Democrats have spent years trying to “Raise the Wage” for workers in entry-level and part-time jobs, to no avail.

Their approach was all wrong. Though they successfully installed minimum wage hikes in blue locals, the exact population they sought to help experienced layoffs, hour cuts, and even store closures as a result of the mandated wage increases (we’ve cataloged this ongoing story extensively).

Thanks to recent changes in tax laws, Starbucks employees will finally get the wage bumps Democrats have spent years trying to deliver.

Wednesday, Starbucks issued a statement crediting Trump’s tax reforms for their ability to invest more in paid leave and wage increases (emphasis mine):

Building on a long history of providing relevant, industry-leading benefits, Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) today announced a series of new partner (employee) offerings that span across wage and benefits. These offerings will total more than $250 million for more than 150,000 partners and are accelerated by recent changes in the U.S. tax law. Further details on the impact of these changes on our 2018 financial statements and earnings guidance will be discussed during our January 25 earnings call.

With this investment, Starbucks announces a total compensation approach that is best in class for part-time and full-time employees across American retail.

Progressives are applauding Starbucks’ announcement, even if the catalyst for these changes remains un-thanked.

Editor and Publisher of The Nation (progressive magazine) commented thusly:

You don’t have to like Trump or even the Republicans to recognize that the rax reforms were hugely beneficial to the very population progressives have long-claimed Republicans hate.


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