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WATCH: Sarah Sanders Slays Media on Trump Mental Health and Bannon Feud

WATCH: Sarah Sanders Slays Media on Trump Mental Health and Bannon Feud

“What I think is really mentally unstable is people that don’t see the positive impact that this president is having on the country”

In her post “Bannon v. Trump v. Bannon,” Kemberlee laid out the latest White House drama that has the left salivating at the thought of managing to undo the 2016 election.

The drama started, as Kemberlee wrote, with an “article published in The Guardian Wednesday lifted passages from a new book ‘Fire and Fury’ by Michael Wolff. Bannon was quoted heavily in the book, calling the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’.”

One star of this latest batch of leftist hysteria has been White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

She’s been a joy to watch as she swats back panting media types who are eager to see our president destroyed . . . including by largely fabricated nonsense written by a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump hack.

Here is the president’s statement on the allegations reportedly made in the Woolff book.

Following and in no particular order are some of Sanders’ best moments over the past week.

Mentally Unstable?  I’ll give you mentally unstable

In the wake of the buzz surrounding the president’s fitness for office, Sanders flips the script.

Trump’s base not affected by Trump-Bannon rift

At a White House presser, Sanders responds to journalist questions about the possibility of the Trump-Bannon split affecting Trump’s base and its support for the president.  Sanders points out that President Trump was the one elected to office and that his base supports the agenda on which he campaigned.


Sad, pathetic tabloid gossip

At another White House presser, Sanders points out that one of the obvious lies reportedly in the book is that the president did not know who John Boehner is.  As she notes, there are photos of the president and Boehner playing golf and the claim is “pretty ridiculous.”

She also says that she won’t go through the book page by page refuting “tabloid gossip” because it’s just “sad and pathetic.”


Maybe Breitbart should think about parting ways with Bannon

At this same press conference, a reporter asks if Breitbart should part ways with Bannon.  Sanders says it’s something that they should consider. Given that Bannon is effectively over as a political mover and shaker, it’s hard to see how they don’t at least consider parting ways with him.




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MAGA. Keep fighting back, Sarah! An apropos, if imprecise, analogy: illigitamus non-carborudum (don’t let the bastards wear you down).

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to bear. | January 7, 2018 at 3:31 am

    If Donald J. Trump walked across the Potomac on the surface of the water, the Fifth Column Media®, Maxine Waters and most of Hollywood would be decrying the fact that the United States President is apparently unable, or perhaps unwilling, to swim!

Bannon is his own worst enemy, but the reality is, this is a wedge the Left has put in between Trump and some right wing conservatives I think.

    Conservatives don’t support Bannon; he’s a radical alt-right progressive, not a conservative.

      “he’s a radical alt-right progressive”

      I’m trying to find that one in my political dictionary…

      What is this magical “alt-right” liberals keep talking about? No one ever heard of them before killary got stuck in to the name and now it just flows off peoples tongues without any critical thought what so ever.

        TrooperJohnSmith in reply to mailman. | January 7, 2018 at 3:33 am

        I refer to strident Leftists as the “CTRL+Left”. Any Lefty who doesn’t want to control everyone’s life is not being a good lil’ Lefty!

        Dimsdale in reply to mailman. | January 7, 2018 at 11:27 am

        “Neoconservative” didn’t work, so they had to make up a new one while the liberals sink into anti American anarchy courtesy of Antifa…

      Bannon used Breitbart to flirt with the alt-right in the same manner that Trump was equinanimous regarding Charlottesville.

      It is no surprise that decades of Democrat race-baiting has elevated identity group politics in America. What they were surprised about (but shouldn’t have been) is that a reactionary movement decided to use the same rationale to promote white identity politics. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the alt-right are neo-nazis, just that they are tired of being society’s whipping boys.

      There’s nothing shocking or even untoward about that. They have legitimate grievances and are entitled to representation. Bannon flirted with them to get their votes (WHICH WORKED), then toned it down after the election was over.

      I never saw Trump or Bannon promote “racial purity” as a thing. There were no swastikas flying at the white house.

      Fuzzy, you need to define alt-right. It really means nothing.

      Bannon is conservative. He’s just louder and gutsier than most. He could be Louis Gohmer, if he had less hair.

      Anyone who depises mcconnell as much as Bannon is conservative.

