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Sen. Duckworth Will Be First Senator to Give Birth in Office

Sen. Duckworth Will Be First Senator to Give Birth in Office


A big congratulations is in order for Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL). She is pregnant with her second child!!! She’ll become the first senator to give birth while in office. From The Chicago Sun-Times:

Duckworth told me she is expecting her second child, another girl, in late April, a few weeks after she turns 50. The birth will make Duckworth the nation’s first senator to have a baby while serving in the chamber.

Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill., said in a statement, “I am proud to have her as my Illinois colleague and prouder still that she will make history by being the first U.S. Senator to have a baby while in office. I couldn’t be happier for her.”

The other congressional births have all come while the female lawmakers were serving in the House.

“I feel great,” said Duckworth, a little over six months pregnant.

We talked in Duckworth’s Hart Building Senate office, a few days after she returned from a five-day official trip to Japan and South Korea.

It was the longest, she said, she has been away from Abigail. Her daughter was born Nov. 18, 2014, when Duckworth was 47 and a member of the House.

Many of you are familiar with Duckworth’s story. She is a retired lieutenant colonel who served a total of 23 years in the Illinois Army National Guard. Duckworth lost her legs and shattered her right arm when her Black Hawk helicopter was shot down in Iraq on Nov. 12, 2004.


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Congratulations to the Senator and her family. Best wishes for an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth.

Having a baby at age 50 is kind of risky isn’t it? I wish her well.

buckeyeminuteman | January 24, 2018 at 6:18 am

She’s going to be giving birth inside her actual office? People have some crazy birthing plans but this one is certainly a record.

Brian Richard Allen | January 24, 2018 at 8:59 am

Does this mean she’s now anchored to our senate?

“Sen. Duckworth Will Be First Senator to Give Birth in Office”? Really? I bet she does it at a hospital!

Were she a legitimate liberal, she would honor the sacramental socialist right and privilege by aborting herself on PBS.