love to pretend the NRA is nothing more than a lobbying arm, which is about as ignorant as it gets. The NRA is an effective lobby for sure, but unlike corporate lobbyists, the NRA represents millions of American citizens passionate about their second amendment protections.

There are few groups as politically activated as gun owners who think their second amendment rights are under attack. So if this is the battle gun control activists want to have, bring it.

Raise your hand if you think this will backfire.

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