        Okay, Fine, I’ll do my best for you. It does seem that alt-right is like pretty much every other political label and hard to find consensus on. For example, when I think “conservative,” the last thing I think is raving, violent antifa types who despise McConnell at least as much as Bannon does. As a conservative, I have a very clear picture of what “conservatism” is and what it means in terms of government, and what I read in LI comments about conservatives is so wildly off-base that the dripping condescension and disgust surrounding those who snarl about conservatives is startling. That said, even amongst recognizable conservatives there is disagreement about what conservatism means.

        The same is true of the “alt-right” (and of “liberal” and “libertarian” and “progressive,” etc.), but what I meant was the fringe alt-right of the alt-net who crawled out of the bowels of the internet at Bannon’s behest and found a home on Breitbart. A lot of Andrew-era conservatives left Breitbart as a result of this shift because the alt-right have particularly unsavory beliefs that don’t mesh with conservatives. For example, they are often anti-Semitic, are wild-eyed conspiracy nuts who drool over every lunatic utterance of Alex Jones and his ilk, are actual white supremacists (and like all actual racists are happy to tell you all about it and brag about their hate), are deeply disdainful of conservatives, are always agitating for violence (much like the antifa, with the stated purpose of “saving” America with some insane “civil war”), and are rabidly nationalistic (not patriotic, not “America first, actual Nazi-style superior race nationalistic). Indeed, at one point when Milo was still there, he wrote, and I quote: “There are many things that separate the alternative right from old-school racist skinheads (to whom they are often idiotically compared), but one thing stands out above all else: intelligence.” Ah, so the new-school racist skinheads are smarter? Great. What a win. /smh

        Ultimately, then, the alt-right were banished decades ago to the fringes for good reason, and Bannon dragged them out into the light of day and gave them a voice on Breitbart (read Milo’s article linked above, it’s a war-cry against conservatives). Actually, I wrote a post about this some time ago.

        As to Bannon being a conservative, he most assuredly is not. Even he says he’s not. Indeed, he is reported to have said in 2016: “I’m a Leninist.” I guess I don’t have to tell you that there is nothing Leninist about American conservatives, on that conservatives agree. Bannon, however, likely does see himself as a Leninist, thus the second part of may statement about him being a progressive. He’s a progressive in the sense that progressives were progressive in the ’30’s, salivating over Hitler and Mussolini, supporting both Nazism and fascism. Not that different than progressives today, come to think of it.

        For Bannon, this Leninism, or whatever you want to call it (I call it progressivism) takes the form of an oppressive, vengeful government attacking (punishing?) enemies and rewarding friends. It takes the form of inventing enemies who need to be defeated (conservatives first, then the GOP establishment, though he didn’t originally make any distinction between the two. He just changed his language to appear to be going after RINO-types only). And it takes the form of his statement that he wants “everything to come crashing down” and to “deconstruct government.” “Deconstruct” is an interesting choice here, by the way, illustrating as it does that he means the same thing but has attempted to recast it in less-alienating terms. Well, less alienating to anyone who has no idea who Derrida was or what deconstruction means.

        Anyway, you asked what I meant, and that’s what I meant. In short, I don’t like Bannon, never have, and I’m just fine with him being out of favor with the president.

I don’t know how Sarah deals with these “mental midgets” .. She gets a regular dose of insanity aka the dog and pony show that is the ‘depressed briefings.’ (w apologies to dogs & ponies)

If there’s a government shutdown I don’t know how many pennies would be saved by getting rid of these stupid press conferences but it would be worth every cent.

Hell I’d donate more in taxes just to see these prima donnas whine and cry.

Bannon probably was angry and drunk when he made those statements to Wolff – still, he should have known they were coming, and if he’d had any smarts at all, he would have tried to neutralize them before they went public. (difficult to do, but I can think of some ways to try) Now it’s too late – Bannon broke the Godfather’s #1 Law, and is finding out the consequences just like poor old Fredo did.

“Never go against The Family.”

In private meetings with more than a dozen members of Congress held on Dec. 5 and 6, Lee briefed lawmakers — all Democrats except for one Republican senator, whom [Dr] Lee declined to identify.

Obvious conclusion …
Democrats seeking the aid of a mental health expert to help them with their ‘Clinton-induced’ psychosis.
One Republican trying to figure out just how incapacitated they are.

She is so much better than Sean Spicer. You could tell that, on some level, repeatedly lying was wearing Sean Down. Sarah is not encumbered by any shred of decency.

Amen Sarah? This success of Trump is what’s scaring Liberals to death. It is undermining their whole idealogy. The contrast couldn’t be greater.

Amen Sarah!!!

These press conferences are dignifying the most corrupt, depicable people in our society, and making celebrities out of the scum.

She should cut them down to once a week – unless she gets the obama softball questions.